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5 reasons to stay away from Spider Man 2018


We've covered enough of the main benefits of the new Spider Man for PS4, so to compensate for the flow of praise, let's take a look at the insomniac's drawbacks. The game has obvious problems, which for some players can be a good reason to avoid buying and just stay away from Spider Man 2018, at least until the first discounts.

The same type of additional tasks

You can, of course, rush like lightning through story missions, but every now and then the developers in plain text (and Spider-Man himself) hint that do not forget about the city and the people of New York, they also need the help of a superhero! And at this moment, when the player decides to diversify his leisure time by completing additional tasks, the main drawback of the game is revealed - all optional quests (with very rare exceptions) are performed in the worst traditions of Ubisoft.


Capturing towers (yes, they could not do without them either), catching pigeons, collecting dozens of backpacks scattered around the city and just an incalculable number of clashes with bandits. It is worth admitting that each mission is neatly inscribed in the context of the game, and fantastic flights on the web, along with a variable combat system, make you engage in the same type of tinsel in the open world with genuine interest in the first hours of Spider Man 2018. But after the 20th hour of the game, you can easily get tired of routine actions, but you will not be able to avoid additional activities, because they are given valuable tokens spent on pumping Spider's gadgets.

Primitive Boss Battles

In Marvels Spider Man, Insomniac's developers have proven themselves to be top-notch directors. In numerous staged episodes, the game, in terms of effectiveness, knocks out almost all films about the famous Friendly Neighbor without any problems. And what can we say about the motley company of bosses. Each one is set to match the best moments from Uncharted. But when it comes to the gameplay itself, then it turns out that Insomniac is still far from the best masters of the gaming industry.


Almost all bosses, despite their unique abilities, are defeated by one single tactic - to wrap a web, beat them with fists a couple of times and repeat until the cutscene and the pretentious speech of the defeated villain. Unless a fight with the final boss can add a little variety to this never-ending Groundhog Day.

Failed stealth mechanics

A combat system saturated with techniques is, of course, good, but the player still loves variety, so following the precepts of the Arkham series, the developers have added the ability to secretly eliminate opponents. But, unfortunately, all the stealth mechanics are made just at a disastrous level and do not even come close to the latest Batman games.


Elimination of enemies is always done according to one scenario: they noticed a lonely bandit, shook it in a cocoon, switched to the next one. The problem is that opponents are ridiculously stupid and blind, and the loss of a companion is paid attention only in very rare cases. Remembering the Arkham series, it becomes completely bad, because the rules of the game were constantly changing: the bandits mined gargoyles, searched secret passages and stood back-to-back, being left alone against Betman. Marvels Spider Man has nothing quite like it on PS4.


This is largely a subjective flaw, but it should be noted that in addition to battles, the game does not offer difficulties and is as friendly as possible to beginners. Marvels Spider Man supports the general trend of simplifying gameplay and offers a huge number of tips for lazy gamers. Even going through another puzzle like the Sudoku from Mass Effect Andromeda or a mission in research centers, it is almost impossible to go wrong. The game always hints in plain text for solving the simplest problems. However, another from the game about Spider-Man was hardly worth expecting.


General secondary

Marvels Spider Man is a neatly tailored fall blockbuster. It is dazzlingly beautiful, effective and loudly screams about the insane amount of money that has been invested in the new exclusive for PlayStation 4. Still, it is impossible to call the game a work of art, but rather just a quality product for a wide audience. And the problem is not even that the authors did not turn the project based on superheroes into a philosophical parable, the authors simply do not offer absolutely nothing new in their game.


Having borrowed the newfangled trends in the gaming industry and implemented a proven program at the highest level, Spider Man 2018 does not stand out against the background of large-scale games that are customarily brought into the cult of the best projects in the gaming industry. For example, in the recent God of War, the developers were able to stand out with camera work and filming the entire game in one shot. And, of course, it is worth noting the plot of the game, aimed at a teenage audience. The developers seem to be afraid to catch up with dramas, to make them empathize with the main character. Of course, the effective presentation and the abundance of fan services are enough to make the best Spider-Man game, but by no means a contender for the best game of the year.

Even after all the stated shortcomings, we still note that Marvels Spider Man is one of the best exclusives for the PlayStation 4, so we advise all owners of the Japanese console not to miss the game. Spider-Man will give a huge charge of positive emotions in any case.

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Author: Jake Pinkman