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Smart aquarium for fish, investments in the production of electric cars and other news from the Xiaomi camp


The range of products manufactured by Xiaomi is constantly expanding. It has recently been updated with several interesting gadgets, which we will tell you about in more detail.

Smart Aquarium

The Chinese manufacturer has previously introduced something similar to the market, but this aquarium supports a large number of intelligent functions. One of them allows you to feed the fish automatically.

This product is available in two versions. They have different volumes: 15 and 30 liters. The main advantage of the design of Xiaomi aquariums is their modularity. In case of failure of some element, it is possible to replace it without the need to purchase a new device.

At the top of the aquarium is a container with plants. They do not need watering as they are in a humid environment. A special sensor monitors the quality and purity of water. If it is necessary to replace it, an SMS notification is sent to the owner's mobile device.


Liquid cleaning is carried out by means of a complex filter system. They received a biochemical filter plate and quartz granules with nitrifying bacteria. Oxygen is supplied automatically, its amount depends on the number of inhabitants.

All aquarium management processes are carried out using a mobile application. It allows not only to adjust the water temperature, the intensity of the backlight, but also makes it possible to feed the fish in automatic mode. To do this, the feed is placed in a special container, from where it is dosed, and on schedule it enters the water.

The cost of new items in China ranges from 71 to 100 dollars USA.

Xiaomi has invested in the development of electric cars

The Chinese tech giant not only produces electronics, but also invests in other industries. Recently it became known that Xiaomi has entered into a partnership agreement with Xpeng Motors, which develops electric vehicles.

In addition, China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank and HSBC have invested in the development of this enterprise. There is no exact data on the total amount of investments, but presumably it is about several billion yuan.

By the spring of next year, Xpeng is set to unveil the P7 series electric sedan. Its deliveries are scheduled to begin in mid-2020.

In December of next year, deliveries of the Xpeng G3 crossover will begin.


In six months, Xpeng plans to produce about 10,000 electric vehicles.

It is understood that some of the onboard equipment will be manufactured by Xiaomi. What kind of equipment it will be and details of its production have not been disclosed yet.

Mi Note 10 Features

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone, aka Mi CC9 Pro, was recently released. This gadget has a number of features, among which it is worth noting a 108 megapixel camera and a capacious battery.

The developers used an unusual marketing ploy by posting images on the network showing the unusual design and all the components used.

The disassembly process begins with removing the back cover. Immediately, an NFC block for contactless payment appears before your eyes. After that, the protective plastic bumper is removed, hiding most of the filling of the device.


Here, more than 40% of the total space is occupied by a 5260 mAh battery. For the camera module, consisting of five sensors, a place has been allocated in the upper left corner. The largest of them has an impressive 108 megapixel resolution.

There is very little space left for other components in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 case. Therefore, the company's engineers applied an interesting and simple solution. They installed a Snapdragon 730G processor, RAM, ROM, wireless interfaces, USB Type-C and other electronics on a small double-sided L-board.

It is also worth noting that an optical fingerprint scanner was placed under the battery. It is integrated into a 6.47-inch OLED display. Its thickness is 0.3 mm. The manufacturer's specialists managed to obtain such a thickness by using a large number of microlenses.

One more unique feature of the device should also be noted. This is the presence of a sound chamber with a volume of about 1 cm3. It was placed at the bottom of the smartphone. This made it possible to achieve a loud speaker sound in a relatively small gadget case.

Inexpensive mouse for PC and laptop

The Chinese introduced the second generation of the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 computer mouse, which received improved ergonomics and an updated appearance.

Due to its symmetrical shape, it is convenient to work with the accessory both with the right and left hand. Its body is more rounded and smoother than its predecessor. Here you can use two buttons and a scroll wheel as controls. The side keys were abandoned.


The top cover of the device can be removed. Below it is an AA battery and a USB transmitter. The manufacturer claims that the charge will last for 12 months. Therefore, they used a less powerful optical sensor (1000 dpi) than the previous model (1200 dpi).

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 received white and black body colors, compatible with computers that run Windows 7/8/10, macOS 10.8+ and Chrome OS. Its cost is $ 8.

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