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5 reasons to buy Spider Man 2018


The release of a major PlayStation 4 exclusive is always a major event for the gaming industry. And not only because the Sony PR machine is starting to work to its fullest, another reason is that large exclusives for the Japanese console delight with the consistently high quality and status of a blockbuster. Spider Man 2018 was no exception, which many critics have already called the best superhero game. And if you are still thinking about buying a game, then in this article we will describe 5 main reasons to buy Marvels Spider Man.

First-class flying feeling

In open-world games, a system is needed to help the player quickly traverse vast areas of the map. In The Witcher 3, Roach acted as such a system, in the GTA series - an abundant fleet of vehicles, and in the new Spider Man - flying on spider webs through the skyscrapers of New York. And we have to admit, the developers turned out to perfectly embody the flights of Spider-Man in the game. Just a couple of buttons on the gamepad and enjoy first-class superhero somersaults.


Ease of control is one of the main advantages that allows you to truly enjoy flying over the city. The notorious realism has not been forgotten either. Of course, crash when falling in Spider Man 2018 or hitting a wall with acceleration will not work even with all the desire, but the developers skillfully simulated the force of inertia when swinging on the web, which gives the flights a bit of believability.

An interactive blockbuster in the best traditions of Marvel

Over the past 20 years, the film industry has taught us that works on superheroes must necessarily have a blockbuster polish and simply unthinkable concentration of "wow-moments" per square meter. And to the credit of Spider Man 2018, the game is in no way inferior in terms of cinematography to its brothers from the film industry. Moreover, we would venture to say that in terms of direction and spectacular moments, the game surpasses all the latest films in the Spider-Man universe.


But when in cinemas we pay for only 2 hours of special effects feast, Spider Man 2018 offers almost 20 hours of expensive blockbuster with familiar characters. By the way, if you expect to see familiar scenes from your favorite films in the game, then you will be disappointed. Insomniac's project is a stand-alone piece that offers a unique story different from the movies.

Variable combat system

Prior to the release of Spider Man on PS4, only the lazy did not compare the game with the Arkham series. First of all, they complained about the combat system, almost one-on-one reminiscent of a similar one from the last Batman games. And in many ways, the first impressions were correct, but Insomniac managed to enrich the combat system with a bunch of unique elements. The first difference from the Arkham series - the Spider does not know how to counterattack attacks, only to dodge, which, together with painfully hitting opponents, makes the player rush around the battlefield at reactive speed.


Additional variety is made by Spider-Man's wide arsenal of special tools, such as booby traps, web bombs or anti-gravity mines. And if this is not enough, you should always remember about the possibility of hitting the enemy nearby with an object lying around, bringing down scaffolding on him, lifting him into the air and swinging on the web to register a juicy blow directly into the carcass of a bandit or wrap him in cobwebs. And this is just a very superficial list of all the possibilities that the combat system offers.

Photorealistic New York

The item "beautiful graphics" is always implied when it comes to major PS4 exclusives. The games, funded directly from the Sony wallet, are designed to showcase the power of the Japanese console and attract as many gamers as possible to purchase the game. In this regard, the game Spider Man 2018 does not disappoint at all, giving the opportunity to take a virtual trip to perhaps the most realistic New York in games, or rather to the city center - Manhattan.


Having climbed onto another skyscraper, it's hard to resist the temptation and not snap a series of spectacular screenshots with the help of a photomod. We will not speculate on the trendy theme of downgrade, and whether the graphics in the game have been degraded compared to the first trailer, because the game looks great in its finished form. But truth be told, you shouldn't expect too much from the console. In general, the picture is amazing, but if you look closely at the details, of course, you can see how the developers have saved console resources on low-poly environment textures.

Positive protagonist

In recent years, there has been a general tendency in the gaming industry for widespread gloom, cruelty, the developers shout: "Look, we are creating games for adults!" This is especially noticeable against the background of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We have no complaints about adult content, but sometimes there is not enough humor, games that can be described by the word "funny". And here the new Spider Man will also come to the rescue. Spider-Man is distinguished by enviable optimism and as if Nathan Drake is always ready to amuse with a few ironic comments.

At the end of the article, we note that the game Marvels Spider Man is by no means perfect, it has objective flaws, it's just the case when a project about a Spider-Man theme can be recommended even to those people who disdain everything related to superheroes.

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Author: Jake Pinkman