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TOP 12 Most boring games with good marks


Today we will talk about boring games that, despite the tedious gameplay, managed to get praise from critics in their time. It is interesting to play them at first, but over time you realize that this is just a boring game that cannot amuse you with anything. We selected the material based on Metacritic scores.

1. Bioshock 2

As much as we love the Bioshock series, the second part is a dark horse. Despite the stunning appearance that was enchanting in those days, the plot of the game was quite difficult to enter. He's not very interesting. At the same time, I think that Bioshock 2 is genius in its own way, but only loyal fans like me will see it.


We play as Big Daddy, who wakes up after several years of dead sleep and must find his lost Little Sister. The game did not bring anything fundamentally new and looked like the same first part with a drop of innovations.

Her ball is 88.

2. GTA 4

I love the GTA series no less than Bioshock. Probably even more. However, the fourth part, with all its flavor, memorable characters and a good main theme, is rather boring. The problem is that Liberty City looks dull and monotonous. Gameplay innovations, although cool, but very soon abandon them. It's certainly interesting to go with your brother to have a drink, but when each character calls you and offers to meet you, you drop his challenge.


I'm bored of constantly rolling around different islands to complete another boring mission. Yes, at times the game has very meager side quests and it seems that they do not end, but only appear.

Metacritic 98 score.

3.Prototype 2

The advantage of the second Prototype is that the developers have brought to mind many of the mechanics of the first part, corrected the graphics and made the colors more juicy. Minus the second part in sagging tasks. The first part also sinned with boring missions, only the second game consists almost entirely of them.


In fact, when you play Prototype 2, you have two thoughts. The first: "Oh yes, I missed this cool gameplay so much," and the second: "Was there a need for a sequel at all?" Indeed, the second part is an attempt to tell a story that has been completed.

Score 73.

4. Assassin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3 is too long and too matte in its shades. Yes, I added to the shade of the game. It's just that its color contrasts look gray and the terrain often merges.


Also, we were given a large map with nothing to do. But, probably, the main problem - Connor did not cause any reaction from the players, especially against the background of Ezio, in whose company we played three games.

Score 85.

5. Watch Dogs

The game was presented as a great masterpiece, but in fact it turned out to be unfinished. We had a good history of Aidan Pearce, which is a plus. And everything else: the world, mechanics and npc - did not go to gamers. The game also had an overly serious tone that was never diluted with humor.


However, critics gave the game 80.

6. Dead Island

Dead Island is a phenomenon. I went through the game completely and was bored the whole time but didn't uninstall. It is lured by constant battles and exploration of infected areas. However, the plot is rather commonplace, and the quests are unremarkable. Dead Island is an example of a boring game that draws on the setting and good gameplay elements. This is a competent gum that you chew monotonously for hours.


Her score is 80.

7. Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 [ whose score is 85 ] is pretty clear. The game has a good introduction, breakthrough graphics for its time, cool mechanics that we haven't seen before. Especially critics were impressed by the fire at the game's release - you could literally burn everything in the game. But an hour later, as you had fun with the flamethrower, you realize that you are surrounded by a gray, just huge and very empty Africa. You remember the plot and realize that you don't care about it.


The gameplay dragged out a lot again, but the rest of the elements sagged.

6. Far Cry 4

Not far from the second part is the fourth. Its main problem is that it fades against the background of the third. The cinematography, which was full of the previous game, in Far Cry 4 came to naught, and all missions slipped to the level: "go kill that, grab this." I think Far Cry 4 got its 85 points on Metacritic for its great Kirat, the Indian vibe and some plot twists that unexpectedly revealed all the main characters to us and turned villains into heroes and vice versa.


8. Borderlands

The problem with the first part of Bordenrelands is that it did not have that love for creating locations that appeared in the future. The terrain lacked brightness, the artificial intelligence of the enemies left much to be desired, and the storyline was not well-formed and it was difficult to follow the narrative. In any case, we love the game, although we do not deny that it is boring.


84 points.

9. Darksiders

Interest in playing Darksiders disappears literally 30 minutes after the prologue. The problem is again in the nondescriptness of the game world, which turned out to be empty, and not very interesting in the study. However, the combat system, history and setting were able to knock out the game about the adventures of War a solid 82 points.


10. Dragon Age 2

In the second part of Dragon Age, the developers apparently forgot at the creation stage that the sequel implies an expansion of the ideas of the first part. BioWare took a different route. They made the map smaller, made the story more intimate and simplified the gameplay. Therefore, for the players, it looked like a boring addon that grew into a new part.


But the game snatched its 79 points.

11. Mass Effect

First Mass Effect is a great game. She deservedly got her 91 . But despite the great story, its gameplay was slow and not quick, and the gunfights were sluggish. And here is just the case when the gameplay loses to the general atmosphere, lore and prescribed characters who are dragging.


12. Just Cause

The Just Cause series was revealed only in the second part, and no one will argue with that. But her start was rather weak. Then it looked like GTA with a hint of trash. She did not yet have our favorite mechanics, and was limited to simple funny post-shoots.


Just Cause had good potential, which, as a result, it revealed and developed, for which received 73 points.

This was our TOP list of the most boring but well rated games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman