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Top 100 Best Foreign Action Movies of the 80s: Part 1


We continue to review the best films of the past. The top 100 best comedies of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s are done away with, now it's time to discuss the top 100 best foreign action films of the 80s and other decades past. Please note that they do not include science fiction and fantasy action films, as well as Indian action films are absent in them. We will devote separate collections to them later.

The lists of the best action films are compiled based on the rating of the KinoPoisk aggregator, which is indicated at the end of each subheading.

1. Professional (1981) France 8.11

The best action movie of the 80s tells about the contract killer Josslein Beaumont, who is in the service of the French authorities from an alternative reality. Why from the alternative? Because in our reality there is no country called "Malagawi". Meanwhile, the main character is instructed to kill the president of this particular state.


Beaumont, as usual, gets down to business without any problems, but arriving in the country falls into the clutches of the local special services. He is thrown into prison from where he safely escapes in order to take revenge on the former "employers", because they were the ones who "handed over" him when he became objectionable to them.

Stop this crazy is unlikely to succeed. And, especially, now that he is aware that you cannot trust anyone, not even his mother.

2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) 8.07

It is from Mark Twain's Yankee at the Court of King Arthur that we know the whole truth about the Crusades. It turns out that the "Crusade" has nothing to do with "carrying faith to the masses," or, in USA, wars and the extermination of infidels and pagans. A real "Crusade" is when a knight goes in search of the longed-for "Cup of Grail" from which the Son of God once drank water at the Last Supper.

According to legend, whoever finds this cup and drinks water from it himself, God grants healing from any disease, since any ordinary water poured into such a cup automatically turns into "living water".

In this action movie of the 1980s, such a knight will be Professor Indiana Jones, who, together with a sugar daddy, will be looking for a cup in a race with the Nazis. He's no stranger to competing with the Fritzes in such things. Only the awkward daddy turns out to be a real thorn in one place. Either the tail of its own plane will shoot, or even worse.

This is the third film in the franchise to star Harrison Ford as Professor Jones.

3. Die Hard (1988) 8.02

For many, the best action movie of the 1980s is this action-packed masterpiece by John McTiernan. It was he who launched a variety of militants, in which one person, accidentally finding himself in the wrong place, deals with a whole gang of terrorists, robbers, or just scoundrels.


Moreover, the role of a tough guy is an unremarkable policeman who does not shine in physical form, but very lucky and well-versed in the tactics of fighting in unfinished skyscrapers.

Where did he get this knowledge? It seems that it is in his blood.

4. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) USA 7.80

The first film in the franchise based on the adventures of Professor Indiana Jones.


In this action-adventure movie of the 80s, the hero of Harrison Ford, again, races with the Nazis, here - with the French archaeologist Rene Belloc, working for the Nazis, will have to look for the mythical Ark with the relics of the Son of God. And although both can come to the finish line at the same time, it is not a fact that Belloc has information that can save the life of him and his companions.

The same cannot be said about the omnipresent and omniscient Indiana and his partner, warned by him.

5. Lethal Weapon (1987) US 7.97

Next comes the action movie of the 80s, which, like Die Hard, is considered the pioneer of its own genre. Only if in the case of KO the genre was "One in the field - a warrior", then in the CO we are talking about the compatibility of "bad and good policemen".

Detective Roger Murtaugh, a retired and, by contrast, African American, is given as a partner to Martin Riggs, an unstable white-skinned suicide, observed by a full-time police psychologist.

After that, Murtaugh himself begins to think about suicide more and more.

6. Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) US 7.86

Continuation of the adventures of Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, who recovered from the first part.


This time they are assigned an important task: to save an important witness from the clutches of bandyugans, after which their old duet turns into a semi-comedy action trio.

7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) 7.86

The second picture in a series of films dedicated to the adventures of Professor Jones.


Here the Hero of Harrison Ford has to find a sacred stone, without which an entire settlement of natives is bent from a mystical illness.

Exposing cultists is always troublesome and dangerous. But brave Indiana ever stopped such little things?

8. Project A (1983) Hong Kong 7.85

The first Jackie Chan movie in our top 100 best action movies of the 80s. And there will be a lot of them here. But even more Jackie Chan, of course, in the specialtop 60 highest rated films with his participation.


Here, the hero Jackie, serving in the coast guard of Hong Kong, will have to deal with local pirates and arms dealers, as well as identify a spy in the ranks of the command staff.

And, at the same time, ram with local "ground" police.

8. Armor of God (1986) Hong Kong 7.82

Jackie Chan again. This time he plays the Asiatic Hawk, an ancient artifact hunter.

While the Hawk is chasing the armor of God, in full set giving its owner universal strength, power and power over everything and everyone, the insidious monks from the dark monastery chase after the Hawk himself, because he knows where the missing relics.

Well, the Hawk is chasing the monks, trying to "work off" those that they have.

10. Ran (1985) Japan 7.79

Another action movie of the 80s will tell a story about an ancient Japanese ruler of one of the principalities, with many children, but very disappointed in his offspring.


Deciding to retire after a strange fainting spell and a vision, he wanted to divide his wealth and land among all his sons. But some of the offspring showed themselves not from the best side, starting to insolent to the elder and insulting him for nothing. I had to kick these some out with a kick in the ass, which started the "civil war" in the family.

You can't imagine any cooler fratricidal quarrel.

11. Diner on Wheels (1984) Hong Kong 7.77

Jackie Chan shines again in another action movie of the 80s. This time, he appears as a businessman who, together with a friend, trades in fast food from his minibus.


But the whole business goes down the drain, when a young beauty rushes into their diner in search of shelter from the local outlaws, into whom both would-be businessmen immediately fell head over heels.

Oh, and they will endure with her, how to give a drink.

12. Catch Before Midnight (1988) US 7.76

Another action movie of the 80s will tell about how Jack Walsh earned money as a bounty hunter. This time he got a trifling task - to track down and bring to the office of the accountant Jonathan Mardukas, who escaped from bail.


Everything is complicated by the fact that the accountant is looking for this incidentally:

  • The FBI, which wants Mardukas to testify in court against the mobsters for whom he laundered money;
  • The Mafia, who does not want him to testify against them, but wants him to return the 15 million dollars stolen from them;
  • A competitor hired by an employer who is not sure about Walsh at the same time.

Oh, and it will be a hot mess.

Especially considering that Walsh is played by the inimitable Robert De Niro.

13. Romance with a Stone (1984) Mexico, USA 7.76

A story about how writer Joan Wilder, author of adventure paperback romance novels, had the chance to be in the shoes of one of her heroines.


Earlier, the sister sent Joan a map, which allegedly indicated where the treasure was buried. Later, the sister called and asked to bring her this card, otherwise she would be killed. Where to go. We'll have to fly to Colombia.

And if it weren't for the rogue mercenary Jack Colton, both she and her sister, who pulled her into this mess with the precious stone, would have cried.

14. Hired Assassin (1989) Hong Kong 7.76

This action movie from the 80s is included in thetop 20 best films of John Wooand takes the honorable 2nd place in it. The main role in the film was played by Chow Yun-Fat himself, who in the 80s, 90s and 2000s thundered no less than Jackie Chan.


In the film, fate brings together the hired killer Jeffrey and Inspector Li Ying, who until some time tried to catch this very Jeffrey from his nose. But circumstances turn in such a way that they both have to be on the same side of the barricades.

15. Rambo: First Blood (1982) US 7.73

Next comes one of the most iconic action movies of the 80s, in which the sheriff of the provincial American "Muhosransk" decides to open the hunt for the former Vietnam veteran John Rambo just because he didn't like his face.

If he had known how much this "young man" is out of order with his brains, he would have thought a hundred times so as not to mess with him. But there is no turning back.

Now you have to fight this damn asshole who unleashed his "little Vietnam" in the local district.

16. Police Story (1985) Hong Kong 7.73

The incomparable Jackie again with his amazing stunts. The ride of wheelbarrows along the mountainside, destroying the residential slums of the local redneck on their way, will be remembered for a lifetime by anyone who has watched this masterpiece at least once.


A relatively serious action movie in which the hero of Jackie - detective Kevin Chang will have to wash his damaged good name throughout the film.

Yes, he was set up, and only a single witness can save his reputation, who, as usual, will have to search for the entire film, risking her ass at every turn.

17. Miracles (1989) Hong Kong 7.70

Jackie again. This action movie of the 80s is a kind of parody of Hollywood gangster crime films dedicated to the mafia lawlessness that took place in the United States during the Great Depression.


Jackie plays a simple guy named Charlie, who came to Hong Kong from the countryside in search of happiness and success. Immediately he finds himself drawn into a mafia showdown, during which the boss of one of the mafia clans dies right in his arms, calling him his successor.

How will he manage to "keep his brand" in this field - see for yourself. With roses and an old flower girl, in our opinion, it is too naive, but where are the Chinese of the 80s without naive?

Although, they are still in it to this day.

18. Dragons Forever (1988) Hong Kong 7.70

Another action movie of the 80s, and another role of the unique Jackie. This time he plays lawyer Jackie Moon, who is hired to discredit the owner of the lake, who sued local manufacturers for polluting her reservoir.


In the course of the investigation, the lawyer dug up so much dirt that he could neither tell in a fairy tale nor describe it with a pen. Only, not about the owner of the lake, but about their employers.

Now what do you order everyone to do with this?

19. Chart 9: A Dog's Job (1989) US 7.67

Another outstanding actor of the 80s was James Belushi, and the next action movie of our top will be just with his participation.

James plays a cop - detective from the anti-drug department Michael Dooley. He no longer even remembers when he worked with someone in a pair, and conducts his investigations in his own style: "chug-bang - get the bill, dear police department."

The bosses got tired of all this, and they decided to appoint Dooley as a partner from among the shepherd dogs from the K-9 program. And the choice is not great - either work together with "Mukhtar", or get out of the ranks of the police.

It will be hot next, but the guys will work together.

20. Beverly Hills Cop (1984) US 7.66

The next action movie of the 80s is about the Detroit cop Alex Fowley, who was brought from Michigan to California by the investigation into the murder of a classmate. This is where all the threads of the case led.


Only local clean-cut cops turned out to be so correct that they turned him back. Cleaners immediately tried to expel Alex from the state back home.

But he, twisting like a cat, decided to teach them a lesson in real police work.

21. God of Players (1989) Hong Kong 7.65

Another film with Chou Yun-Fat. And he had to play the master of the deck, the unsurpassed champion of card games, whom fate, or, to be more precise, disgruntled partners in the game, was stifled so that his memory was knocked out.


The poor beaten God of gamblers was picked up by a couple of locals and began to look after him. They were very interested in the tricks that he could unknowingly do with the cards.

And, of course, the memory will eventually return to the protagonist. And then - hang on bastards!

22. Project A: Part 2 (1987) Hong Kong 7.65

And again, the leadership of the Hong Kong police is rotten. This time, the superintendent of several local districts, Mr. Chan, turned out to be dishonest. The hero Jackie in the second part of "Project A" will have to bring him to the surface.


And his deeds would have cried if not for the Manchurian thieves-revolutionaries, and the undead pirates from the previous unit, who wanted to take revenge on the former Coast Guard officer.

As always, a little naive, but sometimes even funny.

23. Police Story 2 (1988) Hong Kong 7.62

Another action movie of the 80s and again Jackie Chan. In the sequel, the main character, Kevin Chang, will have to fight off the mafia boss, whom he once imprisoned, and who, when released, planned to take revenge on the detective.

And all this against the backdrop of the turmoil with explosions, which are arranged by terrorists trying to recapture 10 million Hong Kong dollars from the authorities, and which Kevin is forced to investigate, being distracted by a scuffle with the aforementioned mafiosi during breaks.

24. Young Master (1980) Hong Kong 7.57

In this action movie of the 80s, the hero of Jackie Chan has to neutralize a gang of local troublemaker named Tiger, who "seduced his brother to the dark side" at school.


It's clear that everything will end in a scuffle between the Dragon - Jackie's hero and the bandit - Tiger.

And the deeds of the Dragon would have cried, if not for the drugs mixed in the swill.

25. Zatoichi (1989) Japan 7.51

The 26th and final film in the series dedicated to the adventures of a blind masseur-bone-setter, part-time sword master, Zatoichi, in which Shintaro Katsu played the main character.


Zatoichi's head hangs in the balance, because the friend he acquired in the course of the final episode turns out to be an assassin sent to him.

But will Ronin be able to complete the task and blow off the head of Zatoichi, which he likes more and more every hour?

26. Stuntman (1980) US 7.48

An action movie of the 80s, which had a great rolling success in the USSR.


This is the story of a criminal Kameron, who is hiding from the police, who was lucky to catch the eye of the famous director Cross. Cross hired him as a stuntman to shoot his next film, and he made the right choice. And Cameron himself already thought that the skills of the Vietnam war in civilian life would not be useful to him.

I was wrong, however.

27. Outlaw (1983) France 7.45

And again Jean-Paul Belmondo. This time - in the role of the French "Commissioner Catani" - Philippe Jordan.


Jordan, while everyone around is mired in corruption and bureaucracy up to their ears, decided to take the main mafia boss alone.

It's not easy for him.

28. A Bright Future (1986) Hong Kong 7.43

Another action movie of the 80s with the participation of Chou Yun-Fat. He plays Mark, a specialist in the service of the local Hong Kong crime boss who makes money churning out counterfeit dollars.


On the next assignment received from the boss, an informer was sent to him with his partner, as a result of which Mark ends up in prison. Once released, he decides to quit his life of crime.

The only pity is that the life of crime does not want to tie up with him.

29. Commando (1985) US 7.39

One of the first mainstream roles of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hollywood. Here he appears in the role of a stubborn warrior with nerves of steel, who in no way agrees to participate in the adventures of local politicians.

Even when his daughter was kidnapped by the bad guys, he continues to ask for trouble, trying with all his might to get to the root of the problem. And it will get to the bottom.

Moreover, with humor and Aryan fervor.

30. The Illusion of Murder (1985) US 7.39

From the next action movie of the 80s, we learn how dangerous it can be to contact the Ministry of Justice. Moreover, even when you are the most sophisticated master of illusions.


Having arranged a trick for the prosecutor's office with the disappearance of the main witness, who was supposed to testify at the trial against the important bigwigs of the shadow business, he did not even think that the witness would really disappear, and he himself would be accused of his murder.

Well, now we have to arrange a trick with the disappearance of myself. Well, or something like that.

31. Bloodsport (1988) USA 7.36

One of Jean-Claude Van Damme's first successful films in Hollywood.


This is a story about the deserter Frank Ducks, who left the army in Hong Kong to participate in the kumite championship. Who will be the first to succeed, Frank in his tournament, or the FBI sheep in the capture of Frank himself?

The film is often confused with AWOL (1990). Don't do this. Although, there is definitely a slight similarity. And here and there everything starts with desertion and ends with bloody fights in the ring.

32. The Renegade (1987) Italy 7.36

This action movie of the 80s, although it was filmed about "our time" (if you can call it that time, which is 30 years away from us in the past), but very, very gives off a wild western western.


Everything here is like in the mentioned genre. Local all-powerful lawyers are trying with might and main to crush the land, the owner of which is the person sitting in the jail at the moment.

And while he is quietly sitting, his friend and son will have to work hard to win back his "real estate".

33. Shogun's Assassin (1980) Japan 7.35

Next is an action movie from the 80s, which will appeal to all fans of Japanese films in which ninjas appear.


But this time the ninja turned out to be somehow flimsy. Instead of killing the designated target, they kill his wife. Well, that's all. Hang yourself now, assholes.

The target is following you!

34. Jammer (1989) USA 7.34

A tough thriller about the hardships and hardships of imprisonment, which befell the hero of Sylvester Stallone - prisoner Frank Leone.

When his term comes to an end, some, not very happy with him for various reasons, personalities, adjust so that his term is extended. Tyrant boss - fierce. The overseers are raging.

The choice is one - run. But - how?

35. Blind Rage (1989) US 7.33

80s Hollywood action movie, inspired by the aforementioned Zatoichi. This is a story about a veteran of the Vietnam War, who, having lost his sight on it, in the end gained much more than he lost.


Returning to America from Vietnam, where for a long time he studied the intricacies of fencing and the vicissitudes of life without sight from the local master, he decides to visit his comrade in arms, but stumbles upon a gang of outlaws who will have to give a little lesson in survival in a battle with a blind enemy.

Lesson one. In a match with a blind enemy, no one should survive except a blind enemy. Funny, but some will not be laughing.


With this, the first part of our top 100 best foreign action movies of the 80s can be considered complete. See you in the second part next week, but for now - have a fun extended weekend (how much fun they can be in self-isolation mode), strong immunity and, as always, even more cool films and TV shows. In this difficult time we need them more than ever!

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