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Saboteur Pitt and Director McGregor: Watch This Week

Image While the tabloids continue to savor the filthy details of Brad Pitt's personal life, moviegoers are gearing up for the premiere of a new movie starring this A-class Hollywood star. One of the main novelties of the week is the war drama by Robert Zemeckis "Allies" , in which Brad paired up an on-screen pair with the brilliant Marion Cotillard.

The action of the tape starts in 1942. The Canadian saboteur Max ( Pitt ) is tasked to land in Morocco and eliminate the German ambassador. As a messenger, he gets a veteran of the Resistance and at the same time a completely charming Frenchwoman Marianne (Cotillard) . Love breaks out between the heroes, they are evacuated to Britain, have a child and try to build their happiness. But a year later, Max finds out that his wife may be a German spy. If this turns out to be true, he will have to finish off his wife, otherwise he himself will act as a traitor.

One of the undoubted advantages of this film is a luxurious recreation of French Morocco of the 40s, which immediately refers us to the cult classic - the painting "Casablanca". A lot of funds from the budget of "Allies" were spent on special effects and shooting fancy parties. Meanwhile, the first critics immediately noticed that with all due respect to the acting talents of Pitt and Cotillard , their interaction on the screen looks too tense and does not at all look like a passionate romance. It may be because Brad is better at complex bad guy portraits than patriotic warriors, but Marion works with noticeably more impact.

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Those who were expecting something masterpiece from Zemeckis will be disappointed: this time he produced a beautiful, refined, light, shot at a very high level, but still a passing movie. The declared topic did not receive proper disclosure, the first part of the film looks protracted, and the second - the one where the conflict was supposed to culminate - lacked intensity.

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Or maybe you want to see Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Melody Depp in the same bath? Then check out the premiere of the mystical drama Planetarium , where they played sisters-mediums. During one of their tours, the girls meet a famous producer, and he invites them to take part in the filming of a very ambitious and potentially profitable project. But for this they will have to commit the world's first fixation of paranormal phenomena on the screen. Foreign viewers greeted Rebecca Zlotowski's painting rather coolly, christening it a stupid jumble of meanings and images. In Planetarium there are no answers to the questions, but also the questions themselves, so the existence of this movie seems to be justified only by the aforementioned Natalie and Lily-Rose. In the bath.


Fans of films-disasters will be awaited by Sarik Andreasyan's sensational project "Earthquake" , which recreated the terrible tragedy that took place on December 7, 1988 in Armenia. As a result of that earthquake, several cities were wiped off the face of the earth, tens of thousands of people died and hundreds of thousands were left without a roof over their heads. In the film, against the backdrop of a terrible disaster, a heartbreaking drama unfolds: two men will meet in a rescue team. Parents of one many years ago crashed in an accident due to the fault of another, and now the main characters will have to work, raking the rubble, side by side. Recall that "Earthquake" even made an attempt to break through to the "Oscars" , and only a ridiculous misunderstanding did not allow him to take part in the race for the main film award. As for the reviews, they are mostly good. Reviewers note that the film turned out to be very soulful and extremely sincere, as if Sarik really wanted to leave the memory of his compatriots in the cinema, and not corny to cash in on a juicy topic.

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In the animation sector next week, a pleasant ocean breeze will blow: the fearless Polynesian Moana will peek on our screens with her inspiring story of heroism. According to the plot, the main character of the tape of the same name will go in search of the island of her dreams, enlisting the support of the demigod Maui . On the way to their cherished goal, this couple will meet a couple of monsters, reveal several secrets and get to know the heroes of local folklore. In fact, you should think a few times before leading the children to Moana - the cartoon turned out to be too mesmerizing and convincing. There is a possibility that your children will not leave you alone until you take them to these very fabulous islands.

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In the meantime, cartoon Moana cuts through the waves, absolutely real Billy Bob Thornton in a familiar red and white suit awaits you at the screening of the second film about the drinking, unceremonious, vulgar and greedy Santa . In Bad Santa 2 Willie Suok and his bosom friend Marcus set out to ruin one fundraiser. The mother of the protagonist, performed by the magnificent Katie Bates, will try to prevent the friends. However, the participation of the Oscar-winning actress in the filming of the sequel did not save the picture from a flurry of negativity: according to critics of specialized publications about cinema, the second film turned out to be nothing more than a pale shadow of the original, and from all the jokes it carries mothballs.

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One of the most intriguing new releases of the week is Ewan McGregor's directorial debut American Pastoral . The drama tells about an outwardly quite prosperous, but in fact deeply problematic family. The daughter of the main characters, accused of committing a terrorist attack, runs away from home, and the father of the family (played by McGregor himself) drops everything and concentrates on finding her. A masterfully edited trailer allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of impending irreparable disaster, and the characters of Ewan and Jennifer Connelly look truly dramatic even in this short video. We'll see if this adaptation of Philip Roth brings a new Scottish director to the movie world, or if McGregor will have to go back to what he does best.

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For thrill-seekers, there is a horror movie "Incarnation" , in which the star of the TV series "Gotham" ( Gotham ) David Mazows played one of the main roles. The plot of the picture revolves around an extravagant exorcist hired to exorcise an evil spirit from an 11-year-old boy. Director Brad Peyton has previously made his mark in the action genre with San Andreas Rift , but will horror films obey him? Judging by the trailer, there is a chance.

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The title of the most beautiful novelty of the week can be safely awarded to the biographical film "Odyssey" about the life and work of the legendary oceanologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Together with the heroes of this picture, the viewer will make a dizzying journey through the magical underwater world.The Second Spacehas become the meaning of life for Cousteau , and Jerome Sall's project clearly shows how this could happen. According to the director, he decided to shoot Odyssey after realizing that his own son had heard almost nothing about this famous person and did not even understand why he needed it.

And finally, in the USA cinemas this week will be released: the Italian comedy "Venetian Lions" about a representative of the golden youth who has squandered papa's fortune and is trying to make money on his own, the piercing documentary "Animated Life" about the writer and his autistic son, as well as a selection of short films with the telling title "7 wild stories about the vicissitudes of fate" .

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