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Tarantino leaving the sinking ship

Image In the month that has passed since the beginning of the scandal around Harvey Weinstein, one of the most famous Hollywood producers lost his post in his own company and was expelled from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts. Although the filmmaker accused of sexual harassment is no longer associated with The Weinstein Company, even longtime partners continue to distance themselves from it.

As it became known to the publication Deadline, two-time Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino decided to break ties with TWC. Curiously, Harvey Weinstein himself once called his studio "the house that Quentin built." The collaboration between Tarantino and the disgraced producer began in the early 90s, when the latter's company, Miramax, acted as a distributor of the Reservoir Dogs thriller. This was followed by the success of Pulp Fiction, which made Harvey one of the most influential figures in Hollywood. As a result, Tarantino directed all eight of his films for Miramax and TWC.

The ninth film by Quentin will be created with the support of the new film company. Reportedly, the script for the so far unnamed film has already been sent to the management of almost all major Dream Factory studios. The only exception was the Walt Disney Corporation, with which Tarantino had a tense relationship.


The details of the plot of Tarantino's new project are still kept secret. This summer, there was a rumor on the Web that Quentin intends to tell viewers about the life of one of the most dangerous criminals in American history, Charles Manson. This information seriously alerted the fans of the film maker, since he previously preferred not to shoot tapes based on real events. At the moment, Hollywood insiders tend to believe that Tarantino is not going to strictly adhere to historical facts about the life of the leader of the commune "Family" and is ready to resort to fiction. The names of Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and, of course, Samuel L. Jackson are named among the contenders for the main roles in the ninth film by the cult director.


According to preliminary information, Tarantino expects to begin filming next summer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman