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Top 100 Best Foreign Action Films of the 90s: Part 1


We've sorted out the action movies of the 80s, it's time to move on to more “fresh” films, so to speak, speaking about the films released 20-30 years ago. We bring to the attention of the esteemed public a review of the top 100 best foreign films of the action genre of the 90s. Their naivety will decrease, but more blood and atmospheric scope will be added. The massacres will become bloodier, the stunts will become more realistic and spectacular, and the fights will become less and less like a showdown in a Bollywood action movie.

Since the action movies of the 90s are more in demand, we will pay attention to them a little more, and therefore we will divide our top not into three, as is the case with the films of the 80s, but into 4 parts, so that each of them is more informative. And we will start our first part with the undisputed leader of the ratingsof all times and peoples, the hit of Luc Besson ...

1. Leon (1994) France 8.68

The story of Leon's hitman (not to be confused with Leon Kennedy fromResident Evil), who brought up an orphan Matilda, whose whole family was killed by corrupt police.

Matilda learns that Leon is a hitman for hire and asks to teach her his craft, to which he categorically refuses. But he did not resist for long. Matilda, in response, undertakes to teach him how to be more sociable and human, because before that he looked more and more like a robot that would give odds to the T-800 itself.

But it is already clear that Leon himself is more human in his soul than he thinks of himself. Saving a child from murderers when you yourself are a worse murderer is not a manifestation of pity, conscience and sympathy?

And later this humanity will grow into something more. Sorry, not for long. But with meaning.

2. Maverick (1994) USA 8.09

The next action movie of the 90s will tell the story of the adventures of an inveterate gambler, and in combination - a card sharper, an adventurer, a swindler and just a swashbuckling guy Bret Maverick, who is serious about winning the main cash prize at a future poker tournament.

In order to take part in the upcoming "Championship of All Rivers", each participant needs to put an entry fee of $ 25,000 in the tournament safe, which at that time was just a fabulous amount. But Maverick had been preparing for this day for a long time and had already saved up his quarter. It remains to report a couple of thousand and you can go to the competition.

But lately he has been constantly strangled by some kind of fake bad guy. Moreover, faked by fate itself. Has his luck turned away from him?

No matter how it is. Maverick is optimistic no matter what. That is why the gallows, thieves on the way to happiness and USA princes who want to hunt for him are never a problem for our hero.

3. Armor of God 2: Operation Condor (1991) Hong Kong 7.96

This time, the "Asian hawk" will have to make a cult trip in the company of a couple of beautiful ladies to the very heart of the African Sahara desert, where a super prize awaits him - tons of bars of fascist gold.

The problem is that not only our adventurers are chasing these treasures of the Nazis. In their footsteps are constantly pursuers, who only need the Asiatic hawk to find the entrance to the secret cave. And then you can deal with it.

They just got in the wrong. Jackie Chan's heroes are always underestimated. But in vain.

4. The Boondock Saints (1999) US 7.95

In the next action movie of the 90s, we will talk about the avengers from God. At least they are certain that they are acting with holy intentions. The McManus brothers - Connor and Murphy with their friend David Rocco organized a kind of sacred trinity of destruction of unwanted villains in this world and send mafia and other slovens to the judgment of God before the deadline set by God himself.

It is unclear how the Lord Himself relates to the earlier arrival of all sorts of thugs at the judgment of God, but FBI agent Paul Smecker certainly does not approve of this. Until he enters the church, where the priest, at the instigation of one of the militants of the Holy Trinity, does not brainwash him so that he also goes over to their side.

This is slum justice in all its glory!

The film will also be of interest to fans of The Walking Dead, since the role of Murphy McManus's brother was played by himself, still relatively young, "Daryl Dixon" Norman Reedus.

5. The Godfather 3 (1990) US 7.94

The final part of the Godfather trilogy. Michael Corleone wants to move away from the dark business with might and main, but the past, overtaking him, now and then firmly bites into him below the tailbone.


Bloody ghouls from other clans do not let him breathe, after which he decides to return to the old method again and deal with the objectionable ones, so to speak, in the traditional style.

Well, you're tired of it, devils! I can't get enough of them!

6. The Rock (1996) US 7.94

An elite unit of former special forces under the command of an honored commander is stealing from secret military warehouses the nerve filling for cruise missiles. The one about which the authorities insist that it is not in service with the United States.


Having seized the former prison on the island of Alcatraz, near San Francisco, as well as its tourist visitors as hostages, they demand that the government solve all the problems of families whose fathers died during the secret operations of the Pentagon. Otherwise, they threaten to kill the hostages and launch neuro-paralytic missiles at the densely populated areas of the US west coast.

The problem is being resolved by a detachment of seals, which safely falls into a trap and is destroyed by terrorist warriors who have gone mad with righteous anger.

