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Review of compact smartphone Samsung Galaxy A41


It's not easy now to find a small smartphone with good filling. Most manufacturers create devices with large screens that are in demand among users. As a result, the devices are large, sometimes even heavy. Samsung engineers decided that not everyone is happy with this situation and created a compact Samsung Galaxy A41.

Easy to use with one hand

The main feature of the Samsung Galaxy A41 smartphone is its compactness. However, the device cannot be called small. Its width is almost 7 cm. This is about the level of devices equipped with 5-inch screens, although the new product has a 6.1-inch display. This device will especially appeal to those who like to operate a mobile device with one hand.

Galaxy A41 is made of quality plastic, artfully disguised as glass. The bezels are thin, in the upper part of the front panel there is a teardrop-shaped cutout for a 25-megapixel front camera. It looks good, but in terms of design, the smartphone loses a little to its counterparts with more modest holes.

The rear panel has a triple camera with 48 + 8 + 5 megapixel sensors. There is an LED flash nearby.


Access security is ensured by a fingerprint scanner, which is built into the screen. It is not the fastest in the class, users complain that sometimes they have to wait at least 2 seconds in order to access data. There is also a face unlock functionality.

Lovers of listening to music files will love the presence of an audio jack. There is also a separate slot for microSD.

Colorful screen

Samsung Galaxy A41 received a Super AMOLED matrix with Full HD + resolution. The use of one of the most advanced technologies allowed us to obtain a lot of advantages: high contrast, good brightness, rich black color. The color gamut here is extensive, any user will choose the color rendition for himself.

There is an Always On Display functionality that displays notifications and the current time on a locked panel.

The screen glass has received an oleophobic coating. The downside of the model is the lack of DC Dimming function, which reduces matrix flicker. Long-term use can cause tired eyes and even sore.


Processor and interface

The "heart" of the smartphone is the MediaTek Helio P65 processor with GPU Mali G52 and 4 GB of RAM. The built-in storage capacity is 64 GB.

The chipset belongs to the middle class of devices. The device does not have a lightning-fast response, sometimes the interface slows down even when performing simple tasks. For example, when changing the orientation from vertical to horizontal. Working with applications is also not always smooth. They often open for a long time, turn over in jerks. Low CPU performance prevents playing complex and demanding games. Most other toys run in medium to low screen settings.


However, it's not all bad. Messengers, social networks, banking utilities work well.

The device operates under the Android 10 operating system with the proprietary One UI 2.0 shell. The system seems simple, clean, and tidy. The interface is clear, with beautiful icons, convenient settings, a small number of preinstalled programs.

Photo and video capabilities

The main sensor of the main camera is assisted by an ultra-wide-angle lens and a depth-of-field sensor, which is necessary to blur the background.

It has HDR and a scene recognition algorithm that changes adjustments based on the objects in the frame. In good lighting conditions, the Samsung Galaxy A41 camera produces detailed and clear images.

At dusk and in cloudy weather, the frames come out dark due to the fact that the module has a low light sensitivity. There is no night mode here, so you have to shoot several times from different angles to get a high-quality image.


Video is available for recording in a maximum resolution of 1080p. The quality is good, but lacks stabilization.

Autonomy and charging

The smartphone is ergonomic and compact. Because of this, the developers had to reduce the size of the battery, which led to a decrease in its capacity. The battery received 3500 mAh. This is currently not enough.

If the device is exploited mercilessly, then one charge will not be enough even for a day of work. Especially if you often look at social networks and instant messengers. When using the navigator and watching YouTube videos, the battery will be consumed by lunchtime. You will have to plug your smartphone into an outlet.

Testers claim that the device spends 20% of the battery capacity per hour of gameplay. It can play the test video for 18 hours.

A 15W charger is provided for charging. In about one hour, it can restore the energy reserves of a fully discharged battery.


Samsung Galaxy A41 will appeal to fans of small smartphones. It has a colorful and user-friendly interface, an advanced screen matrix. The downside of the model is a weak battery and poor performance.

The advantages of the device include the almost complete absence of competitors. Therefore, it will definitely find its buyers.

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