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Top 30 Best Horror Films of 2019: Part 3


Continuing the top tickling and psychotic movies. Sometimes it really needs to be shaken so that it does not stagnate. Otherwise, the hour is not even, you can turn into a dull soulless doll, unable to empathize with others. And in our top of the best movies of the horror genre of 2019, there will be someone to live up to. There is no doubt about that.

Not all films in our selection shine with thoughtful scripts, but each of them can, to one degree or another, scare, make their viewer giggle hysterically or get angry. And this time we will start to flinch with fear, watching a new rework of Stephen King's masterpiece ...

21. Pet Sematary (USA, Canada) 5.65

No matter how hard the directors Kevin Kolsh and Dennis Widmeyer tried, they failed to surpass the previous adaptation of theking of horrors of all America and the worldneither in terms of ratings, nor in terms of intensity of passions.

The Creed family - mom, dad, little daughter and an even smaller son move to a provincial town and move into a house located near the highway, along which tank trucks are constantly scurrying at high speed.

From the very beginning it is clear that these tanks will crush someone. And so it happens. They started small, of course, with a cat named Church, who was the fifth member of the Creed family we forgot to mention.

Not far from their house, if you go a little deeper into the forest thicket, there was a kind of pet cemetery, where local people buried their pets. But when the head of the Creed family was about to bury his cat, shot down by a tanker, a neighbor climbed in with advice and insisted on burying the animal in an ancient Indian cemetery, located a little further, behind the deadwood.

Of course, the cat buried in the cursed place turned into a zombie has returned, and now nothing good can be expected from him.

Up to this point, there were few discrepancies with the book and the previous film adaptation. But the creators have thoroughly reworked the original King's work and gave us another crazy version, from which some will reduce their teeth. Get ready, the ending will be peculiar.

22. Coco di Coco da (Sweden, Denmark) 5.64

The picture would be worthy oftop of the best Groundhog Day films,if it hadn't come out so late and was not so idiotic. There is also a kind of a loop of time, but everything is presented so stupidly, and the plot itself is so not original, banal, uninteresting and uncomplicated that you only wonder how someone's hand went up to shoot something like that.

It is immediately clear that in this 2019 horror film the main focus was on the time loop, and not on the semantic content and on an interesting and original script. The creators decided that if you show the main characters in the same situation and slightly vary their behavior in each of the subsequent timebacks, it will be interesting in itself.

We dare to assure you that it is not. Repeated observation of crazy idiots who came out of the woods into the clearing in order to make fun of no less idiot tourists does not give any pleasure.

Especially when the horror movie did not even bother to explain who these idiots from the forest are, and why an overnight stay in a hotel is better than a night in a tent in the middle of an ordinary unkempt and not very attractive forest windbreak.

23. Countdown (US) 5.64

Throughout the history of cinematography, the world has seen many killer objects. Cameras, videotapes, books and other "precursor artifacts" associated with certain spirits, prophecies, curses, etc. were killed.

But technology does not stand still. Videotapes in horror movies will soon replace flash drives, spirits - digitized personalities, and books - text files in FB2 or Epub formats. And there are already the first signs that special programs installed on a smartphone will be able to kill in horror films, such as the one that is a certain heroine of the next movie of the horror genre of 2019.

The guys are having fun, talking about this and that, and we are talking about a program that can determine how long a person is left to live. Everyone, fooling around, installs it, after which a status bar is displayed for everyone, which indicates how long the user will kick back.

But, while some were predicted to live up to 80 years old, others the program painted only three hours. And in time to laugh, but only further, as it turned out, everything was not funny at all. The girl, who was destined to die in 3 hours, really died after 3 hours, after which those who were destined to glue the flippers after a few days begin to resist their own fate and the program that inexorably counts down the seconds of life on the smartphone screen in reverse order.

The program is not removed. And after destroying one gadget and buying another, it is reinstalled on it. How? Not otherwise, that the devil or death itself has now gone to programmers ...

24. Over (NOT) natural (Ireland, Belgium) 5.64

The plot of the next horror film of 2019 is tied to the paranormal and belongs to the category of comedy horror films, of which the best is considered the masterpiece of the still young Peter Jackson "Scarecrows", the one in which the famous Marty McFly from the trilogy "Back to the Future" played the main role - Michael J. Fox.

In the past, Vincent Dooley, the owner of a "special gift" that makes it possible to see the ghosts and spirits of the departed, saw the ghosts and spirits of the departed, until, overnight, he glued the flippers under unclear circumstances.

Now the daughter of Vincent Dooley - already 40-year-old Rosie - also sees the ghosts and spirits of the dead. But he is not going to talk to them, unlike his daddy. Nor is he going to help people who have problems with ghosts and spirits of the dead.

The fact is that the ghosts and spirits of the departed do not always go straight to where they should be. Often they stay among us and begin to make themselves felt by moving stones, balls or rattling the toilet lid. Why would they? Everyone, as it turns out, has their own reasons.

For example, the wife of a wealthy widower Martin stays here in order to take care of her awkward hubby and help him with the housework with annoying advice. When Martin gets it, he, like many, asks for help from Rosie, who has a special gift.

But she prefers to continue to earn money as a driving instructor. Until, nevertheless, she runs into poor Martin's wife and realizes that Martin would be useful to her herself.

25. Silence (Germany, USA) 5.64

The case when people who decided to make a completely horror movie for themselves, due to the fact that they did not study natural science at school, turned out to be quite a comedy. And although the creators do not understand why everyone laughs from their horror movie instead of being afraid of it, their masterpiece did not become less stupid.

The plot is eaten to holes. Humanity has been massively exposed to invasions of bloodthirsty bats, rats, cockroaches, birds, spiders and other living creatures countless times. The scriptwriters Carey Van Dyck, Tim Lebbon and Shane Van Dyck saw the originality of their story in the fact that these would not be known species of animals, and not even beaten aliens, but ancient varieties of terrestrial creatures that had lived in a grotto underground for many millions of years.

This suggests an analogy with the "Black Hole", but there the action took place on an alien planet. And there it was not stated the fact that for many centuries the animals survived in some kind of narrow grotto. Rather, the planet was hollow from the inside.

The local animals were released by speleologists, who ran into an underground cave of gigantic proportions. But no matter how vast the cave is, this is not the environment in which creatures such as those who are the "main antiheroes" of the horror movie "Silence" could survive for millions of years.

Why didn't the creators answer the questions:

  • That for millions of years these creatures ate underground, because with their number and body size, no vegetation (if without the sun something grew there at all) could not develop so quickly and replenish the mass that could feed this "horde." / li>
  • If they are meat-eaters, how many "cattle", that is, other animals, would be needed to feed such a flock?
  • Where are these creatures shit? Such a number of animals would generate such masses of feces that in a year they would cover the floor of the cave with a ten-meter layer, thereby making the growth of grass impossible.
  • If they multiplied so quickly, how did they manage not to multiply over millions of years so much as not to devour everything and everyone, then themselves and not rest in the Bose?
  • Why were animals sensitive to sounds? After all, this would imply that they moved in their grotto, hunted, flew, mated, etc. in absolute silence, which is absolutely impossible.

And such open questions are a dime a dozen. It is much easier to just invent a hunchbacked horse than to explain where the anti-graviton is hidden in this animal's body.

In general, the film looks like a kind of hypertrophied and homegrown version / rehash of "Quiet Place". But, alas, he did not stand next to "Quiet Place". For filmmakers who are not used to bothering with the delusional plot and illogicality of what is happening, this horror movie will go.

Although, the rest will also go. But already as a comedy and a guide to what idiotic stories sane-looking people can come up with.

26. Uninvited Guest (USA, Canada) 5.62

The next best horror movie of 2019 will tell us what other mental disorders we can face in real life. We don't even know how such a disease can be called, but the fact that it can be cured only with a straitjacket and placement in a closed-type hospital is unambiguous.

A young couple - Scott and Annie are busy looking for a country mansion to buy. Their choice stops at the estate of a certain Charlie Peck. The property is very well maintained, the house is in excellent condition, the terrain is simply wonderful, the landscape is not to take your eyes off. Charlie's wife recently died and he decided to move to Florida with his children, and therefore is selling the house.

Scott and Annie are fine with everything, and they buy Charlie Peck's mansion. But the further, the more it becomes clear that Charlie was not going to leave here. He had to sell the house, otherwise his bank would have taken him away. And he will try to ensure that these new owners do not do anything wrong with HIS house and plot and do not alter anything.

And if they start repairs, then they will have a life-and-death war!

27. They (US) 5.61

The next rated horror film of 2019 was filmed in the now favorite theme of "live quests." A group of untied guys and girls who abuse alcohol and drugs, wants to pinch their nerves by completing a horror quest, and arrives at the polygon of this very quest, located outside the city.

From the very beginning, it is clear that not everyone will survive, if any of these regular dumbheads survive. There is no point in retelling the average horror movie. All of them look the same for a slight difference in the means and methods of killing heroes.