Only an old guide - a former spyMI6, and a botanical chemist remain, who will bear the burden of destroying terrorists, freeing hostages and preventing a chemical attack on peaceful cities.

7. Taxi (1998) France 7.89

The adventures of supertaxist Daniel, who flies around the city in a tuned Renault as if on a race track. It is clear that at one time he should have had problems with the police, not to mention the back seat, which many have already used more than once, both for small and large needs.


But the problems with the police have arisen not because this very police wants to put him behind bars, but because this very police wants his help.

What to do? We'll have to push the accelerator again, only now for the benefit of law enforcement agencies.

8. Sharpe's Enemy (1994) UK 7.89

They say that all the current projects, in which the heroes of Sean Bean die like flies under dichlorvos, are payback to the actor for his "immortality" in the role of the royal shooter Sharp. In the aforementioned franchise, Sean Bean's hero had a chance to participate in hostilities for 16 full-length films, but he was never mortally wounded.

Which is why Ned Stark got his head off in Game of Thrones. Right. So that it’s clear.


This historical action movie of the 90s is considered the best of the 16-episode series and is number four in the franchise. The tape tells about the participation of this very Sharpe and his unit in rescuing the wives of the French and British colonels from the tenacious clutches of a gang of deserters.

Saving the ladies is not as easy as we would like. Especially when you consider that at the head of the thugs is a reckless traitor, once a sergeant of the rifle unit, Obadaya Hakeswill, who, as it turned out, miraculously survived in the mess at Badajoz. This frostbitten is capable of anything.

9. The Fugitive (1993) US 7.88

A surgeon at one of the Chicago clinics, Richard Kimble, is not guilty of the death of his wife, or of the attempted murder of the guards who transported him to the prison with a death row. He is only guilty of not wanting to die when the court passed him an unjust death sentence.

Be that as it may, but Richard, by a lucky coincidence, was lucky. The inmates, with whom he was escorted to the correctional facility, attacked the police, as a result of which an accident occurred and the prison bus, having flown off the highway, crashed onto the railway tracks.

Richard got out on his own and saved all the survivors after the accident from an inevitable collision with the train, after which he ran away from the service of the marshals for a long time until he brought them to the murderers of his wife, doing the whole thing for the police.

Although, how could the police have done their job if they themselves were the culprit of this very "case"?

10. Sharpe's Saber (1995) UK 7.88

The eighth film in the franchise is about Sharpe's Royal Archer.


This time the action will take place on the French-Portuguese border. Sharpe will have to bring the insidious French Colonel Leroux out into the open, who at the last moment before his capture managed to disguise himself in the captain's uniform of his assistant.

Colonel Leroux was sent personally by Emperor Napoleon on a mission to track down an English secret agent, and Sharpe was sent personally by intelligence major Munroe to capture Colonel Leroux. The changing situation brought confusion to the course of events, but not for long. Sharpe's sagacity has no limits. Yes, and the nun, who can identify the colonel, has been found and is ready to testify, it is a pity that her memory has lost her memory of what she experienced.

But justice is not going anywhere. She simply has no choice but to triumph.

11. On the Verge (1997) US 7.88

It is not entirely clear why this thriller of the 90s needed to be passed off as an action movie. Apparently, the skirmishes of the main characters with the connecting rod bear that woke up too early in the mountains of Alaska were considered by someone to be open hostilities. We do not argue that this kind of "sparring" can be lethal for a person. But to call the picture an action movie because of them ...

An elderly billionaire goes with his young sweetheart to a photo session in the mountains of Alaska and not suspecting that the photographer with this sweetheart decided to get rid of him right in these very mountains.

But, alas, fate decreed otherwise. The helicopter leaped from heaven and, crashing down on one of the slopes of the snow-capped mountains, safely sent the mortal soul of the pilot to the next world. Whom will this fate send to another world next? A millionaire, his sweetheart or her photography boyfriend?

Or, nevertheless, a grizzly who woke up too early on his head?

12. Bloody Thursday (1998) US 7.87

Having decided to quit the trade, a former drug dealer named Casey moves to another city and starts life with a clean slate, as if he left under the witness protection program. But the rotten, pesky past seeped behind him and into his new nook.

Thursday at our former drug dealer did not work out in the morning. The first to come to him was a former accomplice, who asked to watch the case. Then a guy showed up at his hut behind a case, the contents of which Casey flushed down the toilet, which made the guy go berserk and had to be hung a little by his feet in the garage.

And so - all day long. While Casey thought he was perfectly disguised from the world, the world was fully aware of his whereabouts.

Moreover, some crazy imperfections tumbled into his dwelling, most of which he had never even heard of to this day. And each of which had to be dealt with in one way or another.

