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5 Things You May Have Missed About Red Dead Redemption 2


It's been a year since Red Dead Redemption 2 surprised us all. If you went through the game on a good path, then you were able to observe how Arthur turned from a militant bandit into a sympathetic hero. What made him different was due not just to his character and the plot itself, but also to many small events. The guys at Game informer decided to look back to tell you about 5 things you might have missed in Red Dead Redemption 2. These details may not be visible, but as they say: the devil is in the little things, and they tell us a lot more.


At the end of the game, Arthur wants to help people, believing that he does not deserve kindness in return. In his diary, he makes a note: “I do not want to be cured. I do not deserve this. I just want to help a few people. ”

Arthur's changes are very clearly visible thanks to the war veteran Mickey, with whom he crosses from time to time. Every time they say, Arthur is laconic, unlike the veteran, and just gives him an ear to complain about life.


As a result, after several meetings, in the last chapter, when Mickey sees Arthur's state, he will tell that he was deeply touched, since he always listened to him and was the only one who spoke to him at all. He will tell Morgan his secret, and for the first time in his life he will be honest. And all because Arthur did not turn away from him. It shows how our hero changes and changes others. Mickey will even say that Arthur is a really kind person.


Charlotte is a widow. Left alone in the wilderness, not knowing how to survive, she was doomed until Arthur appeared in her life. He teaches her how to hunt and fend for herself. She even calls him a good person and invites him to dinner. When Charlotte says those very words to him, Arthur begins to cough violently, as if his very body is trying to deny the truth that he has hidden from himself throughout his life.


As one nun says to Arthur: “This is the problem. You don't know yourself ... whenever we meet, you always help people and smile. " It is his nature to be kind. He can be good, which means he is good on his own. Finally, he begins to understand this himself and writes in his diary: “Maybe I have something to hope for.”

Woman on the road

While exploring the wasteland outside of Van Horn, Arthur stumbles upon members of the McMurphy gang. They attacked the wagon and are preparing to kill the woman. Arthur rescues her and takes her home to Van Horn. She thanks Arthur, and he accepts her gratitude. He realizes that he has done something self-affirming, although he does not immediately admit it. A little later, he will write about this in his diary that for the first time he does something good without harm to himself. He even draws the whole situation.


The guy and his dog

Passing through Stravbury, Arthur encounters a sad guy who has lost his dog. Arthur decides to help, and finds her nearby on the rocks. After the reunion of the two friends, Arthur tells himself that he is a damn fine fellow. He realizes that he is a good person and for the first time feels that he loves himself for it.

Evelyn Miller

The last entry in Arthur's journal reads:

“I believe that each person has enough regret to allow them to die happy. I just hope that I did something good once I learned to see the world as it really was. It is not my fault that the process took as long as it was allotted to me! ”

Arthur acknowledges his kindness, sincerely regretting that he would like to achieve more than all he could. He wants to do good deeds, because by nature he is that kind of person. This understanding is emotional, not rational. Truth, portrayed through special character Evelin Miller, in one of the game's hidden side quests.


In the epilogue, playing as John Marston, we can stumble upon the Dutch philosopher Evelin Miller. Miller defends reverence by proclaiming the presence of God in all nature. However, he does not believe that God is in him. He strives for reason, as a manifestation of the highest happiness.

Comparing the last entry in Arthur's diary with the following quote from Miller's last treatise shows the significance of everything that Arthur has realized during his journey:

“Oh, there are many fools who strive for something more. Our most humiliating burden.

Unlike Arthur, Miller cannot realize his love for his actions, he cannot but deny the feelings he has discovered. He is obsessed with reasonable human limitations.

Miller wants to evaluate his experience and find a competent answer to the question of why he suffers. As you can see, this is impossible for him. Miller sees no irony. Trying to find the answer, he falls into the very cycle from which he tries to escape and gets stuck. Arthur found peace as he found the strength to act, choosing to be a good person. He didn't need to understand why he chooses, he just does.

Read Dead Redemption 2 is a very deep game. You can dig into it and continue to find meaning even after a year as it came out. Unlike the same GTA, in which criminals often remain criminals, RDR fully shows us that very redemption. Arthur and the inconspicuous details in RDR 2 confirm this.

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Author: Jake Pinkman