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40 of the best TV series from HBO. Part 4


It's time to finally finish our Top 40 Best Series of HBO, Time Warner's TV channel that has brought us great things like Game of Thrones, The Wire, Westworld and so on. We talked about them in our previous parts, now let's take a closer look at the films, which occupy places from 31 to 40, and also belong to the cohort of multi-part projects with a rating above 7.0 according to KinoPoisk.

So, let's start where we left off last time.

31. Two (2017 -...) 7.66

Based on the name, it may seem that this series is about a school and, in particular, students who love to get pairs in any subject. That is, about children with very poor academic performance, behavior, etc.

Yeah. In the wrong direction. This series, as can be seen from the trailer, is about very bad girls and boys, in which the former Losers grew up: about prostitutes and their pimps. And the series got its name because it was the name of one of the districts of Manhattan, where films of "obscene ratings" were allowed in those days. The Movie District was located on 2nd Avenue, which ran from the Houston East in the south to the Harlem River Highway in the north. That is why it was called so abbreviated as "Two".

Here, along this very street, prostitutes of all ages, colors and other sorts stood in piles. Here, in the street buildings located along the 2nd Avenue, rooms were rented, in which confused and worked out their "cash". And in the local bars and other eateries huddled pimps "girls", who regularly removed this "cash desk" from them.


It is about the life of this street, recreated in the spirit of the early 70s of that century, down to the smallest detail, and this series is discussed. One of the main characters of the film are twin brothers Frankie and Vincent Martino, who were perfectly played by James Franco. The first is a player without brakes, who will be shot through with a stupid pumpkin, even looking for debts, the second is an entrepreneur and owner of one of the local bars, who has to constantly pull the head of the first out of another ass.

We are also talking about several pimps and their girls, how they treat them and how little by little the first generation of real porn actresses grows out of past prostitutes. And the twin brothers, as it turns out, put the most direct "hand" into the heyday of the porn industry.

Well, pimps, as the girls went to porn, began to die off as unnecessary. What we were very unhappy with. But they will still fight for their own. And it will be very interesting to watch.

The series is richly flavored with strawberries, which is why it is better not to let "small" viewers view this very interesting masterpiece in all respects.

32. Mildred Pierce (mini-series) (2011) 7.63

The following story will tell about the difficult fate of Mildred Pierce, who, in our opinion, was superbly played by Kate Winslet, familiar to us from the movie "Titanic".


Mildred, having caught her husband in regular infidelities, plucked up courage and threw him out of the house. The most interesting thing here is that she began to realize the consequences of what she had done only after the door slammed behind her husband.

She and her two children were completely in the care of her husband. She had no job, no just a specialty in which she could get a job, no skills. Yes, she bakes great pies and cakes, but in order to get a job somewhere in a pastry shop, you need documents and recommendations.

To make ends meet, she gets a job as a waitress in one of the restaurants, after which everything started to turn. Yes, it was bad at first. But after that she put the pie trade on stream, and not only was able to open her own restaurant, but also ...

In general, we will not go into spoilers, let's just say that in fact this is a story not only about a strong woman, but also about a worthless mother who managed to raise such a child on her neck that mom does not grieve! The series looks voraciously. The acting is amazing. Filmed very high quality. In one word - enjoy your viewing!

And finally - one cool pun. The lover and second negligent husband of Mildred Pierce - Monty Beragona - was played by actor Guy Pearce. An interesting "combination" with surnames. Don’t you? Is he a descendant of the woman whose husband he is in the movie?

33. John Adams (miniseries) (2008) 7.62

Action takes place in New England (present-day Massachusetts), where dissatisfaction with taxes and other extortions from the English crown is brewing. It becomes clear that the New World simply cannot remain an English colony any longer. And at the head of the just discontent, along with others, is a certain John Adams, a lawyer from Boston, as shown, for the sake of justice, he does not hesitate to take on the most disastrous and inconvenient cases.

The series in not too dark colors shows how the formation of the state called "USA" took place. How and who developed the Declaration of Independence, how this "Independence" was defended, and how this good Sir John Adams became, in fact, the second president of the newly-made United States. It was very interesting to watch everything that happens on the screen in the seven-part mini-series.

