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The best TV series of November: Premieres


Traditionally, November has been a quiet month on the serial front. But in our time, when all new video services are beginning to grow on the Internet, like mushrooms after a rain in July, and this stagnant month has something to boast to the audience. Moreover, the bulk of the premiere of the best TV series in November falls on the very first day of the month. And the lion's share of the credit for this belongs to the competitor of the streaming service Netflix and the like - Apple TV +, which will start operating on November 1 this year.

Let's discuss our November premieres of TV series in the order of their release.

See / Sight

Apple TV + 1 November Friday

On November 1, the Apple TV + video service, on the day of its launch, will throw out a whole host of high-quality professional video products for users. And the first place in the rating of expectations in this "heap-male", of course, is occupied by a new multi-part tape featuring the famous Aquaman, Khal Drogo from "Game of Thrones" and Ronon Dex from "Stargate Atlantis" - Jason Momoa.

The series will tell about how difficult it is for people to survive in the distant future, in which, after a strange apocalyptic epidemic, all of humanity has ceased to see. No, not because, having agreed, everyone simultaneously closed their eyes and did not open them again. Some unknown rubbish simply took and blinded everyone.

Many tens of years have passed since that moment. Humanity is accustomed to "living by touch" and, which is typical, devil's blindness has not saved the human race from craving for strife, enmity and worship of various kinds of religious cults. So they divide one thing or the other, fighting tribe against tribe for nothing.

And then a miracle happened: in one of the "kingdoms" sighted children were born. This means that soon this tribe will gain such strength and power that no one has dreamed of since the time of the all-blinding plague.

So, until the kids grow up and begin to figure out what's what, they urgently need to either get their hands on them, or kill them so that others will not get it!


Apple TV + 1 November Friday

The next feed on our list of the best TV shows in November will be dedicated to the world famous poet Emily Dickinson, recognized as such only after her death.

It is known that in her entire life she published only a few of her poems. It later turned out that her creative life was much more fruitful than everyone thought. But the show will not only be about Emily herself.

Her life "adventures" will unfold against the background of the social atmosphere that developed in the second half of the XX century. And most of all, showrunners decided to address the problem of gender inequality. Although there are plenty of other "inside out" twists, too.

Who likes to get angry and indignant while watching, you will definitely come in!

We are the wave

Netflix Friday November 1

It all started with a newcomer to the class. After that, some outsiders from this class got a chance for a "new life". The life in which there is no fear, no depression and groveling.

The newcomer, whose name is Tristan, is an odious person. He easily inspires hope in people, and in order to organize a crowd to follow him and he does not need to strain. It runs in his blood. And the crowd went. And its ranks are wider and wider. And now there is no force that can stop her.

Or is there anyway?

A tale about juvenile morons who did not really recognize and did not know life, but have already decided to change it according to their stupid principles. And, as usual, starting small, the "We are the Wave" movement has grown in a matter of moments, filling the streets with crazy idiots.

I wonder when it will come to them that the anarchy that they have stirred up on the streets of their hometown will not lead to anything good? And will it even reach them?

Ghost Messages

Apple TV + Friday November 1

The series, which is a continuation of the comedy horror film, which was released back in July this year. The audience liked not so much the "terrible" component as the humor of an hour and a half feature film. And the showrunners immediately decided to continue it.

So, in the continuation of the list of the best TV series of November, another story about the old diary of an unknown author, reading which you not only begin to learn from other people's mistakes, but also directly imbued with the essence of what once happened, due to which something from the other world penetrates into ours and …

In general, nothing good is expected in the end.

For All Humanity

Apple TV + Friday November 1

It has become very popular now to create and shoot alternative historical versions in the spirit of Philip K. Dick's "The Man in the High Castle". And this time, our review of the best TV series of November included a story in which the first to land on the moon were not the Americans, but the USAs.

Here is such a squiggle. It turns out, as the authors argue, that it is useful for Americans to lose in order to achieve more in the end. This story shows what an impetus to the development of space research was given by the loss of the Americans in the "race for the moon".

Well, the trailer is intriguing. We look forward to the full version.

Morning show

Apple TV + Friday November 1

Continuing our review of the best TV series of November, a drama tape featuring such Hollywood stars as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. By the way, the series is very attractive not because of what, in fact, it will talk about, but the fabulous fees that these three Hollywood stars received for their participation in the project.

