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”Dislike” Zvyagintseva will compete for ”Oscar”

Image A few days ago it became known that Cambodia has decided to nominate Angelina Jolie's drama First They Killed My Father for Oscar, and now USA has decided on a candidate for the main cinematic award. According to TASS, the picture of Andrei Zvyagintsev “Dislike” will try to make you happy in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”.

According to producer Alexander Rodnyansky, who was present at the meeting of the USA Oscar Committee, "Dislike" was chosen by a majority vote. Vladimir Menshov was the chairman of the committee. In total, four films were considered: in addition to Zvyagintsev's drama, USA candidates for the Oscar could be Arrhythmia, Matilda and How Vitka Garlic took Leha Shtyr to the home for the disabled.

As a result, the committee chose the film, which, in their opinion, has a better chance of getting into the shortlist of Oscar nominees first, and then competing for the main prize. The name of Zvyagintsev is familiar to film academics: after winning the Venice Film Festival in 2003, his Return was also nominated for an Oscar, and Leviathan earned a Golden Globe and was included in the coveted list of nominees for a Golden Image.


Let us remind you that Dislike is about a married couple going through a difficult and painful divorce. Zhenya and Boris so want to start a new life, surrounding themselves with new people, that they forget about their own 12-year-old son. And then one day, after another scandal, Alyosha disappears, forcing his parents to think about what they are doing wrong in this life ...

Even in Cannes, "Dislike" conquered foreign audiences, winning the Jury Prize. It is noteworthy that for getting into the list of Oscar nominees, Zvyagintsev's tape will compete with the films Happy End, 120 beats per minute and At the Limit, which were also presented in the Main Program of the Cannes Film Festival.

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Author: Jake Pinkman