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Need for Speed: Payback suffers from all the problems of the modern gaming industry: loot boxes, grind and dozens of useless tasks. But does that make her a bad game?

They really tried


In the new game, the developers have tried and combined everything for which we love this series. There are street races, deserts, forest roads, and battles with the police. As well as detailed tuning along with the story of the street racing team. However, the game world itself did not come out very large: the creators invited players to take up the search for spare parts and invented some kind of competition, deciding that this would be enough. However, all these tests manage to get boring.

Where are you plot


The plot here does not attract a script award. So, we have three main characters, each of whom is trying in every way to come to success. Their motivation is to get rid of the cartel, which in turn is trying to get rid of the street racers. But here you need to understand that each of the groups is good only in its kind of racing. The only problem is that there are a lot of these groups, so it will take a lot of time to defeat them.

And the loot boxes have arrived


At first this is perceived with a bang, but as the game progresses, the creators throw us more races, and then you realize that in this way they are trying to stretch the initially short story. True, from time to time you will find yourself shaken up in the form of street races or clashes with law enforcement officers.

It is also noteworthy that each type of race requires a separate car. For example, you won't be allowed to sprint with a drift car. At the low level there is no problem with this, but at the higher levels there is a problem with finances, and then the loot boxes become the only straw. They can be obtained by participating in certain races or by purchasing them for real currency.

Choose your destiny: grind or pay


What can be said right away is that fans of the grind should like the game. Here you will have to go through the same races every now and then in order to make more dough. Secondly, all the delights of tuning and bells and whistles of cars are opened when passing various tests. Thus, you will not be able to put yourself a new hood or change a necessary part until you complete this or that task.

Also, the game has a system with cards that raise the characteristics of wheelbarrows. You can no longer buy yourself a new engine or exhaust system. Now this is possible only with the help of arbitrary cards, thereby turning the whole process of pumping into one big lottery.

However, if we talk about the game from the point of view of a racing simulator, then everything is very good here: the same good control and a sense of speed, as in the previous parts of the series. As a result, the main fly in the ointment here was the desire of the developers to stretch not the longest game for 25 hours.

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Author: Jake Pinkman