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Top 30 Best Action Films of 2019: Part 3


We continue our walk through last year's action movies. Not to say that the genre of action is the most popular in our time, but it also has its own stable and quite extensive audience of admirers, which the current filmmakers are trying to indulge in everything. Another thing is that it does not always turn out the way we would like. Unfortunately, there are not as many high-quality fighters of 2019 as we would like. But the top 30 of the best is definitely worth your attention.

Let's start from where we left off in the last part. The ranking of films in the top was based on the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the title. Rating may change over time.

21. Kingdom (Japan) 6.30

South Korean filmmakers are famous for their ridiculous and awkward scripts. The historical thriller of 2019 "Kingdom" in this sense is no exception. The plot lines of the heroes of the film are permeated with alogisms to such an extent that, at times, you wonder how these heroes could even become who they are and live to the age of majority, not to mention the ambitions associated with the throne and the generals.

In the courtyard of the 3rd century BC. e. Two boys - Piao and Xin - are slaves in the service of the local master. They grow up together, practice martial arts, cherishing the hope of one day breaking free from slave oppression and becoming real generals.

Once a rich man comes to the village and buys Piao into his possession. Xin remains alone, but does not give up training. After a while, a bloody and wounded Piao crawls into his shack. He hands over a Blue Note with a map and a place to go and dies.

Xin dumps out of the village and stays in place. This is another shack in which, as it turned out, the emperor hides, to whom Piao looked like two drops of water. Xin learns from him that Piao was ransomed in order to serve his emperor in the future as a double. Now Xin, according to his friend's behest, must serve the currently deposed emperor, although his hands itch to soak everyone who was involved in Piao's death.

Next comes a series of skirmishes and ridiculous battles that have nothing to do with real military art. But everything looks quite photogenic, for which admirers of historical action movies presented this masterpiece with their voices.

22. Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (USA) 6.26

Next on our list of the best action movies of 2019 is a spin-off from the famous Fast and Furious franchise. The heroes of the film came to the picture from the previous "Fast and the Furious", in which they were registered, most likely, forever. The hero of the Rock Dwayne Johnson - special agent Luke Hobbs is one of the main characters in the franchise from the 5th part, the hero of Jason Stateham - Deckard Show - from the 7th. Deckard's mother, Magdalene Shaw, also migrated to the project. But Hattie's sister was discovered by State's hero in the spin-off. Such an interesting family tree.

In the center of the plot of the action movie is fiddling with the new biological weapon "Snowflake" (translated into USA - "Snowflake"), which our dubbing authors, for some reason, decided to call it "The Old Man", apparently by analogy with the sensational one in England "Newbie". They found it funny. We are stupid and worthless. But now we are not talking about that.

A conversation about the fact that "Snezhinka" was trying to steal MI6 and, in particular, the cool agent Hattie Shaw, who as a result had to inject the virus into herself, since some of the "thieves" were attacked by others, more tough with a stronger adversary - Brixton Lor (Idris Elba).

Brixton Lore is a resurrected special forces soldier, cyborgized and modified by "Aetheon" to the degree of an invincible super-soldier. He will chase these two and Shaw's sister throughout the film until he is predictably nailed down completely.

Why it was necessary to introduce some fantastic bells and whistles into the Fast and the Furious universe is not entirely clear. It looks not only ridiculous, but also just idiotically naive. In general, it was immediately clear that the action movie would be in the style of “Chukh-bakh-ours won!”, But Skala, whose arm extended from the window of a car does not break from hitting a wall at high speed ... It's not even fantastic. This is insanity. Although, maybe in this universe the laws of physics have been changed for the hero of the Rock personally. But then, why didn't he break Brixton from the very beginning with one blow in two?

In general, the film is very for the amateur. It didn't work for us, but they laughed at the nonsense wonderfully.

23. Outpost (USA) 6.23

Some science fiction fans equate the next masterpiece on our list of the best action films of 2019 with almost Spielberg's creations. Everything we think of him is outlined in ourspecial material, so let's just play a short original synopsis.

200 thousand years ago, two aliens arrived on our planet in order to prepare it for the total settlement of their compatriots. At that time, according to the author of this fantastic action movie, the Earth was inhabited by a race of humanoids, not like us in mental and other development. Therefore, it was decided to withdraw them with the help of humanity.

