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10 anime titles worth watching if you like Neon Genesis Evangelion


Although Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered a classic among anime fans, many people watch it for the first time to this day. Those who like it want more and start watching Rebuild of Evangelion, and then realize that they are still not enough. If you're one of those people looking for an Eve-like anime, you're in luck - this title was so fundamental that you can see its DNA in many of the series that followed. But it also depends on what you liked about Evangelion and what you want from the next show you watch.

We have translated material from Kotaku for you, which tells about 10 anime similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. The material contains not just anime similar to Evangelion, but series with certain accents on one or another element of Eve.

Teens having bad times

Maybe you, like me, love to watch TV shows where children or adolescents suffer forever? Well, the wonderful world of Japanese animation has no problem with this concept.

The Promised Neverland

This show is catchy from the very first episode. Emma, Norman and Ray are three geeks living in the orphanage. They live what seems to be a utopian life, surrounded by other children and their loving caretaker named Mama, until they are sent to foster families before they turn 12. Unfortunately, they learn that their whole life is a lie. They are not sent to foster families - they are on a raising farm and are sold as food for monsters.


Shin Sekai Yori

As in the case of The Promised Neverland, Shin Sekai Yori is an anime about three teenagers with psychic powers who live in a world where paranormal abilities are commonplace. The anime takes place on Earth, where after some kind of cataclysm, people created an agrarian society. He is periodically attacked by huge monsters who want to destroy their civilization. The coolest thing about the series is that each episode gradually reveals what happened to the world. Our main characters themselves do not know this, because the parents carefully guard this secret. Therefore, we learn every shocking turn with them. But it is amazing how parents lie to them, because even when they hurt the heroes or give them, they still do it under the guise of thinking about their safety.



Evangelion is popular with many for trying to move away from the cliches and tropes of anime, trying to exceed the boring standards of the fur genre. If you still want to see something similar, then this is your choice.


Revolutionary Girl Utena

What Evangelion did for the fur, Utena Young Revolutionary did for the sorceress girls genre. The action takes place in the mysterious Academy of Otori, where attention is focused on the talented Utena. She wears a ring on her hand, which a mysterious prince gave her as a child. She found that it gave her the right to participate in the Dueling Club. Often times in this anime, Utena often delves into herself and breaks the classic anime tropes dictating how female anime characters should look, showing how to avoid them.


Princess Tutu

Unlike other TV shows on this list, where the threat of death weighs over children, this anime is more and more calm. It is about the girl Akhira, who was once a duck, but received a magical medallion that can turn her into Princess Tutu. She will search for the fragments of the soul of one prince, which were scattered all over the world and ended up in the hearts of people, causing them great pain. The series aims to show the injustice of fairy tales, usually shown to us as something bright.



There is a lot of blood in Evagelion, and these anime also take their bloody symbolism to the extreme.

Madoka Magica

This show could easily serve as an example of bad things happening to children in metatextual storytelling, but for me what sets Madoka apart is how outspoken she is in violent scenes. Madoka is a brave young girl who makes a pact with the cute alien creature Kyuubi to become a sorceress and fight witches. Things are not going as they should. This anime uses experimental animation to portray the witches themselves, adding often shocking images of young girls committing highly visual acts of violence.


Devilman Crybaby

A classic anime by Masaaki Yuasa, in which weirdness, sex and gore are intertwined. High school student Akira tells his best friend and prodigy Ryo that demons are returning to Earth. After the demon unsuccessfully tries to master him, Akira gains new powers and can turn into the Devil. Unusual animation style and color scheme highlight the show's brightness. This anime says you need to fight for those you love while they are still with you.


Brain Explosion

Eve's end doesn't look as good as you'd expect, but if you want something like this so that you can digest for a long time, then here are some options.

Serial Experiments Lain

This anime is quite difficult to describe. It is about a young girl named Lane who spends a lot of time on the Internet. Anime explores the nature of identity, reality and communication. Throughout 13 episodes, you will always find food for your mind and vigorously discuss what you saw in the series with your friends, just like the ending of the original Eve.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

This anime is not so complex in terms of intellectuality, but strange in its own way. There is an ever-growing tension in JoJo as series creator Hirohiko Araki continues to challenge himself to come up with even more outlandish plots. Come for the party of the North Star Fist with the vampires, stay for the sake of the psychics solving the murder mystery.


More Furs

Yes, Evangelion is about furs, but not furs. However, I realized that you need more giant robots.


Reviving a dead 90s anime fur genre by SSSS, Gridman took it in a bolder direction. SSS.Gridman tells the story of brave teenagers who begin to see giant monsters, although no one else can. By being sucked into a computer, the protagonist Utah becomes Gridman, a giant mech that can fight these monsters. Of course, things are not as they seem, especially considering that after defeating the monster, no one in the city seems to remember the battle.


The Vision of Escaflowne

Escaflowne takes a completely different approach to the genre than Eve. Instead of telling about an Earth overrun by monsters, the story unfolds in a fantasy world on the planet Gaia, which is in the midst of a war. The story centers around Hitomi, a Japanese schoolgirl who fell for Gaea and her romance with the cocky Van Fanel. This show may seem like a huge departure from Eve, given his romance-centric focus, but Hitomi's fate is also somehow tied to the Escaflowon, the giant mech that Van pilots.


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