Although in some moments a lot of impartial things have been missed, and in some of them such "inconsistencies with reality" have been allowed, that the series begins to seem naively pretentious nonsense for first-graders, in which the spirit of patriotism should be properly cultivated.

But just to see how it goes. And not only because “people did their best”. On the whole, the formation of the United States followed a similar scenario. The backbone is true, since the New World simply had no choice but to fight in order to keep its piece of bread with itself, and not give it to some king who lives far away from the land, and whom they never saw before.

34. Girls / Girls (2012-2017) 7.36

The series enjoyed a wild success in its time. But in the end, by the 6th season, I simply fizzled out ideologically. In addition, the former "girls", who at the beginning of the project were not too drawn to the "girls", for 5 years have noticeably grown into real "women", because of which the name has already lost its relevance and seemed just ridiculous .


The series tells about the difficult (partly) fate of several girls who are forced to live alone in the big city of New York, full of disguised traps and other obstacles in life.

The main heroine of the series is Hannah, a girl who has reached the age of twenty, but is still sitting on the neck of her mother and father. And, of course, once the parents were tired of this alignment. They invite their daughter to dinner, where they tell her that there will be no more funding from their side.

And suddenly, on the poor idiot Hannah, who, for all that, very badly knows how to keep her mouth shut, the debts for the apartment, for the phone, and still have to live on something, on something to eat and so on. In general, you need to somehow survive. And, in fact, this all six further seasons our Hannah did, periodically cursing and making peace with her friends, the same awkward and naive idiots, like herself.

No, though. Hannah, perhaps the king here is awkward and foolish. And given that the series is the life story of the famous American actress, director, screenwriter, etc. Lina Dunham, in which the prototype of Lina Dunham - Hannu Horvath - was played by Lina Dunham herself, the story turned out not to be believable, but interesting - for sure. Because the producer, screenwriter and director of the project Lina Dunham knew exactly what to tell about Lina Dunham.

And I knew for sure that there was no need to talk about Lina Dunham ...

35. Vice President (2012-2019) 7.36

Another long-term project that has existed for 7 whole seasons. This time we are talking about people in power, moreover, at the very power itself. In general, the name speaks for itself.


In the series, with the greatest share of sarcasm, pretentiousness and black humor, all the American "near-presidential" fuss is ridiculed. And all would be fine, but only jokes below the belt in the series are too many.

Moreover, no matter what the politicians talk about, whatever topic they have a conversation on, everything ultimately returns to square one and comes down to one thing, to someone to suck something off, who -Have someone sucked something or, as it turns out from the series, everyone knows who has sucked something.

Watching the series would be interesting, but the black humor here, at times, is so off scale that at one point it begins to seem that everything that happens is some kind of endless grotesque swearing repetition of the same thing, only every time in a slightly different interpretation.

To whom jokes below the belt are not disgusting - welcome to watch. Whoever thinks that they have gone too far with black humor and obscenities, we suggest checking out a slightly different black humor in a comedy series ...

36. Barry (2018 -...) 7.32

A killer on his next assignment accidentally falls into acting classes. At work, of course. This is where his next goal hangs around.

But the action fascinated him so much that he forgot about work for a while. He sits down and begins to shake his mustache on how to become an actor.

It is clear that his "employers" are not happy with such a turn, who decide to remove the target on their own. But our valiant Barry intervenes and destroys the duplicate killers. Now the hunt for poor Barry will begin. But in the intervals between the "complications", he still manages to learn to be an actor.

How does he do it? And you look and find out. Just cheer yourself up!

37. Buzz with delivery (2012 -...) 7.20

Some sellers of weed, coke, meta, in a word, dope, in order to have a constant and steady income, deliver all this stuff to their homes. But, as it turned out, the series is not at all about that simple bearded guy who delivers "high" on a bicycle to his customers at the first call and at the place of demand.


Speech in the series is just about these same clients, or about people whose life or fate in one way or another comes into contact with the activities of a bearded "courier" to deliver the buzz to your home. It can be a junkie who is not all right with his head, it can be a couple of homeless Asians who do not use drugs at all, but come into contact with a bearded man at work, it can be a bunch of swingers with chlamydia, a dog that a familiar bearded man walks for a certain fee, etc.

