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How to make a choice: a flagship or a state employee?


I can't close my eyes any longer: smartphones have become very expensive. The latest flagship models from Apple and Samsung exceed the $ 1000 mark.

And it looks like the price will only grow further . What should buyers do - take an expensive device stuffed with the latest technologies and use it as long as possible, or buy a cheaper device to change every year or two?

Buying flagships

It really makes sense to buy advanced models from big brands. They use advanced technologies and are provided with manufacturing support. Fresh versions of the Android operating system are first released for flagship models and only then for state employees. Apple regularly updates iOS and makes the system available to all devices regardless of the year of release.

But, unfortunately, not everything is so smooth. The recent news that Apple is deliberately slowing down older phones to get people to buy new ones has upset many of the company's fans. If it was about the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, which came out a long time ago, it probably wouldn't get much attention. However, the distribution hit the iPhone 6, which was released only 3 years ago. 3 years is not such a long time for a smartphone. Despite the fact that since then mobile technology has progressed far ahead, many people are still happy with their iPhone 6 and are not going to change it. It was ugly for Apple to let down those who continue to use, if not a top-end, but rather powerful model by today's standards.

Google is also trying to force its users to get a new Android, but it does otherwise. Smartphones older than two to three years simply stop receiving operating system updates. For example, the decent device Google Nexus is stuck on Android 7. It is not expected to be updated to an eight (and even more so to a nine).

Buying state employees

Since even the flagships are not guaranteed lifetime support, we can come to a fair conclusion that there is no point in spending money on an expensive mobile phone. Instead, it is better to buy something cheaper. So, in a couple of years, when its updates stop, you will be able to purchase another high-performance model available.

There are plenty of people still using Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 4 . And they are quite happy, unless, of course, they have the desire to play resource-intensive games. This is the point: the choice of a smartphone should not be based on what it can do, but on what you personally want from it. In the age of high-speed communications and powerful processors, most of the time spent on a smartphone is still spent on email, correspondence and social media. You don't need to spend $ 1000 to perform these operations comfortably.

Status is not everything in life

Somehow it happened that the new iPhone or Galaxy S became a symbol of prosperity and high position in society. Except for things like FaceID facial recognition and iris scanning, everything else can be obtained from a smartphone for $ 300-400 . For example, the LG G Vista 2 is equipped with a 13MP main and 5MP front cameras, a 1080p Full HD display and an 8-core processor. It now costs less than $ 200. In practice, instead of one iPhone X, you can purchase five units of LG G Vista 2.

In conclusion

The budget and mid-range lines are presented in a wider range than the flagship ones. Having bought a smartphone for $ 1000 dollars, you can go with it for a couple of years without worrying about performance degradation and discontinued support. But don't forget, there is no guarantee that a new super-powerful smartphone will last longer than any other. Usually, in terms of strength and durability, flagships are no different from devices that cost half the price.

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Author: Jake Pinkman