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Windows 10 takes the lead in desktop OS


The leader has changed for the first time in a long time in the ranking of desktop operating systems. The most popular desktop OS was Windows 10, which nevertheless managed to squeeze the earlier Windows 7 installed by the time the 10 was released in 2015 by 60% of all world devices. Until recently, Windows 7 was the most popular, and despite its release more than 10 years ago, it was still the most preferred among users.

During the previous year, the Windows 10 operating system was able to improve its position in the desktop OS market, which allowed it to take the first place in December 2018 and displace the previous leader - Windows 7. According to the latest analytical data, now the top ten covers a little more 39% of the market share of desktop operating systems, while for the G7 this figure was about 37%.

The entire process of conquering the market and consumer preferences for the tenth Windows took more than 3 years, which turned out to be slightly longer than Microsoft originally expected. The release of the top ten took place in mid-2015, and the first time the ratings of the new OS really showed good growth. Microsoft has made the bold claim that Windows 10 will be supported on a billion devices within 2-3 years of its launch. But in practice, everything turned out to be longer, and the process of transition to the latest Microsoft operating system was delayed. In 2017, the number of devices running on Windows 10 reached 500 million, including not only computers and laptops, but also consoles, all-in-ones, tablets, augmented reality glasses.


To date, Windows 10 is installed on 700 million devices of various functionalities, including game consoles and smartphones. Another event that can bring the top ten closer to the coveted billion will be the end of full support for Windows 7 from the beginning of 2020.

Today, all Microsoft operating systems occupy 86% of the market, most of which are Windows 7 and 10 , approximately5% on versions 8 and 8.1 and about 4.5% on Windows XP . Branded Mac OS for Apple devices covers 10.65% of the OS market, desktop versions Linux - 2.7%.

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Author: Jake Pinkman