In general, even you could become a hero if you accidentally ran into our "courier" on the street. Each picture is one separate series with new characters, in which these persons will definitely learn something of that kind.

One thing remains unclear. If one of the hottest problems in American society is precisely the problem of drug addiction, why do they advertise these very drugs in every picture and preach their use? After all, watching such films and serials, some young fool will definitely be imbued with respect for the "fool" and will try it stopudovo. Here's a brand new junkie.

Someone might say: "So the rating of the show is at least 18 years old!" To which we will immediately answer: “And when did the caption in the credits before the films stop some of the youngsters from watching? Rather, just the opposite! ”

38. Footballers / Players (2015 -...) 7.07

From full-length films, it seems that the actor comes out of Dwayne Johnson's "The Rock" the most that sucks. But he got used to his role in the TV series "Ballers" so that he "performs" there quite tolerably. Even, one might say, a solid four with a soft plus.

And the story here is about the former football player Spencer Strasmore (who is played by Dwayne), who, after an injury, is forced to stop his sports career and go into sports management.

And it didn’t come out very well at first. In his first "trial investments" of their capital, not counting himself, several more players lost their money, whose money was given to him "for promotion". But he gets back on his feet, finds a new partner Joe Crutel, working for the firm of Mr. football players.

The duet goes anywhere. Sometimes they are lucky, sometimes not. And all their adventures take place against the backdrop of the unfolding fate of the players, whose money they are in charge of. And the fate of those who are still interesting. Just like our main characters.

Perhaps this is the only series about athletes in which sports are practically absent. Those who are waiting for something from the category "Every Sunday" can pass by. There are no games themselves, as well as game situations on the field, in the series. The operator did not go further than the changing rooms. But life situations are full. And they are all worth your watch.

39. Fart / Luck (2011-2012) 7.02

They love to make films in Hollywood about casinos, about everything that is happening around them, about their robberies. A lot of films have been filmed about card games and, in particular, poker. But for some reason everyone forgets that horse racing is also a gambling business in which millions are spinning.


HBO remembered about this unfairly forgotten topic, and decided to catch up. And here's what we can tell you about this. If the feature film "Casino" by Martin Scorsese reveals all the ins and outs of how a casino works, then the nine-episode series "Fart" is a guide to the racetracks and, in fact, the races that take place on them.

The characters and fates of many are revealed here, from the horses themselves and their jockeys to responsible persons, trainers, animal owners and their families. Even some of the guards were not spared.

This is why the show is so stretched. But it's pretty interesting to watch. Although the topic is not "topical", but it hits with a bang, especially when the meaning of everything that is happening begins to be revealed and the world of secret scams that are being turned around here is revealed.

40. Descendants (2018) 7.0

Logan Roy and his wife Marcia produced a huge number of children. And all of them are not of this world. One moron and more indistinct than the other But, as it turns out later, not everything in their characters is as simple as it seemed at first glance.

As everyone already guessed, we are talking about these very kids, who are the heirs of all that multibillion-dollar wealth that the aging head of the family amassed during his life. And it is between them that sluggish intrigues will flare up over who, after the death of the "godfather", will get the control of this whole prohibitively grown multimedia corporation.

One of the brothers, Kendall Roy, is already approved for the post of the head. All the rest, it seems, do not mind, if only they have their obligatory piece of the pie, which is the shares of the corporation. But the catch is that the damn daddy doesn't just die, he also refuses to retire. He will faint with a cerebral hemorrhage, then he will come to himself again. Angry - too much

Then the son decides to conspire with competitors, whose goal is to absorb their corporation, buying it with giblets. Yes, all of them can become rich overnight, but they will no longer have their own business. And this does not suit the head of the family very, very much. And the fight on this front in the second season, as we understand it, will be serious.

The series is being filmed, the second season is expected to premiere this year, in the fall. We look forward to continuing with the greatest interest. Considering the kind of jamb that Kendall's squishy little-born did at the end of the first season, the second should start very interesting.


This concludes our story about the best HBO series. Ahead we have many more interesting selections that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the modern film industry.

But while we are forced to say goodbye. We wish you a great summer mood, a pleasant beach holiday and, as usual, more cool movies and TV shows!

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