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Films and TV series from 6 to 11 June


This week the distributor Twentieth Century Fox CIS, which owns the rights to rent the blockbuster "X-Men: Dark Phoenix", is preparing to rake the entire box office this week. But those who are already bored with the Marvel universes will also find something to see in theaters these days.

Let's look at the movie premiere schedule in more detail.

What to see in the cinema

New films on the big screens, in addition to "Phoenix", this week will be released another 8 pieces, not counting the cartoon for the little ones. There was also one USA film - the drama of the scriptwriter and director Alexandra Strelyana, familiar to us from, again, the dramas Sukhodol (2011) and The Sea (2012). There is also an Indian film on the list of films this week, and, oddly enough, on a sports theme, not on an action-song-melodramatic theme.

The list of films contains biolics, melodramas, dramas, fantasy and horror films, in general, the entire spectrum of genres has gathered in 10 films presented to us this week. So, roll up our sleeves and figure out what you can pick up from this "heap-small".

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (USA)

Let's start, of course, with the most anticipated hit of this week - the X-Men: Dark Phoenix feature film. As we said inprevious article, this will be a story about young old X-men.

That time, we did not decipher this pun, because after watching the trailer, its meaning became clear to everyone. The film is all about the same set of mutants led by Professor X and Magneto. Only here their roles are played (as in "First grade" and "Days of Future Past") by a set of young actors.

The action itself will unfold in the 90s of the last century. Escaped from the Game of Thrones universe and infiltrated into the X-Men universe by Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner, assuming the guise of another mutant with destructive superpowers, cannot control her nerves.

And her nerves, she-ho, how are naughty. And in moments of these peculiar nervous breakdowns, she can do such a thing that there will be no one else to tell stories about it, or to describe it with a pen, since there will no longer be storytellers, no writers, no listeners, no readers on the mortal mother Earth.

Apparently, the mutants will have to unite once again to curb the paranoid Sansu-Phoenix. Like, somehow agree with her that, they say, quietly, the doctors will help, all the rules. Or, at worst, finish her to hell. Otherwise, the end of human civilization is not far off.

More precisely, behind one of the following seizures of Sansa Phoenix.

Abode of Fear (USA) CP 5.1

The next in line is last year's horror film, which in the pirate voice acting on pirate online viewing sites has already been watched by all and sundry.


In order to make it more interesting, the creators decided to combine mysticism with the wild west to get a kind of horror western. And they, in principle, succeeded in this. Only the plotter disappointed. And it was filmed as something average.

Instead of starting to want pickled cucumbers, gnawing on chalk and craving other non-standard food after the flight, one of the heroines of the film began to see a demonic creature living in the forest. Nobody believes her, of course. Until, finally, shreds go through the back streets and it's too late.

Watching for free on torrents.

We have always lived in a castle (USA) IMDb 5.9

Another Hollywood creation from last year. This time a detective thriller with a dramatic twist.


The surrounding people reasonably believe that the sisters living in the mansion outside the walls are witches. And if not witches, then certainly not of this world. Growing up and living almost non-stop in an estate with a castle, they grew up a little with a shift. And now, after the death of their parents, it will be very difficult for them to assimilate with others.

And then there was also a cousin. And not at all because of the suddenly awakened kindred feelings ...

Rocketman (England)

The peculiar and unpredictable Elton John did not disappoint here either. Instead of filming a normal biolic in his life, as normal people do, he decided to play a fantasy musical about it.

The singer and composer allegedly hints to us that his whole life was a fairy tale. Well, let's see what he came up with about himself. Even Tom Hardy auditioned for his role, but nevertheless decided to leave the project. Elton himself all the time hinted that Justin Timberlake was a more suitable candidate. But it was not possible to lure this into this project. Apparently, he thought that a star should not play a star, especially if he himself is a star, and not a bit (according to Justin himself) not dimmer.

It remains only to hope that the thing turned out to be worthwhile and that while watching everyone can feel that he is "in a fairy tale". Moreover, in Eltonjonovskaya!

Domino (Italy, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium)

The Game of Thrones project has awakened many actors from hibernation. The irresistible (in the opinion of the lion's share of the fairer sex) Nikolai Koster-Waldau was especially "accelerated" in this sense.

In the new film by Brian De Palma, he will play an officer of the Copenhagen City Police Department, who will do his best to find the freak responsible for the death of his partner.

As it happens according to the laws of the genre, he will look for the whole film in the wrong direction, and only in the end it will become clear who framed Roger Rabbit. And he obviously won't like the answer.

Vita and Virginia (England, Ireland) IMDb 5.2

We know that the fashion for romance novels between people of non-standard sexual orientation "entered" Hollywood to sit down there firmly. But in the countries of the old world this topic is not shunned. That's right, why lag behind everything progressive and trendy? You need to match! Here are the English and match.


The fruit of their painstaking work was a biographical description of the Leisby romance between two divas of high society during the first half of the 20th century - the socialite Vita Sackville-Wes and Virginia Woolf, who was considered the "queen of literature" at that time. For those who are interested in this topic, welcome to the cashier.

In our opinion, it is worth going to cinemas to see something exciting, spectacular and colorful, in a word, what is really worth seeing. It is possible to observe two lesbians and how they came to this for almost two whole hours at home. And judging by the IMDb rating, the majority of the foreign audience agrees with us.

Child of Darkness (Canada) CP 5.1

The premiere of this picture in our country was postponed to a later date and was expected back in mid-May. We have already spoken about it and will not repeat ourselves. Who wants to read the synopsis and our short review of the film, you can gohere. Watch the trailer right here, as usual, by clicking on the title of the movie.

Port (USA)

We got to the USA masterpiece. And he tells about the hard life of the port inhabitants, and, in particular, the girl Kira and the young man Andrei, whom fate brought together in the gym of the protagonist's father.

While recovering from injuries sustained as a result of the accident, Kira works out on a special simulator. Boxer Andrey also undergoes training here. Everyone, as it turned out, has his own main battle in life. How its ending will turn out, we learn from the tape itself. We just hope that the most interesting things in the trailer have not been shown to us.

By the way, the insertion of naked titties into the trailer, although it attracts the audience, is considered a sign of bad taste even in the West. In our country, as we all see, we wanted to spit from a high hill.

22 yards IMDb 7.6

This time we are not going to see an action movie or a comedy, but a sports drama, in which the main character is a manager for finding and promoting young talented guys in the now national Indian game of cricket.


In the West, the new and slightly non-standard masterpiece of Indian filmmakers was highly appreciated. We think that in our country, where Indian cinema has been valued since Soviet times, the ratings will be no less. The film will tell about the love of this very manager and an aspiring young writer, who must prove to everyone and to themselves - in particular, that they really are something.

And then you can get married.

Paw Patrol and Flash & Mysterious Cars (Canada)

For some time now, a series of cartoons about the Paw Patrol, which the distributor "Pioneer" has the right to show on the territory of our country, makes a very tangible competition to our "Cartoon in Cinema" from the TV channel "USA".


And then the "Miracle Cars" were added. Well, where can our "be-be-bears" keep up with them?

What to watch online or on TV

Homebody this week will also have something new to see. In particular, fans were eagerly awaiting the continuation of the crime thriller about the adventures of the super mafiosi of all times and peoples of Teresa Mendoza. Let's start with it, because it is in the first place in terms of time in the chart.

Queen of the South (USA, Malta, Mexico, Spain) CP 6.9

Thursday June 6, USA Network

Few people know, but the main heroine of the novel, written by Arturo Perez-Riverte, based on which this series of the same name is filmed, has a real prototype.This is Sandra Avila Beltran, arrested in 2007 and released in 2015 after more than 7 summer imprisonment and still living in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

Once, namely - in 2011, a series has already been filmed based on this novel, but the remake turned out to be many times better, more serious and interesting. There is no point in retelling what happened in the previous 3 seasons. But it is already clear that everything is moving towards an inexorable end. Everyone remembers that season 1 begins with a picture where the main character was shot by a sniper.

Most likely, this season we will find out who ordered our brave Teresa so successfully ...

3% (Brazil) CP 6.8

June 7, Friday, Netflix

After a while, there will be no capitalist system, neither socialist nor communist on Earth. In general, there will be no order. But the rich and the poor will still remain.


And those who should live their lives in poverty, and who are in abundance, distributes a kind of selection exam called "Process". Only three percent of all people over the age of 20 will live on the mysterious coastal paradise. The rest will be forced to vegetate in the common dump of those who remain on the other side of paradise.

But in paradise, as it turned out, everything is not so smooth. The system is rotten. And then the rebels get bored. We will soon find out how the fate of the strange idiotic future will be resolved. After all, all 8 episodes of the new season will be released in one day.

Big Little Lies (USA) KP 8.2

June 9, Sunday, HBO

Perhaps this is one of the most exciting and interesting TV series of recent times. And the stardom of the cast of the project is simply mesmerizing. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep and others, and they are all collected in one project. It’s beyond our grasp.

They all play such rotten and deceitful bitches that it is simply not clear how the Earth wears them at all. And while not all of them were originally, they will eventually all become so. Life and circumstances will force you.

And yet, who killed the poor kid? Looking forward to your response in Season 2.

Good Witch (USA) CP 6.6

June 9, Sunday, Hallmark channel

The adventures around the good fairy, which began with the purchase of a decrepit mansion in the 2008 full-length feature film of the same name, have been going on for season 5.


And what would the poor family, like the rest of the people around, do without her witchcraft "skills"? Probably, the whole life around would be covered with a copper basin.

The series is overly naive, corny, predictable and reminiscent of the endless Mary Poppins. Just for the housewives who have earned money at the stove, who should keep their mood at the level.

Claws (USA) CP 6.6

June 9, Sunday, TNT

What would happen if all nail salon workers wanted to become criminals at once?


Firstly, ladies with nails would have bigger problems. It's no joke, even for correction there is nowhere and no one to go to. Secondly, real mafiosi would sound the alarm. No joke, they were thrown out of the manicurist business!

Although, as shown in the series, renewed for 3 seasons, one does not always interfere with the other.

Pose (USA) KP 7.9

Tuesday June 11 FX

The LGBT theme has also migrated to the TV industry. It is not new anymore, and over time it even got a little shriveled. But if you do something with the greatest diligence and soul, and also do not spare money on your offspring, then this "something" will simply have to shine again, like brand new.

This is exactly how, with high quality and on a grand scale, this series was made, which will appeal to even those who do not digest the topic of LGBT. It is very interesting to watch the attempts of transsexuals seeking recognition.

Somehow the series slightly looks like "Two". Probably because it is soaked through and through with the spirit of the 80s. Well, good quality, of course.


That's all for today. Those who have not had time to watch the previous blockbusters, in cinemas you can still find Godzila, Aladdin, and even, in some places, John Wick. And we're already getting ready to check out next week's blockbuster, Men in Black: International. Judging by the trailer, the movie came out pretty good. But ... Trailers for all the films are good now, but as soon as you go to the cinema, it's one complete disappointment.

Let's hope it doesn't hit us this time.

We say goodbye to you until the next movie premiere schedule. Wish you all the best and more cool movies and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman