Insider # 1.12: Latest News on Nokia 8.1 and ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2, Vivo Nex Video and Information from Samsung (Topic)

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Insider # 1.12: Latest News on Nokia 8.1 and ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2, Vivo Nex Video and Information from Samsung


We begin the first issue of insider news in December with an overview of future innovations from Nokia and ASUS, news about the Vivo Nex 2 smartphone and data from the Korean company Samsung.

Design and filling of Nokia 8.1 have become known

In three days, the announcement of the latest development by Nokia will take place. Its Chinese version X7 was previously presented for the domestic market of that country.

It became known that the Nokia 8.1 smartphone has a 6.18-inch screen. It has wide bezels and a cutout at the top of the front panel that is out of fashion. The front camera is equipped with a resolution of 20 megapixels. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back, a dual camera unit with 12 and 13 megapixels.

Some images of the novelty were leaked.

Nokia 8.1

The Snapdragon 710 processor from Qualcomm is responsible for the work of the hardware in the device. In difficult situations, according to the idea of engineers, two memory configurations should come to his aid - 4/64 and 6/128 GB.

Almost all processes associated with energy supply will depend on a 3500mAh battery. Android 9.0 Pie acts as an add-on and platform.

Any additional specifications, pricing and model announcement date have not been set yet.

ASUS Tricks

Experienced insiders are inclined to believe that the spread of the latest leaks about the new ASUS product - ZenFone Max Pro M2, is directly related to its name. It is believed that the company's marketers went for a trick and published some of the data about the device under an assumed name.

The Max Pro M2 will definitely have a powerful 5000mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0.

Max Pro M2

The published image of the device allows you to view the fingerprint scanner on its back panel. The number of cameras on the smartphone is hidden, although it is clear that the main module will not be single.

The device will be announced on December 11 this year.

Dual screens Vivo Nex 2

A user with the nickname Mrwhosetheboss posted a video on one of the resources in which the smartphone is being unpacked. The device is very similar to the Vivo Nex 2, images of which previously appeared on the network.

While watching the video, you can see a black box with a smartphone in a transparent case made of a material resembling plexiglass. Three sensors of the main camera of the device, located on the rear panel, are clearly visible through it. You can also see the LED ring flash that frames this block.

The smartphone does not have a front camera. The person who is busy with unpacking explains that its functions are performed by the main photo module. This can be done only if there is a second display. Therefore, you can make an assumption about its presence.

It seems that there is a marketing trick here too. Some of the data on the future device has already leaked, and the company's specialists decided in such a simple way to increase the interest of brand fans to the product.

Fact Scanner for Galaxy S10

Industry intelligence insiders have learned that Samsung is looking to mitigate the risks of disruption to the supply of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners for its new flagship Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S10

For this purpose, the order was divided between the main suppliers of GIS and O-film.

These firms are focused on the implementation of their services in January next year. Samsung is planning to announce its product in February.

In addition to these two companies, Qualcomm manufactures similar scanners. There is still no information about negotiations in this direction between representatives of the Korean brand and the American supplier. But this scenario is not excluded.

The fact is that the Galaxy S10 is planned to be equipped with a more advanced fingerprint scanner. Its sensor should be able to read information from wet and dirty hands, not to mention its accuracy under standard conditions.

Most likely, the main dispute over Samsung orders in the future will unfold between these three manufacturers. After all, we are talking about a solid order. It is planned to equip the Galaxy Note10, which will debut in the second half of 2019, and later models of the Korean brand.

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