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What you should know about the Resident Evil 2 Remake


This month is not rich in major releases, however, a place for a masterpiece was found in it. Of course, Capcome's remake of the second part of Resident Evil is different from our typical idea of remastering old games. The developers are serious about bringing back their old masterpiece, and it will be significantly different from what we saw 21 years ago.

Today we'll talk about the differences between the remake and the original, discussing what you should know about Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 is not just a remaster

The game is a complete remake in the best sense of the word. Unlike previous remasters of the first part and Resident Evil Zero, which were intact in their essence, but enriched with new textures, the second Biohazerd is created from scratch on the amazing RE Engine created for the seventh. This can be seen with the naked eye from the updated design, textures, direction and physics. If you have not played or seen the gameplay of the original second part before, you might think that this is a continuation of the series. The game has changed significantly in everything, but it is still the same classic from 21 years ago recreated from scratch.

Older characters - better understanding

Another feature was that the developer decided to use the remake to expand the game's lore and reveal the characters. This is helped by new dialogues, cutscenes, facial emotions and voice acting. And there are changes in the biographies of the characters, so in the story of Leon Kenedy one detail was removed.

Before arriving in Raccoon City, where he was transferred to the service, Leona was abandoned by a girl, so he spent the night in a hotel tired and drunk and slept through the whole essence. When he regained consciousness, he realized that he was late for the whole day. Only after that he contacted the headquarters, where he was not answered, and went to Raccoon City. Now the history of the hotel has disappeared from the official biography page. Many fans did not even know her, but such pleasant little things still warmed the soul.


As for the other characters, they are all right and storylines for both Claire Redfield and Ada Wong await us. The developers emphasize that they also made changes to the new characters of the heroes. So in Leon, courage and a sense of justice are emphasized, but not ready for what happens to him according to the plot of the game. In his sister Claire, game makers emphasize courage and motherhood.

New mechanics

Significant changes - abandoning a static camera in favor of a dynamic one and changing the control system. Now the camera is in a more familiar place for third-person action games behind the character's back. It is noteworthy that for the first time Capcom used such a camera in the fourth part of the game, where the main character was also Leon.

You can say and you will be partly right: “But won't this affect the atmosphere? After all, static shots were used in the first games of the series as a technique in order to correctly select the angle of view and create a feeling of uncertainty, thereby scaring. " Yes, but now to create this atmosphere will be used poor lighting, flashlight beams, playing with dynamic light.

Also in the game, the angle of view is reduced, and especially when aiming, so there is a high probability that you will not notice the second zombie while fighting off the first. Another new mechanic - when attacking a hero, the camera will automatically turn around and take a close-up view of how he fights back.


Also in the game, you can enable the auto-aim function in the settings, which brings it closer to the original.

Capcom will release two censored and uncensored versions of the game

The differences between the versions were shown to us in a special gameplay video. In it, Leon turns the head of a police officer's corpse to examine. In the uncensored version, the face is half torn and disfigured, and in the second, it is only stained with blood. The developers did this so that their game would comply with the laws of different countries in order to avoid scandals. The residents of the USA and the European continent (including us) will be able to see all the horrors of the remake. A softened version, so to speak, will be seen by residents of Australia and Japan.

But one thing can be said, taking advantage of the opportunity Capcom is making a more violent and brutal game than 21 years ago.

Blitz abstract:

  • The remake will focus more on puzzle solving and exploration than action. If you play the game, for example, like DOOM, at one point the player will find that he has no bullets, and the enemies are all advancing.
  • There is a scene in the game that only opens after completing both of Leon and Claire's storylines.
  • QTEs have been abandoned in the game as they are not interesting to players or developers.
  • The developers tried to make the zombies as scary as possible. They will burst into the room, breaking doors and filling the space. They create an image of an irresistible force.
  • Zombie corpses will remain in the locations where they were killed until the end of the game. This is done so that the player never feels safe, because there is always the possibility that the dead will come to life again.
  • The game wants to set a new bar for audio design. The studio has always been doing well with him, but apparently it could be better.


In general, we can say the following - so far, Resident Evil 2 looks like an ideal remake that does not spoil the old and adds only the new. This is not just a new game with HD-techs, but a full-fledged reboot of an already beloved game that we hope will live up to our expectations. The game will be released on the 25th of this month - not long to wait.

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Author: Jake Pinkman