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Is BioShock's adaptation come to life?

Image More than ten years have passed since the first edition of the BioShock shooter, and when the game first came out, there was immediately talk in Hollywood about its adaptation. Universal recruited director Gore Verbinski, who was at the height of popularity thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean, to the project, but the adaptation soon ran into its first problems. Verbinski and Universal couldn't agree on the budget for the film, and after that, its rating became a stumbling block. According to Verbinski, it was possible to successfully film BioShock only with the age restriction R. Major wanted to reach a large audience.

The movie version of BioShock could not cope with the problems and therefore went to the shelf. With viewers' interest in video game adaptations increasing, and even the long-awaited adaptation of Uncharted is showing signs of life, and adult-rated films sometimes shoot at the box office, new rumors about action based on BioShock have appeared in the press.

According to insiders, the project is returning to the development stage. True, other details of the film adaptation are unknown to journalists. Will the producers take advantage of Verbinski's ideas, or maybe he will return himself? Recall that after the conflict with Universal, Gore found himself a successor - he was Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who managed during this time to shoot only the horror film The Eaters. So there are already a couple of candidates for the director's chair for BioShock.


The question about the rating of the film also remains open. While the project was still in the works, the bosses of Universal were confused by the financial results of the Guardians. Now the R rating is still a risky business, and Birds of Prey is proof of that.

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