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Interesting devices and technologies


Today, in a weekly section, we will talk about three devices and one technology. First, let's discuss the prospects for artificial fog developed by scientists from the UK. Then we will learn the technical features of two aircraft, created by specialists from Switzerland and engineers from an Austrian company. In the end, we will get acquainted with the disinfecting robot from Sberbank.

Another alternative to light bulbs found

Currently, the most efficient light source in our homes is the LED lamp. It is energy efficient, resource intensive and powerful. However, progress does not stand still. Researchers in England recently came up with artificial fog that can replace traditional light sources.

This substance has one interesting feature. It is capable of scattering laser light, generating high illumination power at the lowest power settings. The developers are confident that the energy efficiency of their product will be higher than that of LED lamps. The creators of the technology used an already proven principle of operation. They used laser diodes, in which light is created by a directed beam on phosphor materials.

The downside of the process is its low efficiency. Also, scientists are still able to get only one color, which is difficult to make white. To this end, they created the aero-BN diffuser, which consists of translucent, randomly arranged and interconnected hollow micro tubes made of hexagonal boron nitride.

Red, green and blue lasers were directed into the diffuser (placed in an ultra-thin material associated with graphene) to obtain a white emission spectrum.

It is clear that 99% of the air is included in the new material. After exposure to lasers, white light is scattered in it by the nanoscopic walls of micro tubes. It looks like artificial fog, which is why the new technology got its name.

Now British engineers are trying to experimentally achieve a palette of different color shades.

A drone with original flight characteristics

The number of technologies developed for unmanned aerial vehicles is constantly growing. There are already devices that have taught how to play dodgeball. Before that, our portal talked about drones helping to clean windows of houses in cities. Researchers from Switzerland have recently created a uniquely designed drone capable of hovering in the air at any angle and in any projection.


The device is based on 12 coaxial rotors, which are paired with each other and can rotate at 3600. Therefore, the device is able to fly and hover in any plane.

The creators of the drone suggest that it can be used in many industries, including covert surveillance. One of the reasons for this is the unique ability of the product to be pressed against the wall by means of an interesting device. During its use, the engines operate in an economical mode, reducing energy consumption in the battery.

In addition, this mode significantly reduces engine noise.

A video has appeared on the network demonstrating the capabilities of the new product. In particular, it shows how the apparatus is able to find the necessary projections to avoid contact with the rope that holds it.

The developers believe that their device can be equipped with one or more omnidirectional cameras. This will allow shooting in all projections.

Drone for Boeing

More than ten years ago, Boeing signed a contract with the Austrian firm Schiebel, which established the supply of autonomous S-100 helicopters. They have long been used in reconnaissance operations.

Last week, specialists from an American enterprise tested helicopters as cargo carriers. The drone delivered ammunition and equipment to the specified point.

The device is 3.1 m long and 1.2 m wide and develops a speed of up to 190 km / h. It can stay in the air for 6 hours, having flown at least 180 km during this time. The maximum carrying capacity of the helicopter is 50 kg.

It can fly autonomously or with the help of an operator controlling it. Such a device can be used not only in the military industry. It is well suited in agriculture and forestry, when examining power lines, in the cinema.

A disinfector to fight viruses has been created in the Sberbank robotics laboratory

All the forces of scientists and researchers are thrown into the fight against the coronavirus. USA enterprises did not stand aside either. Specialists of the Sberbank Robotics Laboratory have developed a disinfector robot.


This device can effectively destroy viruses and bacteria on the surface of various places.

At the heart of the novelty is a courier robot, which was introduced not so long ago. The product differs from it in the presence of 100 W ultraviolet lamps. The disinfector can treat an area of 250 m2 per hour.

It functions autonomously. Before the start of disinfection, the device first learns a new room for itself, and then moves in it along its own route, which is optimal.

The robot is equipped with several security systems. If, for example, a person gets in its way, the smart machine will immediately turn off the lamps.

The Sberbank laboratory believes that the disinfectant robot will come in handy not only during a pandemic, but also after its end. The device can be used during seasonal exacerbations of acute respiratory viral infections and flu. It is well suited for processing hospitals, clinics, shops, offices.

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Author: Jake Pinkman