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The very first USB flash drive in the world with a record volume went on sale


Sandisk, a flash-based storage media company, has launched a proprietary 1TB drive. A large-volume flash drive created three years ago has finally reached online trading platforms by 2019. A miniature high-performance new product of the microSDXC standard appeared in the company's own online store, and also became available through the Amazon service for $ 450.

The flash drive is positioned by the company as a solution for portable game consoles, professional and standalone video recording systems. The Sandisk Extreme 1TB flash drive is protected from moisture and temperature extremes.

The record holder of capacity in its class, the Sandisk U3 flash drive with a large amount of memory declared itself back in 2016. The prototype created at that time managed to grow into a full-fledged product and became available to consumers only three years later. Among the stated technical features of the flash card, one can single out read and write speeds up to 160 MB / s and 90 MB / s, respectively. These options unlock the ability to record 4K video at 60/120 frames per second. In addition, the flash drive supports high-speed UHS-I bus interface.

Sandisk has been ahead of its competitors by unveiling a working prototype of a large-capacity microSDXC card faster than any IT manufacturer. However, having become a pioneer among other brands, the company failed to maintain this status in the market and was the first to launch its development on the market. The company was bypassed by another manufacturer - the Chinese Lexar, which in early 2019 offered consumers its own large-capacity flash drive. The presented 1 TB flash drive from Lexar in its characteristics was somewhat inferior to the Sandisk prototype. Thus, the maximum read and write speeds were 95/70 MB / s, respectively, but the cost of the drive turned out to be higher: the manufacturer estimated it at around $ 500.


In turn, Sandisk decided to surpass its own record. At the beginning of this year, not yet starting the mass production of its 1 TB microSDXC cards, the company presented another compact storage device of record capacity. It was another large flash drive, this time up to 4 TB. The new development is shrouded in mystery. In addition to the declared capacity and the fact that the drive is equipped with a USB-C connector, practically nothing is known about the new product. By the time of the presentation at the specialized conference, the new Sandisk flash drive did not even have a name, not to mention other parameters, the timing of its appearance on trading floors and the likely cost.

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