Yes. Nobody misheard. Aliens created (in what ways - inscrutable) humanity, which with the help of their numbers, stupidity and other outstanding characteristics that fit in one capacious phrase: "Be fruitful and kill", squeezed the past smartest and most powerful race from their own planet.

After 200 thousand years, a space transport with millions of sleeping aliens arrives at our planet. Now is the time for two "sent" to cleanse the planet from humanity itself. From their ship, they irradiate the earth with some kind of tricky impulse, after which humanity survives only in the place on which at the moment of this very impulse the shadow from the Moon fell (the ship with a pulsed emitter, as you all understand, was behind it). p>

Now the people remaining in the circle must defend their planet with weapons in their hands, fighting with people who came from the "quarantine zone", now more like zombies.

Why the people who were at the moment of the impulse from the other side of the planet did not survive as well is a mystery. Like so much else in this movie. Looks good, but not without a skeptical grin.

24. Angel Fall (US) 6.20

The next film, released in 2019 and honored to be the 24th best action movie of the past year, will once again show how easy it is to organize an assassination attempt on the president in North America. And although in the cradle of world democracy, freedom and equality, which the United States considers itself to be, a priori there can be no conspiracies of this scale and impudence, in Hollywood action films they occur quite regularly, which cannot be alarming.

Although, sorry, we forgot. This is not our universe again!

The current head of the Secret Service is retiring, and Michael Banning is tipped in his place, suspiciously similar to the king of the Spartans and a respectable citizen (aka Gamer) Gerard Butler. And before the hero of Butler has time to agree to the position, he is immediately framed and accused of organizing and attempting to assassinate President Trumbull.

Why in the surname of the current President Trump the final letter "P" was replaced with the word "Bull" (bull), we were not explained. But with the translation it looks and sounds just wonderful: “Meet! President of the United States of America - Trumbyk! "

But Banning-Gamer-Butler is not easy to ask. He intends to run away and deal with those who put him, while clearing his name of filth and, in cooperation with the Pope, punish all bad Free Democrats in favor of good Free Democrats.

I didn't have to run away for a long time and look for villains. Everything, as they say, is close at hand and everything is completely democratic and free people! We want to "democratize", but we want to "free ourselves", at the same time overthrowing the legally elected presidents.

True, it comes out clumsily, contradictory and amateurishly ill-considered, but this is the whole Hollywood. Exactly they only publish online reports from the scene. And even then not always.

25. Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise (US) 6.19

The next best action film of 2019 is the final episode 9 of the saga about the adventures and life of the Skywalker Jedi. The film turned out to be the most unfortunate of all, completely falling short of the hopes and expectations of fans. Yes, everything went to the point that this story had to end at some point, but that it ended so cliched and stereotypically predictable as here ...

We will not judge anyone and analyze all the absurdities of the plot of this fantastic action movie of 2019. This has already been done without us by all and sundry. We will restrict ourselves only to its original description.

A year after the events covered in the previous episode, the stagnation is interrupted by a glimpse of movement. Kylo Ren finds his way to the ancient Sith hideout and, arriving there, stumbles upon an old and feeble, but - alive Palpatine, who offers him to finish off Rey. Allegedly, this is the only way to end the Jedi and the resistance forever, so that after, of course, create a New Empire.

On the other hand, Rei and the company are also busy. She, too, is looking for a way to the Sith hideout, hoping that there she can discover the whole truth about her past. Having got their hands on an ancient dagger with inscriptions in the Sith dialect, they try to decipher it, hoping that the information will lead them to the lair of the Sith.

It turns out that the only one who can translate the inscription is C-3PO, but he has a blockage in his brain. We'll have to look for this generation's robotic brain cracker. And then Kylo tracked down his opponents with the help of force and hurried to compete with Rei's skill.

In general, those who do not pay attention to the illogicality of what is happening and to the contradictory and ridiculous actions of the main characters, the film will go. Special effects here are heaped up spectacular to the eyeballs. And, in general, if you have mastered all the eight previous parts, you shouldn't refuse to watch the ninth.

Everything is like those Pringles chips: "Having tried it once, I eat it now!" Having endured past episodes, you can endure this one.

