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Matt Reeves looks forward to the Batman Trilogy

Image The blockbuster "War of the Planet of the Apes" has not yet been released, but has already begun to collect positive reviews from critics. In their opinion, the film is a worthy conclusion to the trilogy, which reviewers call almost the best in the genre of fiction since the days of "Star Wars".

The next challenge for the director of Matt Reeves will be the solo album of Batman , and, as it turned out, the director is already thinking about a sequel and trick to the superhero blockbuster. He told about this in an interview with the journalists Fandango . Of course, while Reeves will focus on only one film, and after that, if the management of Warner Bros. like his vision of the project, he will agree to work on two more films about the defender of Gotham.

Reeves has been hired to lead the filming of the new Batman after Ben Affleck left the director's chair. Since then, the filmmaker has compared Planet of the Apes to Batman in his interviews. The rebooted Caesar franchise, according to viewers and critics, has taken the blockbuster genre to a new level, while the DC cinematic universe still cannot come to a common denominator and meet the quality bar set by Christopher Nolan's films.


Reeves has already received DC fan approval for his plans to film Batman in Hitchcock style, adding a noir element to the blockbuster. If Reeves 's idea is realized, then it is possible that Warner Bros. will entrust the director with an entire trilogy about The Dark Knight .

The question is whether Affleck will agree to play Batman in the trilogy. When the actor left the blockbuster director's chair, there were rumors that he was going to turn down the role of Bruce Wayne . However, if Reeves continues on the Wonder Woman path of success, then perhaps Affleck will agree to don his superhero cloak a couple more times.

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Author: Jake Pinkman