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Smart alarm clock, compact lamp and other Xiaomi novelties


Xiaomi continues to expand its range of products. It has recently been updated with a smart alarm clock, a small automatic night light, a smart home hub. We will tell you more about each gadget. At the end of the article, we will provide information about the next patent application of this manufacturer.

Alarm clock that can control home appliances

Recently, a Chinese vendor used a crowdfunding platform to launch a project to develop a smart Bluetooth Alarm Clock. It not only has a reasonable price and minimalistic design. The main feature of the gadget is the ability to control various devices in the house using it.


The gadget received an LCD display. It has no physical buttons. To control the alarm clock directly, pressing on its body is used. You can make settings using a special mobile application. It allows you to choose one of eight melodies, set the desired volume.

The device is equipped with temperature sensors (here a Swiss Sensirion sensor is used with an accuracy of ± 0.20C) and humidity. It has a Bluetooth module, which allows it to be synchronized with devices available in an apartment or house. For example, if the room temperature drops to a certain level, the Bluetooth Alarm Clock will automatically turn on the heater.

He also knows how to automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight, which is automatically reduced by 50% from 22.00 to 7.00 local time.

The device will go on sale on January 14 next year, priced at $ 8 US.

Automatic night light

Another Xiaomi crowdfunding novelty is an automatic night light. It can be wall-mounted. The product can independently turn on and adjust the brightness depending on the ambient light.


A special sensor is installed in the body of the device, which can recognize the degree of illumination of a room, garage, utility room. During the day, it turns off the lamp, and as dusk and darkness sets in, it increases the brightness of the built-in LEDs. The gadget does not need anyone's input to configure it.

The developers said that high-quality plastic was used in the manufacture of the product body, which is not afraid of high humidity, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet radiation. You can fix the lamp not only on the wall. Thanks to the available magnets, it is really possible to fix it, for example, in a garage on a metal structure. It is also easy to simply hang the device somewhere in the room.

The cost of the lamp has not yet been announced, its sales began on December 12.

Hub for the smart home ecosystem

Chinese manufacturer expands the capabilities of the smart home ecosystem. To this end, Xiaomi has released an updated version of Gateway 3.0. It is able to connect all devices in the apartment into a single system, minimizing the advisability of user intervention.


The device is capable of supporting the three most popular communication protocols: Wi-Fi, Zigbee 3.0 (this firmware is compatible with earlier versions) and Bluetooth, which supports Mesh. It is possible to combine all three networks at once.

The product is equipped with XiaoAI voice assistant, humidity and temperature sensors. Gateway 3.0 is also compatible with the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, which allows it to communicate with the appropriate certified devices. In this case, the Siri voice assistant can come into play, allowing you to control smart home systems using your iPhone or iPad.

The new hub makes the connection between smart home devices more stable and reduces latency. It is capable of working within a radius of up to 200 meters. The model has received some additional functions: the ability to set siren signals, schedule support, interaction with door, window and motion sensors.

It was valued at $ 19.

Patent for folding smartphone

At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi announced a prototype of a foldable device, but so far not a single one has gone on sale. However, in recent years, a Chinese developer has regularly received patents for various versions of bendable gadgets.

The application, which will be discussed, was submitted last summer. However, it was registered and made public only now. It contains a description of a frameless Xiaomi smartphone that can fold in half in a horizontal plane.


The diagram shows that as such, the device does not have a front camera. Experts suggest that the manufacturer is considering the use of a rotary unit, which will serve as the main and selfie camera. ASUS ZenFone 6 already has a similar one.

You can see that Xiaomi engineers want to equip this rotary module with their own display. It is probably needed for use when displaying notifications while the smartphone is folded.

Prior to this, Xiaomi has already received a patent for the development of a clamshell gadget similar to the Motorola RAZR (2019).

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