26. Fifteen minutes of war (France, Belgium) 6.18

The next film of our top best action movies of 2019 is the creation of the Netflix streaming service and was filmed based on real events when, on February 3, 1976, in the suburbs of Djibouti (eastern part of the African continent, the western coast of the Gulf of Aden), terrorists hijacked a bus with thirty children from 6 to 12 years old.

The hostage rescue operationwas carried out by a battle group under the command of Captain Christian Pruto. All members of the group were experienced snipers, since it was unrealistic to free the children with the help of ordinary special forces. The bus stood in an open area, and the children were constantly under the supervision of six terrorists.

Plus, the Somalis would probably open fire on the specialists who decided to free the hostages. The bus stopped a few hundred meters before reaching the border with Somalia. So there was only one way out. In order to do without casualties among children, the terrorists had to be removed with a single salvo from sniper rifles, destroying everyone in an instant. Otherwise, a survivor with a submachine gun in his hands could have turned the bus with children into a bloody mess.

But, as usual, the children are constantly staring at the windows, then some of the militants are out of sight. And the heat and hunger are not an aunt or an uncle. Will the specialists manage to avoid casualties and carry out the operation to free the hostages in principle?

We are all aware that in most casesNetflixmoves its films not only through interesting scripts, but also through specially invited stars for the main roles Hollywood. In this case, such a star was Olga Kurylenko, our once compatriot, familiar to us from such films as "Quantum of Solace", "Oblivion", "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote", etc. For her, a script was specially written in which she acted as a selfless teacher. It will be interesting.

27. Rambo: Last Blood (USA, Spain, Bulgaria) 6.16

Judging by the next action movie of 2019, the well-known and world-famous Vietnam War veteran, green beret, John Rambo, nevertheless, had his own home, that is, the place to which he could return after participating in the well-known combat actions. But he returned to it, for some reason, only after thirty-odd years, preferring to be in depression all this time, to travel around the country and the world (before the 4th part he lived in Bangkok at all), alternating jail time with the performance of the country's combat missions , who spit on him for a long time.

Be that as it may, in 2008, our hero returned to his father's nest, got a kind of family and lived happily ever after until his grown-up adopted daughter flooded to Mexico in order to meet his blood daddy, who left her a long time ago.

But, not only that, daddy sent her frankly in three letters, so she also managed to fall into the clutches of local traffickers, who, catching girls, forced them to plow for food and drugs. Now dad-Rambo will have to help out his disobedient daughter, and when it turns out that the daughter, nevertheless, died of an overdose and violence, take revenge on the villains by cutting and interrupting them all clean.

Everything will be spectacular, bloody, but naive and unconvincing. By all appearances, it's time for Grandfather Slay to retire. He can no longer think of anything new, and he did not come out as a form for "quick" scenarios.

28. Terminator: Dark Fate (USA, China) 6.10

It is not entirely clear how the "dark fates" of today's heroes differ from the "dark fates" of the heroes of the same second part. But James Cameron decided that the differences were so striking that they could be used to cook up a whole blockbuster, which, as he put it, “will start a new franchise.”

Judging by the fantastic action movie released in 2019, filmed according to its original script, there is nothing special to continue here. It doesn't smell like something original here. And the dumb and cliche script, like the film itself, was drawn by the old woman Linda Hamilton and the old man Arnie Schwarzenegger. Without them, no one would even watch this dull action, stuffed with idiotic computer bells and whistles. The third part, called "Rise of the Machines", in our opinion, was not much, but better.

At a time when people were waiting with might and main for the appearance on the screen of the advanced and skilled John Connor, we slipped his brave mother, falling apart from old age, with "aged skin, but not filling" by the T-800 robot, and a couple of strange new characters who the main version of the film has nothing to do with it at all.

John Connor was buried long ago. So, there was resistance in the version of the universe in which everything was imprisoned under his command. Amen.

29. Ali, the steering wheels! (USA) 6.09

Dave Batista himself starred in this 2019 action movie, first of all familiar to us from theMarvelGuardians of the Galaxy franchise, where he played the role of the extraterrestrial "rocking" Drax.

To play it fell to the police officer Vic Manning, who six months ago lost his partner during the arrest of the dangerous criminal Oka Teggio, suspiciously similar to the main character of the "Raid" dilogy officer Ram, aka Iko Weiss.

