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Zombies are awake. Understanding the They Are Billions


Numantian Games' new most addicting strategy survival game "There are billions " is finally here. In 2018, the release of all 4 maps of the game in the campaign mode was announced. Let's see what awaits us.

Zombies are coming

"There Are Billions" is an exciting real-time strategy game. It is simple and straightforward. Build a settlement base and defend it from the enemy zombie hordes.

Not those that hang around one or two by one near your settlement, but from the real hordes. When they approach, you will receive a special warning and a countdown begins, bringing the time of their arrival. A large skull on the screen symbolizes their arrival. So you know exactly when and how many are coming. In another way, hordes are also called waves. At the beginning of the game, when you set the difficulty, you also indicate the scale of these same waves.

Zombies alone are not dangerous. But when there are many of them, there are millions and billions of them, then their effect is destructive. If your buildings, fortifications, lookout towers and the army are not strong enough, zombies will pass them and get to the most vulnerable link in the chain - workers. They will infect them, and the wave will become even more powerful.

If you do not repair the damage caused during the strike in time, the zombies will sweep through your settlement like a sea through a sand castle. They will overwhelm him and your death will be inevitable. In the game "There are billions of them" death is forever, it comes quickly, and reloading is impossible.

Features of the game "There are billions"

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Complexity, seriously, the game pleases not with casual complexity, and it's cool.

This forces the player to constantly improve, constantly be on their toes and defend themselves. A quick death also means you lose a little. Such conditions make the educational process of passing the game accessible to many. It is divided into small sections.

At the very beginning, when you don't know how everything works, you die pretty quickly. Your settlement is small and there is not much to think about at the time of death. Therefore, it is easy to understand what can be improved next time. When it's time to take up the game again, you will survive longer. So every time you start over, you learn something.

Each time you only see a part of the formations and units. In order to see what is hiding in the dark, you must explore the area. This is always dangerous. After all, zombies can appear from anywhere. Or it may be so that you will not notice them, but they will see you and follow you. Going out and exploring the area is always risky, and this adds a spice to the game.

It is possible to lower the difficulty of the game to make it easier for the player to make decisions, but this affects the final result. Therefore, even if you lasted longer with a lower difficulty, created a large, advanced settlement, but in the final, the points earned will not be much higher than those earned when you played on a higher difficulty the first time, knowing little. So it's better not to lower the difficulty of the game, because the final result depends on it. And most importantly, if you want to move to the next card, it can only be opened after you have successfully completed the first, at least at 100% difficulty.

The three pillars of They are billions. Compromise

The game "There are billions" takes some getting used to. At first glance, this is a familiar real-time strategy game, akin to the steampunk Warcraft RTS. The characters are clear. Everything is similar. You have to take care of the resources because they are important for getting ahead in the game. Internally, you know what's what.

they are billions
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However, there are some things to get comfortable with. This is the interaction of three components in the game: workers, food and energy. Workers are needed to build and maintain buildings. The more complex the structures, the more workers are needed. But you also need to feed these workers and supply energy to your structures. It turns out not so easy to balance all three components. When you build tents, you get workers, but you cannot build countless tents because you cannot produce enough food.

Food, in turn, comes from fishing stations and hunting lodges. But you cannot build them in large numbers, because again you need energy to maintain them. In addition, there are some conditions associated with space. For example, it is impossible to put 2 hunting lodges next to each other. It's the same story with energy. After all, to obtain it you need workers. The circle is closed.

You will always choose something. It will not turn out that you can get everything. You have to compromise. Remember that zombies are still coming up from all sides. You must be careful to immediately repair the slightest breach in buildings and defenses. If you do not, then making your way into the settlement one by one, the infection will infect everyone. When you receive a warning that the horde is marching, you must know exactly what and where you have, what defenses, units, etc. This is the only way you can survive. Think fast!

What's up with the release

This is just the beginning. The main version of "They are billions" - "They are billions" will be available only this spring and will include over 40 hours of gameplay in campaign mode. The exact release date is still unknown. We'll keep you updated so we don't miss the event of the year.

In the meantime, the game is in Early Access, you can buy it on Steam and enjoy the survival mode.

Well, or download from torrents. Here, as they say, is a matter of taste and wallet


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