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Comic Book Games for Android: Top 5


Everyone loves games. And games based on comics will not leave indifferent any fan of science fiction. Go through the adventures of your favorite character and finally find out what it's like to be a real superhero.

Batman movies are always on the wave of success, but films from DC Comics such as Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad have not received the expected rave reviews. However, there are millions of DC fans who are reluctant to part with their favorite superheroes even when the credits run out.

Why be sad while waiting for the next episode when you can have a pleasant time playing? Granted, mobile games aren't nearly as well-designed as console games, but there are some that will captivate the most dedicated fans of the superhero genre.

Batman Arkham Origins

One of the best fighting games in the DC universe. Mechanics, physics, sound, art - everything is on top. In addition to showdowns with bad guys, you have to pump the abilities of Batman himself. An interesting feature of the game is the improvement of the hero's costume.

Some of the content can only be unlocked after purchasing the full version of the application. It's not cool, but we have to admit: such work of developers deserves a good payment. At the moment, the game is not available in the Play Market for residents of USA. To play, you will have to allow the installation of applications from unverified sources on your smartphone and then download the APK from a third-party site.


Batman by Telltale Games

Telltale Games is a renowned developer of gaming applications for Android, PC and consoles. Unsurprisingly, both of his Batman creations are huge hits with DC fans. Batman is a series of puzzles, cinematic scenes, and story forks where any player action can affect the ending.

Drawing perfectly conveys the whole atmosphere of the comic. Only the first episode is provided free of charge, but rest assured - the story will capture in such a way that you won't be able to come off until you see the ending.


Injustice 2 Mobile

A fighting game in which almost all the heroes from the pages of DC have united. Create your team, smash the villains, upgrade and smash again. The mechanics may seem rather primitive compared to the console version, but this makes Injustice 2 Mobile appealing even to those who are not particularly friendly with fighting games.


Lego DC Mighty Micros

Who do you want to play today: a superhero or a villain? It doesn't matter, with Mighty Micros you have both options.

The game is a series of racing tournaments: if you are a hero, you catch up, if a villain, you run away. All characters are made in funny Lego-style. The app is completely free, does not contain a megabyte of paid content.


Suicide Squad: Special Ops

It is rare that a game has received a rating higher than the movie itself. According to the plot, you need to save the disappeared reconnaissance group, and you can do this with one of three characters - Diablo, Deadshot or Harley Quinn. Each has its own weapon and a special fighting style. It will definitely not be boring.


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