The pugnacious and agile Teggio-Weiss inflicted heavy physical damage on his teammates and dumped in an unknown direction. But now, six months later, at the peak of vision problems, the hero of Dave Batista was once again lucky enough to hit the trail of the bandyugan. The only problem is that he was, as it were, removed from the case, and because of problems with his eyes, he seemed to see nothing. He jumps into the car and, as it were, tries to drive, but, as it were, falls into a hole at the site of road works.

There is only one solution to the problem - call either Yandex-taxi or Uber. Officer Vic Manning stops at the second (and really, where does the first come from in America, although the second is in bulk in our country) and continues to fulfill the task set before him.

But the Uber driver got caught with some unfinished one. Not only does he look like an Arab-Arab, but also a squishy, whiner and trembles over the stars in the application. However, you will have to re-educate him a little. And at the same time try, after all, to catch the villain suspiciously similar to Iko Weiss.

30. Snow blower (UK, Norway, Canada, USA, France, Germany) 6.07

The final of our thirty best films of 2019 in the action genre "Snowblower" was filmed based on the Norwegian film "Stupid Business is Simple." The Swede Stellan Skarsgard, who has long been registered in Hollywood, starred in it, and he played his role very well, in light of which it is not entirely clear why it was necessary to reshoot the "North American adaptation", almost like two drops of water similar to the original source.

In the center of the plot - a respectable resident of the snow-covered town Nils Coxman. He behaves so honestly that he receives a reward for his “integrity” at a general meeting of the townspeople. But this his decency as a broom boldly after some dishonest locals send his not quite respectable son to the next world.

At one point, Niels wanted to knock his good brains out of his skull. But the dishonest friend of his deceased dishonest son intervened in the matter, revealing to him the name of an even more dishonorable man responsible for the death of his son.

And since that time, the local river has been filled with the corpses of dishonest people, from which the now dishonest Nils Coxman purposefully and tastefully cleans the area.


This concludes our thirty best action films of 2019. Who did not have enough, here are ten of the strongest for you, right behind the ratings. This:

  • 31 Call of the Wolf (France) 6.06 - about the "eared" submariner-acoustics, who not only hears everything well, but, as a result, knows a lot.
  • 32 Phantom Six / Six Outlawed (USA) 6.05 - about a bunch of moneybags who, pretending to be dead, turned into a gang of superheroes capable of punishing any villain.
  • 33 Trap (USA, Serbia, Canada) 6.02 - about the dangers of swimming among alligators in hazardous areas formed after hurricanes of the 5th category.
  • 34 Wandering Earth (China) 6.01 - about how to move the Earth out of orbit and tow it to another star, and on the way to fight a gang of abnormal not ready for such a flight.
  • 35 Cool. 1918 (Ukraine) 6.08 - about the struggle of the extremely poorly organized militia of the young Ukrainian People's Republic against the evil, bloodthirsty and extremely well organized Bolsheviks.
  • 36 Code 8 (Canada) 5.93 - about how difficult it is to be X-Men outside of the X-Men universe.
  • 37 Anne (France) 5.90 - about how, being a forty-kilogram girl, to throw over one-hundred-kilogram men over oneself and, muttering them, not to break your fragile chicken about them bones.
  • 38 X-Men: Dark Phoenix (USA, Canada) 5.88 - about how difficult it is for the Dark Phoenix to live, swallowing in the orbit of solar prominences, and how It is difficult for people to live, having in their ranks the uncontrollable Dark Phoenix, swallowing in the orbit of solar prominences.
  • 39 Men in Black: International (China, USA) 5.84 - how agents Em and T identify a rat in the international department of the organization "Men in Black" and once again they save Mother Earth, finding the thief of the superweapon in time and destroying it with the same superweapon.
  • 40 Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters (Japan, Canada, USA) 5.83 - about how petty asshole Madison, suspiciously similar to the Eleventh from "Scary Deeds" , goes across the mother and steals from her the device for communicating with megamonsters, which saves earthlings from the next apocalypse.

Now you can tie it with a pure heart. See you next week on the top of last year's top comedies. In the meantime, as usual, all the best to you and, more cool films and TV series!

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