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How to distinguish a replica from an original smartphone?


As flagship mobiles become more expensive, the black market for fake smartphones is growing. It is not illegal to buy a mobile phone by hand.

Some users buy fakes deliberately because they do not have enough funds to purchase the original. Some of them say they are quite happy with the replica they bought. So before we learn how to distinguish fake smartphones from genuine ones, let's find out why replicas should be avoided.

5 reasons why you shouldn't buy a fake smartphone



When manufacturing and operating a smartphone, certain rules must be observed especially strictly. For example, this applies to using the device in extreme temperatures.

As for replica manufacturers, it is quite difficult to find out where their assembly shops are located and how things stand with safety standards. Violations during assembly and installation of low-quality components lead to the fact that counterfeit smartphones overheat, explode during charging, and electrolyte leaks from a poorly assembled battery. All this poses a threat to the health (and sometimes life) of the user.


The producers of fakes have no principles. It costs them nothing to install viruses on their product to intercept emails, banking information and account details. Malicious software can be embedded into the firmware itself, then it will be almost impossible to detect and neutralize it.

Return or Replacement Policy

Replica manufacturers are often not registered businesses. There are many cases of marriage in the market for fake smartphones. It is possible that the purchased replica will stop working in a week. If this happens, you will not be able to return it or exchange it, because there is nowhere to go.

Loss of performance

The goal of a non-original manufacturer is to quickly sell you a product that looks and works like the original. Counterfeit smartphones are not designed for increased workload and come with non-standard software and hardware that quickly breaks down. Within a short time, the mobile phone may become unusable.

Violating the law

The distribution of fake smartphones is illegal. Manufacturers of non-original devices do not pay taxes, violate safety and health standards. Reselling a counterfeit smartphone can be a legal matter, since ignorance of the laws does not relieve you of responsibility.

How to distinguish a fake smartphone from an original one?


Leaks from well-known manufacturers give criminals a great understanding of the design and specifications of flagship devices. Therefore, the photos sent by the seller will not help. However, if you remain vigilant, the fake can be identified.

Sales method

Usually counterfeit smartphones are sold through social networks, regional publics and forums. The first suspicion should be caused by the low price and the seller's quick agreement to the discount. In fact, a replica can cost 25-50% less than the original, and such an offer may seem quite tempting for a buyer.

Never agree to a purchase if the seller:

  • in a hurry;
  • does not allow a proper inspection of the device;
  • if minor flaws are found, I'm ready to throw off at least half the price;
  • suggests mailing the item instead of meeting in person.

Device Inspection

Each flagship smartphone comes with unique features that are difficult to imitate. For example, the iPhone X has an Animoji, Samsung has a heart rate sensor, Huawei and Honor have a screenshot you can take with a double tap of your knuckle. Find out in advance what special characteristics this model has and test them when meeting with the seller. If the user interface looks different, unique features are missing / not working correctly, you probably have a fake in your hands.

It's easy to distinguish a fake iPhone from an original one: fakes work on Android, which is easily revealed upon restart.

Screen weight, dimensions and resolution

Copying the weight of the original device is as easy as shelling pears, but the weight distribution can tell a lot about a thing. As a rule, high-quality mobile phones have an even weight distribution. Suspicion should arise if one side is clearly heavier or lighter than the other.

Refuse the deal if the real characteristics of the device do not match:

  • case thickness and dimensions;
  • display shape (rounded or pointed corners, cutout);
  • screen diagonal.

All of the above will help you with a high degree of probability determine what is in your hands - the original or the pathetic forgery. For a more detailed study, you will have to look into the settings, system information and see how the device behaves in benchmarks. But you won't have to waste time on this if from the very first minutes you understand that the seller is trying to deceive you.

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