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KFC at Animal Crossing, Batman Announced in August, Captain America Monument Tweet - Gaming News Digest # 3.06. Part two


Also in the news: new investments in EGS, Horizon 2 details, Disco Elysium translation handed over to professionals, Destroy All Humans trailer!

KFC opened a restaurant at Animal Crossing

This is not the first time that KFC has been promoting itself through games. So, last time they gave out a special pet for Final Fantasy XIV to those who eat a lot of servings of combo meals at their establishment. They also have their own dating simulator with Colonel Sanders.

Now, KFC has moved to Animal Crossing and opened their own restaurant in the game on a closed island. The restaurant will work until June 22 and receive guests on a first-come, first-served basis.


In addition to the restaurant itself, users can find 11 secret herbs and spices on the map [according to legend, they are part of the secret KFC seasoning]. Also on it is Colonel Sanders himself, for finding which the user relies on a code for a real bucket of chicken wings in a restaurant of the chain in the Philippines.

On August 22, WB Games are going to announce a new game. Most likely Batman

In light of the latest developments in Warner Bros. is going to host its DC FanDome online event dedicated to the DC Universe. On it we will see a lot of announcements related to movies, comics and of course games. The press release states that we are waiting for the announcement of several games from WB Games.

Earlier, Jason Schreyer wrote that WB Games are going to announce their new game at E3 2020 during their first conference at this exhibition, but since E3 was canceled, the announcement had to be postponed to their own event. Also, WB Games Montreal is constantly giving various bold hints about the new Bats game, both by posting different images on Twitter and literally firing a bat signal.


On DC FanDome itself there will be many panels dedicated to the history of the universe, specific films or DC comics, interviews with the creators. I'd like to add that I really want the event to announce the very same RPG in the Harry Potter universe, even though it has nothing to do with DC. This is a cry from the heart.

The event starts on August 22 at 20:00

Marvel's Avengers have removed Captain America monument tweet due to protests

Let's move from DC to Marvel. In America, protests against racism and police aggression continue. It got to the point that the protesters are demanding to dismantle the monuments to slave owners and other imperialists. At times, protesters have even knocked down monuments themselves, as in the case of the pedestal of Edward Colston, a slave trader from Bristol. What does the Avengers have to do with it?

The fact is that the other day Square Enix posted an image with a dilapidated monument to Captain America on Twitter. According to the plot of the game, the Avengers were framed and vilified, which forced the government to dissolve them. In a tweet it was written that now the Avengers Park is destroyed, but there are those who believe in Captain America and pay tribute to him.


On Twitter, people noticed that the message was posted at a bad time. While there is a discussion in the world about the demolition of monuments, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics publish an image with a destroyed monument, and this may not be so understood. As a result, the tweet was deleted, and the developer and publisher apologized for the tactlessness.

Epic Games Will Invest $ 750 Million

Epic Games will soon be even richer than it is, as it plans to receive an investment of $ 750 million soon, reports Bloomberg.


Former investors Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and new T. Rowe Price Group Inc. are going to invest in Tim Sweeney's company. and Baillie Gifford. They did not give comments on this topic, so we can only speculate about the reasons for the investment.


Last year, the company earned 730 million, when, according to preliminary estimates, the revenue of epics will reach $ 5 billion, and including taxes - $ 1 billion. What can I say, they definitely have money for a new sale and holding previously unseen promotions, as in the case of Total War Saga: Troy.

Horizon 2 Details

During the presentation of Horizon: Forbidden West, there was little information about the game. Project manager Matiis de Jong told the details about the sequel.

In the new part, Aloy is faced with a red infection that kills all living things. In search of a means to defeat the pandemic [topical, don't you think?] She will have to explore new territories of the former America from Utah to the Pacific coast.

We have to explore new destroyed cities, deserts, flooded locations and valleys. There will also be a big secret in the plot, which the developers do not want to talk about, so as not to ruin the experience of the game.

On our way, we will face not only the consequences of infection and robots, but also severe weather conditions.

We will also fight new types of robots, including turtles and fish. This also applies to new tribes. According to the developer, one of the tribes knows how to subjugate robots and use them in battle.

One of the main advantages that Yong spoke about is the almost complete absence of loading screens thanks to the power of the PS5. This applies to loading from a checkpoint and fast travel. Plus, the game world will be much more alive.

Disco Elysium translation handed over to professional translation team

Earlier we wrote that the translation of Disco Elysium was entrusted to a group of game fans who were selected by the developers themselves. However, something went wrong and ZA / UM decided to give the translation to Testronic, which is working on the German and French translation of the game.

The developers reported that the team of fans has given a strong start for the translation, which will now be handled by a team of professionals. They will be able to provide the highest quality translation into USA, which is important for the creators of the game, since Soviet culture and history influenced the development of Disco Elysium.


Fan work, according to ZA / UM, is significant and some translators, such as Alfina, were asked to continue working on localizing the game in Testronic as a translator. Earlier, Golubeva was the chief editor of the translation. It is not yet known when the localization will be released.

Death to the Homo Family: Gameplay Trailer for the Destroy All Humans Remake!

In addition to the remake of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated THQ, Nordic is releasing its second major project this summer, a remake of Destroy All Humans! In the new trailer, we see means for the destruction of people, from a cannon to a flying saucer.

We play as the alien Kripo, who kills people to save his friends. In addition to the listed arsenal, the guest from outer space has psychokinetic abilities up his sleeve.

The game will be released on July 28 on PC, XOne and PS4.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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