Show The Last of Us 2, Date of presentation of games for PS5, Blizzcon 2020 canceled - game news digest # 4.05. Part two (Topic)

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Show The Last of Us 2, Date of presentation of games for PS5, Blizzcon 2020 canceled - game news digest # 4.05. Part two


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New details about The Last of Us Part 2

As we wrote earlier, during the last State of Play, Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog revealed new details about The Last of Us Part 2. At the end, a new gameplay video was shown, where there was even a place for references.

The game puts a lot of emphasis on exploration and interaction with the environment. The game itself will take place mainly in Seattle, but later we will go to other parts of the United States, from the coast of the ocean to the snow-capped mountains. The plot covers several years. While exploring, Ellie will be able to discover new tactics for attacking opponents or sneaking around.

We are offered to move by horse and boat. Ellie can also now climb the rope. This will help both in tactics and in research and resource search. Ellie can travel with companions who will help to spot enemies and overcome obstacles.

We will equally have to conflict with both infected and people. In Seattle, two groups are fighting among themselves: the Washington Free Front, they are also the "Dogs" and religious fanatics, who are called "Scars". The first faction often fights in the open, while the second prefers stealth tactics. The ranks of those infected with cordyceps have also swelled. However, Druckmann said little about them, leaving most of the players for independent study. From the announcements, we learned about the shaker, a zombie in armor that is capable of releasing dangerous clouds of spores at close range.

To defeat the enemy, it is most effective to kill him with one headshot or stun him by throwing an object at him to finish off or use as a shield. In hand-to-hand combat, everything will be based on counterattacks and dodges. To effectively fight and escape, it is recommended to use the environment, for example, smash windows or climb into narrow spaces.

Enemies have grown wiser, and will notice you in the tall grass if they come close enough. Also, many opponents have dogs that can smell your scent. To avoid being found you need to constantly move.

Some clashes involve both factions and infected, so you can wait for them to kill each other.

The crafting system encourages all play styles.

As for the references, the PS Vita and the soundtrack from Hotline Miami have appeared in the game.

One of the latest PS4 exclusives will be released on June 19th. Also, for some reason, the game is blocked in the PS Store in the Middle East and the UAE. At the same time, PS Arabica is actively preparing for the release of the game, so there is a chance that this is a misunderstanding. There are no official comments yet.

PS5 Shows June 3rd - Jason Schreyer

Sony's policy on advertising campaigns for its next console is rather strange. It is stated that the PS5 will be released in winter, but neither games, nor the console itself, as well as, in principle, nothing but a new gamepad and the ubiquitous information about a cool SSD were not shown to us.


Jason Schreyer, recently working at Bloomberg and his colleague Takashi Mochizuki, report that at least June 3, a digital event dedicated to games on the new console should take place. Sources also say that the date may be changed. There will be no information about the console itself, but it should be announced in the summer.

Blizzcon 2020 canceled and will be digital next year

In mid-spring, with most, if not all, in-game events canceled and digitalized, Blizzard was still considering whether to cancel Blizzcon 2020. In the end, under the pretext that the coronavirus will stay with us for a long time and the health of employees is much more important, the live event was canceled. It will be held online early next year.


So far, the studio does not have specific plans on how to conduct it, since they have never organized anything like this before. Blizzard is also looking for new formats for its esports events that take place within the framework of the exhibition.

A reference to Diablo 2 was discovered in Minecraft Dungeons

Diablo 2 has a famous cow level - a secret location in which there are only cows with halberds. Minecraft Dungeons have discovered a similar level that pays homage to the classics.


As people who have passed the game tell, after the completion of the main campaign, a church will open for you, where there are portraits of the developers, as well as an image of a dog. It contains a hint about where to find 10 runes and at what levels. After you collect them and return to the church, you can enter the secret cow level.

As in the original Diablo 2, the cows will be annoyed that you disturbed their peace and attack you, and after you kill them, a big mushroom boss will appear.

Inkulinati - medieval strategy on the pages of books

You've probably seen more than once medieval illustrations, where strange things constantly happen, for example, how hares beat a knight with clubs. So, the Yaza Games studio has made a whole game about such art. Inkulinati is a strategy set in the pages of a tome.

You play as inculinath, the man who commands the ink and fights with the drawn armies. With the help of ink we can draw obstacles, call new warriors. The units themselves have different abilities and purposes.

A funny moment - the game has text that will be procedurally generated and describe the course of the battle.

The game has both a story campaign and a PvP mode. In the first case, we create our own inculinata, which will fight with many rivals, including Dante Alighieri. The game will be released in 2021.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Keep calm and keep playing. And we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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