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Best Resident Evil 3 Mods: Sandbox, Shrek and Improved Gameplay


The Resident Evil franchise's vast community of fans deserves credit. Even without specialized tools for mod development, like the Creation Kit for Fallout 4, talented modders manage to disassemble the game into components, and then rebuild, adjusting the gameplay or changing the hero models. This fate did not escape the last issue of the Resident Evil series, so in this article we will analyze in detail the best mods for Resident Evil 3. We will mention both high-quality gameplay modifications and those that were created for fun.

Fluffy Manager 5000

An app that should be installed first if you want to dive into the strange world of mods on Resident Evil 3. Fluffy Manager 5000 is a fairly convenient manager for launching custom modifications and does not bring any changes to the game by itself.


Ultimate Trainer

A basic mod that opens up an impressive scope for experimenting with the game. In addition to the standard options for configuring the interface, camera FOV and difficulty level, you can additionally make enemies invisible, adjust their damage modifier, change characters, enable walking through walls, change the time of Nemesis stunning, turn on a flashlight or even a first-person camera. In other words, Ultimate Trainer is a real sandbox, given to the player to be torn apart and capable of replacing several modifications at once.


One Gun Mode

One of the most interesting gameplay mods that can give unique emotions with each new playthrough of the game. One Gun Mode works according to the following principle: when starting a new game, Jill receives a randomly selected weapon, with which she will have to go through the whole game. When a player is assigned one weapon, the loot in the game additionally changes: all cartridges, explosives and gunpowder are automatically converted into cartridges suitable for the current weapon. All military ammunition, including other types of weapons, are replaced with flash grenades.


Classic UI

Was the grass greener before? Here we do not dare to judge, but it is always nice to return ourselves to the surroundings, reminiscent of a carefree childhood. For such purposes, installing an interface carried over straight from the original 1999 Resident Evil can help. All nostalgic fans of the series - all sorts of recommendations.


Definitive Jill Valentine

This mod on RE3R is perfect for consolidating the nostalgic effect and can further bring the game closer to the vanilla version from the last century. In addition to Jill Valentine's obvious return to the original outfit, the modification boasts a choice of over twenty costume variations, and that's not counting the options with the ability to choose the color of individual clothing items.


Resident Evil 3 Remake Randomizer

In many ways, the modification resembles One Gun Mode and is ideal for those who are in no hurry to leave Raccoon City and get ready to start replaying Resident Evil 3. As the name suggests, the main feature of the mod is the randomization settings, which makes it random the order changes the objects of the environment, the contents of the boxes and the type of weapon in the locations. There are also quite non-trivial randomizer settings, including the ability to mix any herbs and get a random healing item, or, according to the same rules, mix gunpowder with a random chance to create a secret item.


Dino Evil 3

After the release of three full-fledged remakes for the Resident Evil series, the developers from Capcom proved that they are able to bring back the gloss of cult games in skill and translate them into modern technologies and relevant gameplay rails. The only upsetting thing is that due to the increased attention to the series "Resident Evil" Capcom seemed to have forgotten about the existence of a slightly less popular, but still cult horror Dino Crisis. They decided to fix this mistake in the new mod for Dino Evil, replacing Jill with Regina, and all opponents with dinosaurs.

Shrek Over Nemesis

Do you know what madness is? No, this is not at all repeating the same action over and over again. Forget about Vaasa, real madness is Shrek, who is chasing on his heels, capable of instilling such horror with his indifferent and bored look that Nemesis never dreamed of. For better immersion, we recommend that you include the unforgettable All Star hit of the Smash Mouth group with all Shrek's appearances.


More Investigation

Quite an interesting mod for Resident Evil 3, which can be advised to install both for those who have learned all the streets of Raccoon City, and for those who are just starting the passage. The modification removes some obstacles in the way of Jill, which slightly expands the narrow boundaries of the world and gives more scope for exploring locations.


Dante (Carlos)

Dedicated to all Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fans: a mod that replaces Carlos's model with Dante from DMC V. We'd like to separately praise the quality of Dante's model, which is almost as good as the original from the fifth installment of the popular slasher. We wouldn't be surprised if the character model was directly removed from the game files.


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