13. Sharp's Waterloo (1997) UK 7.84

The fourteenth film in the franchise about King Sharpe.


The name speaks for itself. Among other battles in which the brave Richard Sharpe had to participate, there was a place for the Battle of Waterloo. Already retired, he was again drafted into the ranks of a rifle regiment as the commander of this very regiment.

But he was lucky to be thundering under the command of the Dutch prince, whose martial art is not too much. Therefore, problems will have to wait not only from the hordes of Napoleon who rose from oblivion.

14. Sharpe's Company (1994) UK 7.83

And again, Richard Sharp. The third film in the series, in which the main character has already been entrusted to command the company. Although before that he was demoted to the captain, since there was no noble blood in him.


It will be about the siege of Badajoz in Spain, from where the news suddenly comes to him that his daughter was born. The layout is not very good. Plus, fate brings him back to Sergeant Obadaya Hakeswill, who will only be killed much later.

And not up to him now. Beloved Teresa and her eight-month-old daughter need to be saved.

15. Sharpe's Regiment (1996) UK 7.83

The ninth film in the franchise.


In this film, intrigues are woven around Sharpe and his South Essex Regiment that are difficult to even imagine. Sharpe is informed that they want to disband his regiment, allegedly due to understaffing. Sharpe is leaving for reinforcements as he cannot afford to disband his unit. But while he was driving, the regiment suddenly took over and disappeared.

Sharpe starts digging and digs into interesting information. It turns out that the higher military leaders started selling soldiers to third-party combat units for a lot of money. All that remains is to get evidence.

And at the same time squeeze the beloved from the competitor.

16. Battle of Sharpe (1995) UK 7.83

The seventh historical thriller about the adventures of the gallant campaigner Richard Sharp.


Despite the fact that this episode of the battle on the Iberian Peninsula is completely fictional, Sharpe and his gallant fighters showed themselves excellently in it, because it was for them that it was written.

In this film, Sharpe made himself a new vengeful enemy in the person of the French Brigadier General Wolf, who vowed to take revenge on him for hanging a couple of his fighters right in front of him while he was trying to smear them. Revenge will almost work.

The keyword is "almost."

17. Siege of Sharpe (1996) 7.82

The tenth film in the franchise, in which not only old enemies, but also new bosses and overly loving ladies will try to put the colonel on the ears.


No, Sharpe will not be besieged. It is Sharpe who will besiege. And it will besiege one of the castles of the province of Bordeaux, which Wellington set out to make at the instigation of the rising from the dead Major Ducos to make a springboard for the invasion of British troops in France.

Wellington shouldn't have fallen for it. Sharpe has to take the rap, as always.

And get married during the break.

18. Riding the Wave (1991) Japan, USA 7.82

The next action movie of the 90s featured "Neo" Keanu Reeves and "Ghost" Patrick Swayze. Keanu was good at first and Patrick was bad.

With the further development of the plot, it turned out that the bad is not so bad, but the good is about to become bad.

What an abnormal undercover agent does to a normal undercover agent.

19. Negotiator (1998) Germany, USA 7.82

Next in line is the militant of the 90s, which again deals with police corruption. Bend over to those who think that corrupt cops are only in Mother USA.

Danny Rouman is the best negotiator in his area. He is able to coax any abnormal hostage-taking to lay down their arms. But the moment came when he himself signed up as a terrorist. Now he has taken the cop and several outsiders hostage. And all in order to whitewash your name and bring out the real criminals who tried to frame him.

In his first demand, he states that he will negotiate only through the negotiator he himself will specify. It will not be easy for the specialist he has chosen.

And, by the way, the now-disgraced Kevin Spacey himself plays the specialist he chose, which means the film will be just what you need. This one was not filmed in anything. As, in principle, and Samuel L. Jackson, who fell to play Danny Rouman.

20. Enemy of the State (1998) US 7.81

Another action movie of the 90s, which touches on the topic of corruption. Only now in the ranks of high-ranking officials. Hang on to everyone who still thinks that there are only “outlaw” officials in Rashka.

Lawyer Robert Dean (Will Smith) becomes the owner of the sensational information that convicts Congressman Thomas Reynolds and NSA agents in the murder of an opponent, another Congressman who does not agree with the bill pushed by Reynolds.

But before Dean had time to decide what to do with this important and dangerous info, he was immediately harassed. In an instant, he was dropped in the media, thrown out of work and, as usual, almost killed. Moreover, more than once.

What will the character of Will Smith do? How will we get out of this dead-end situation, when any camera in the store or any random police officer can pose a real deadly threat.


We're done with the top twenty, but three more parts of our top of the best action films of the 90s are on the way. Believe me, all the best is just ahead! Therefore, follow our news, do not get sick and more cool movies and TV shows for you!

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