I was a little pleased with the vengeful non-standard ending, but nothing more. Therefore, the rating of 5.5 out of 10 is definitely deserved.

28. Omen Rebirth (USA, Hong Kong) 5.55

Recently, distributors have been carried away by alteration (alteration, not translation) of names for the sake of a better visitor. This is how the Polaroid checkpoint became Destination: Smile, and Miracle became Omen: Rebirth.

In fact, there is no Omen in the film and there is no close. We are not even talking about him. The film tells the story of a boy named Miles who is possessed by an evil spirit. Only if in the case of "The Exorcist" an evil spirit from the other world entered the victim, then the reincarnated soul of a psychopath who lived on Mother Earth entered the main character of this film.

Here the baby's parents have to choose - to decide on non-traditional methods of "treatment" or to let their baby Miles continue to open the heads of his comrades with an adjustable wrench.

29. Curse of the Weeping One (USA) 5.36

The next best movie of the horror genre is another story from the universe of "Annabelle" and "The Conjuring". Once a crazy babeha named La Llorona, being not in a sober mind and not in good health, drowned her children in a local pond, after which some children start seeing her ghost.

The spirit of La Llorona was seen by the children, to whom Anna Garcia was called, who is a loner in life and has several children in education. Not believing in their stories that they see the terrible spirit of some terrible woman, she considers them mentally displaced on the basis of "wrong upbringing".

But her opinion changes dramatically when her kids begin to see the spirit of the crazy shifted, taking the lives of other people's children.

What are you going to do, Garcia? Will you assign your offspring to a psychiatric hospital? And yourself at the same time - there? Or will you fight?

Well, good, good. I will fight. But how?

30. Blue Abyss 2 (UK, US) 5.26

"Are we juvenile morons, or not?" - asks one of the heroines of the next horror movie in 2019 from other heroines, thus taking them weakly. "Of course, we are juvenile morons!" - the rest of the juvenile morons answer her out loud, and how they all do moronic things.

In particular, as is the case with young morons, they go to a remote location in the land of unexplored flooded caves, without telling anyone about it, and begin to dive into these caves at the risk of running into trouble.

And they, of course, run into them safely. Due to the fault of the next juvenile morons, the narrow hole in the main grotto fills, after which the whole company is cut off from the outside world and is forced to while away the time in the cave system together with ancient Mayan statues and bloodthirsty giant white sharks.

The number of corpses is increasing, oxygen is running out, the lanterns will soon die, and there is still no way out. What are we going to do?

Correct. As befits young morons - yell and hope for a quick maturation.


This concludes our top 30 best horror movies of 2019. For those who lacked a little horror, we suggest you superficially familiarize yourself with the next ten horror films. Next on the KinoPoisk rating are:

  • 31 Assimilation (USA) 5.25 - about the difficulties that alien invaders can meet on their way. Better to revisit Faculty (1998).
  • 32 Wounds (USA, Great Britain) 5.20 - about the dangers of using other people's phones and about the wounds coming from somewhere on the body that can become doors to other worlds.
  • 33 Death Trail (USA) 5.17 - the truth that brings to the population that an unexpected decaying corpse on the trail is not a tourist's friend. Especially when a tourist is locked in the same location as him.
  • 34 Destination: Smile (USA, Norway) 5.11 - telling that not everything that is called "Destination" is. The real name of the horror movie is Polaroid, and its plot is predictably based on the pictures taken on it. Better to rereadStephen King's Sun Dog.
  • 35 USA Bride (USA) 4.84 - about the dangers of online dating and further travel to these strangers abroad. It is not even an hour, you will run into a maniac.
  • 36 Rassvet (USA) 4.69 - about the dangers of shared dreams, what they can lead to, and how to get out of them.
  • 37 Curse of Mary (USA) 4.67 - about the Overlook on the waves with a walking corpse, reminiscent of the girl from The Bell. Better to revisit The Shining (1980) or Dead Calm (1989).
  • 38 Corporate Animals (USA) 4.64 - which says that if you are stuck in a cave with a cynical boss, you don't have to twitch. You are already a priori - tryndets.
  • 39 Guests (USA) 4.59 - another adventure in an abandoned mansion inhabited by something otherworldly. Better to revisit Haunted Mansion (2003).
  • 40 Ghosts of Sharon Tate (USA, Mexico) 4.57 - about how the last hours of Roman Polanski's innocent pregnant wife passed, and what "ghosts" she had to face before dying.

Now we can round off with a pure heart. We'll meet next week at the top dedicated to the best dramas of 2019, but for now, all the best to you. And more awesome movies and TV shows!

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