The series (at least the 1st season) consists of 10 episodes. And for each episode, each of the stars we have listed will receive more than $ 1 million. Such is our fabulously rich and generous Apple today.

It will be interesting to see if this waste of them will pay off or not?

The series itself tells about a trinity of TV news specialists, and, first of all, about Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), whom, after 15 years of work on the Morning Show, the authorities decided to fire him in the wake of the #MeToo movement. He was accused of sexual harassment and kicked out of his job.

And in general, the entire leadership of the channel got into motion on this matter. Meanwhile, Mitch's poor partner, Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), simply does not know how to behave in the frame without her usual partner and what, in fact, to tell viewers about his dismissal.

The series is intended to raise the pitfalls of the #MeToo movement and look behind the scenes. After all, as Kevin Spacey was not imposed in newspapers, magazines and on television, and in court his guilt was never proven.

Therefore, maybe you shouldn't listen to every mongrel that barks, hoping to grab the leg and grab a tidbit from it?

Dark beginnings

HBO Sunday 3rd November

The HBO channel also premiered in November. The Americans once again decided to film the works of Philip Pullman, and this time they set their sights on the adaptation of a three-volume film based on the Dark Principles universe.

It is promised that this time deviations from the book version will be minimal. It is well known that the Dark Principles cycle includes:

  • the story "Once Upon a Time in the North";
  • story "Collectors" ";
  • The Northern Lights, a 2007 feature film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, which won an Oscar for Best Special Effects;
  • The Miracle Knife novel;
  • Amber Telescope novel;
  • The Oxford Lear's story.

It is very interesting whether the "adapters" will squeeze the entire trilogy into two announced and pre-approved seasons of 8 episodes, or will it be a screen version of only the first volume? Or, only the second and third?

Wait and see.

In this version of Earth, magic rules the world. And whoever is more skilled in it here calls the tune. Each person here has his own "guardian angel" - a daemon, and in the first book the main character Lyra with her "angel" is brought to the northern lands, where she went to rescue her friend.

The synopsis provided to our attention is more suitable for the second volume, where Lyra managed to find herself in a parallel - our (supposedly) world, where magic exists only in fairy tales. Here she meets the local boy Will, after which they both are safely brought into the mysterious and secret city of the missing children Chittaggaz, where they will experience a host of dangerous adventures.

The third book is about the adventures of grown-up Will and Lyra. Now their daemons are not protected by magical powers, and they will have to sweat a lot so that the Ghosts do not devour them. But the main adventures await them not here, but in the world of higher powers, where not only evil creatures live, but also such allies as the dragonfly riders Gallivespines and the wheeled people - mulefa.

Although, let's not spoil and get ahead of ourselves. After all, this is a completely different story, and we have not yet seen the previous ones.

The Mandalorian

Disney + Tuesday 12 November

But most of all, of course, streaming services such as YouTube, Periscope, Netflix, Apple TV +, etc. should be wary of competition from the opening Disney + video streaming service, which on the 12th, on its opening day, will dump on their heads its viewers not only everything that was previously filmed by the facilities of the Walt Disney Company, but also that which will now be filmed separately for the service.

And the first seagull to fly out of the nest will be the long-awaited Project Mandalorian, designed to further expand the already bloated Star Wars universe.

Speech in the series will focus on the Mandalorian, the bounty hunter, the warrior, whose race was exterminated long ago. The action in the feed will unfold in the interval between the events of the 6th and 7th parts of the main franchise and especially with the main branch of events will not be "contacted".

According to the costume, some may assume that it will be about Bobb Fat, the bounty hunter from the main saga. But the showrunners of the project refute this assumption. According to them, Boba Fett was not a Mandalorian. He just dressed up in their original costume, which he found or bought somewhere in the backyard of a distant, distant galaxy.

The main plot is not revealed. As well as the person behind the mask. So, all that remains is to wait and, in fact, to watch! Which we will gladly do.


That's all for now. Yes, there weren't a lot of new TV series in November. But many of the projects that started at the end of autumn will give odds to any new products from previous months. So, we look forward to them.

Next on the list is December, and with it the New Year's mood. So, we charge ourselves with the positive in advance, but for now - all the best to you and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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