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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide - Helpful Tips for Beginner Pilots


While the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are slated for release later this year, the next generation Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is here and available on PC. Photorealistic graphics and the entire planet on a one-to-one scale with the ability to fly over the roofs of your own home - sounds like good reasons to devote a few hours to the new part of MFS, even for those gamers who have always avoided flight simulations. If you are also new to the genre, then we suggest you read the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 guide, in which we will look at the main game mechanics and offer some tips on the main game mechanics.

Complete Flight Training first

Despite the wave of popularity that swept the game, especially in comparison with the previous parts of the series, we should not forget that even after disabling most of the options, MFS remains quite hardcore entertainment, where even starting from the runway can scare off an unusually large number of actions required for raising the plane into the air. Trying to figure out all the intricacies of flying without professional training and a real pilot's license is a waste of time, so the first step is to pay attention to the "Flight Training", which will require you to complete the entire course no more than an hour.

Over the course of several lessons, the game will teach the basics of flying, from the start of the aircraft, and ending with piloting, as well as safe landing. In addition to the basic mechanics, during 8 lessons you can get information about the game functions not directly related to piloting. In particular, the training in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC should not be missed by players who decide to use a joystick or wheel as a controller.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide - Helpful Tips for Beginner Pilots

Use Help

If after completing the training you think that you can go on a journey to the other end of the world, then you are absolutely right, only the adventure can turn out to be unnecessarily difficult. Microsoft Flight Simulator is fully working out its status as a simulator, which is why an inaccurate roll of an airplane or a sudden thunderstorm can become fatal for the aircraft, which can definitely spoil your mood. To somewhat simplify the gameplay, you can always turn to the "Assistance" menu item, where a rich system of settings will allow you to adapt the game to any level of gamer's skills.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide - Helpful Tips for Beginner Pilots

For beginners in the genre, we recommend that you do not pore over the pinpoint modifications of the help, but choose the basic settings preset "All settings" (All assists). For more experienced gamers there are “Middle-ground” and “Realism” presets. If you want to selectively change a number of settings, then when controlling large-scale airliners, we recommend that you do not disable the function of delegating aircraft control to artificial intelligence ("Delegate ATC to AI"). Also, regardless of the selected preset and piloting skills, it will not be superfluous to disable Assisted yoke in Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC. Otherwise, you risk losing a solid share of the pleasure of the gameplay, when you yourself adjust the flight altitude by controlling the steering wheel.

The "Assisted landing" and "Assisted takeoff" settings, which regulate the operation of the landing gear and flaps of the aircraft, deserve special attention. If you plan on playing MFS 2020 as a laid-back way to unwind after a busy day, watching the passing clouds and sights of the world, then you might want to leave these options enabled. We also recommend that you do not skip the Notificatios submenu, which allows you to turn on the automatic appearance of contextual tips during gameplay, which will definitely not be superfluous at least in the first 30 hours of gameplay.

Choose your aircraft carefully

After completing the training and assistance settings, it's time to decide on the choice of the first aircraft. Depending on the version of MFS 2020, the player can have a choice of up to 30 aircraft models at the start, which are divided into three classes. At the same time, despite the general principles of control, even within the same class, aircraft differ in numerous parameters, therefore, when changing aircraft, be prepared for the need to retrain under the new control specifics. Provided, of course, that you decide to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC as a simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide - Helpful Tips for Beginner Pilots

Brief description of all aircraft classes:

  • Screw. They are compact enough, slow and easy enough to learn due to good handling. Ideal for beginners and those who plan to scrutinize the world sights or the streets of their hometown during a leisurely flight. Propeller-driven aircraft include models from the manufacturer Cessna, including the Cessna 152 used in Flight Training.
  • Turboprop. In terms of basic features, they do not differ much from propeller ones, except for two tangible advantages: increased speed and a doubled maximum gain bar. Suitable for mid-range flights.
  • Airliners and jets. They have the fastest speed and can climb three times the height of standard screw models. The most difficult to fly and suitable for long flights. Airliners with a full fuel tank are also a great option if you are looking for a non-stop intercontinental flight.

Learn the basics of planting

Let's continue the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 guide on the most difficult element of any flight - the moment of landing, which can easily turn into a disaster due to many factors, including an incorrect landing angle or too high an aircraft speed. The basis for landing can be taken from flight lessons, specifically - lesson 4, which will not be superfluous to go through several times.

Often, for a safe landing, it is enough to stick to a speed within 65 knots, slightly raise the nose of the aircraft, aim at a number located on the part of the runway closest to you, and stay in the middle of it when landing. You can learn more about the principles of safe landing from the visual tutorial on the YouTube channel of the user Aus Flight Simmer.

For the best screenshots use the active pause mode

Microsoft's Flight Simulator is the perfect game for relaxing and capturing stunning landscapes in thousands of screenshots. The only "but" - observing the surrounding beauties from the cockpit of an aircraft or a third-person camera, it is not always possible to snatch a really good shot. The best option is to turn on the active pause mode by pressing the "Pause" key on the keyboard. With an active pause, the player can move the camera according to his own inspection and even if this is not enough, you can always correct the weather conditions and time of day for a good shot in the menu located on the left side of the screen.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide - Helpful Tips for Beginner Pilots

Try your hand at Landing Challenges

Landing Challenges, they are also tests that test the skills of landing an aircraft - not only a difficult challenge, but also the ability to master control on various aircraft models. There are 24 challenges in total, divided into three categories: Famous, Epic, and Strong Wind. The last category accompanies flights with a stormy wind, so in MFS 2020 we propose to approach it only after gaining sufficient experience in other tests.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide - Helpful Tips for Beginner Pilots

The main goal of all tests is to land the aircraft as smoothly and accurately as possible, because of which you will have to calculate the duration of the landing gear until the aircraft stops completely, the accuracy of the landing and keep the vehicle in the center of the runway. The main feature of the tests is that in addition to various airports and weather conditions, the player is assigned a specific aircraft model for each test, thanks to which you can improve your pilot skills through trial and error and subsequently simplify the passage of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

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