Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Super Loot Boxes, Skull & Bones Series, and Square Enix's Failure - This week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Super Loot Boxes, Skull & Bones Series, and Square Enix's Failure - This week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also read about whining criticism of Anthem and how to get banned for large ammo.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 introduced loot boxes that are striking in their absurdity

It would seem that loot boxes are used to it. The game is already full of donation with its season passes and level passes for money. Activision and Treyarch went even further with the introduction of loot boxes.

One container in Black Ops 4 costs 200 "COD Points" - virtual currency that can be bought with real money. 200 “COD Points” is two dollars. One loot box contains new skins for characters and barrels, as well as weapon models with the MKII postscript. Each weapon in the game itself has its own pumping, which opens up different gadgets, like shops or sights. And now MKII models gain levels per kill 25% faster than regular models. You may also drop items from past seasons of the game.


That is, they constantly drop things that give an advantage. From unique weapons to barrels that help you pump faster and make your guns even cooler. It also helps you unlock other gear faster. This all already smacks of Pay to Win. There is a great chance that you will get a duplicate, because the developer did not indicate the probability of new items.

There are now two types of containers in the game: paid and free. The latter give you for every two hours spent in multiplayer or "royal battle", from which one item drops out. Players are already outraged on Reddit that nothing of value is almost never dropped in free boxes.

Overall, the game is now fully monetized:

  • paid base game
  • Paid Season Pass that costs almost as much as the game itself
  • the ability to buy levels in the Battle Pass
  • the ability to skip individual levels
  • cosmetic items in the in-game store
  • the ability to purchase "Special Orders" - miniature versions of the Battle Pass
  • loot boxes.

It is very symbolic, some journalists have noticed, that the update that introduced loot boxes into the game is called "The Great Robbery". In addition, the new battle pass has a bunch of skins related to the theme of money. It's a shame that only players are robbed.

Ubisoft is preparing a series based on Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is an unreleased game that grew out of the naval mechanics in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. The French are so confident in her success that they are preparing a TV series based on her with a female character in the lead role. Events will unfold in 1700, at the end of the pirate era.

The series will be a collaboration between Ubisoft and Atlas Entertainment. The latter has produced Wonder Woman, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Warcraft and other films.

The show is executive produced by Danielle Crinick (Director of Ubisoft's Television Division) and Jason Altman (Senior Vice President, Film and Television). If these names don't tell you anything, that's okay.


The game itself will be released this year on PC, PS4 and Xone.

This is not the first such project by Yubisoft. Similarly, in 2017, Assassin's Creed, based on the famous series, was released in theaters, and a film based on The Division is in production.

Sales of Shadow Of Tomb Raider and Just Case 4 are much lower than Square Enix expected

In its investor report, the developer indicated that its top blockbusters from the past year are doing worse than they thought.

Shadow Of Tomb Raider's shipments totaled 4.12 million, which is pretty low for the company, said Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix. According to him, that the first and the second game could not give users a new experience in comparison with the main competitors. Therefore, the players did not choose Square Enix projects, but other games. But they will give up on these two games, and expect sales to rise in the next quarter.


Square Enix is doing well anyway. According to the same Matsuda, the company is planning a restructuring, which will turn 11 development departments into 4 departments, in order to create a more efficient working environment, while no cuts are planned.

The company's main trump card is Kingdom Hearts 3, which has exceeded 5 million copies in just the first week. The game has been licked by critics and is generating good revenue.

Xbox VP called criticism of an Anthem episode whining

After the beta test and early access to the game for Origin Access Premier subscribers, journalists and many gamers concluded that the project looks "mediocre". He now scores lower on Metacritic than the latest Mass Effect. Xbox VP Mike Ibarra has decided to step up for BioWare on Twitter.

In a tweet, he criticized the news on PC Gamer, where it was said that the developer fixed a level that required a long grind - this was not to the liking of both players and journalists. Ibarra said that the level is pretty easy and he is "struck with whining" that someone has failed to pass it. He also remembered a certain reviewer (he did not give his name), who could not figure out how to make a combo.

The problem is that the game hints at their presence, but does not teach how to make them. To learn how to make combos, you need to dig into the game menu.

Nobody liked Ibarra's reaction and many other developers started telling him on Twitter that he was wrong. Since Mircosoft is promoting the game, this tweet looks like part of a PR move.


One of the people who argued with him, Ibarra advised to wait for the release of the game. Anthem is out, so it's time to put his words to the test.

Gamer who played 900 hours in Fallout 76 was banned for having a lot of ammo

Just imagine how many hats fell on the game, and all the early people were found who actively play it, one such gamer played as much as 900 hours! Alas, they did not answer him with courtesy, but was banned for keeping a lot of cartridges.

User Glorf12 reported on Reddit that Bethesda did not believe that someone could collect so many rounds in their game and banned the user as a common cheater.

According to the player, he just used a perk that reduces the weight of the cartridges by 90%. Bethesda claims that the player collected 140,960 rare rounds in 30 days, although Glorf12 himself says that he collected only 36,000 on the strength.


The company reacted to his complaint and promised to unblock it with the release of a new patch. But as it happens with the game - the patch was released, but nothing has changed. The player is still in the bath. He believes that the reason for the blocking is that he transferred cartridges between two accounts, which were summed up when raised. He also believes that a complaint could have been made against him, since his character has been pumped to level 450, which looks suspicious from the outside.

Bottom line - the user says he wants to try out another project.

This was all the gaming news this week. Stay with us! And read our last digest, where we talked about the fake Fortnite festival and goodbye to PSVita.

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