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US Boxing Office Exploring Furry Pets

Image A week ago, the blue fish Dory was looking for worthy competitors, and already last weekend ( July 8-10 ) she had to make room for herself from the top of the North American box office. At the same time, the creation of Pixar was defeated not by another summer blockbuster, but by another animation project - the cartoon "The Secret Life of Pets ", co-produced by Universal and Illumination Entertainment .

Distributors certainly expected a good start from the film Chris Reno and Yarrow Cheney , but before the premiere, hardly anyone expected that the cartoon would immediately submit to the amount of $ 103. 2 million . This achievement makes the film the sixth project of this year, which managed to overcome the 100 million mark in its debut week. Outside the US, The Secret Life of Pets has raised only $ 42.6 million so far, but film fans in many countries have yet to enjoy the story of what pets do in the absence of their owners.


Not only the audience expressed their approval for the cartoon, replenishing its box office with such an impressive amount, but also critics. The latter praise the animation team, which previously presented the Ugly Me to moviegoers, for their resourcefulness - they managed to create a unique project using a proven formula for success. Perhaps the plot of the picture itself cannot be called outstanding, but its characters are so amazing and original that The Secret Life of Pets will appeal not only to younger viewers, but also to their parents.


The blockbuster “ Tarzan.” Managed to keep the second position in the top 5. Legend "- an additional $ 20.6 million went to the piggy bank of the David Yates tape. The film with a $ 180 million budget is still difficult to call successful: in home theaters it managed to collect only $ 81.4 million , and in other countries - $ 54 million .

And if the audience considered that the return of Tarzan to the screens deserves a good rating A- , then the majority of critics were unhappy with the film. Some reviewers even say that the most memorable characters of the tape are animals from the jungle, and the main character played by Alexander Skarsgard and his wife Jane (Margot Robbie) look out of place in the scenery of the 19th century.


The cartoon “ Finding Dory ” had to settle for only third place last weekend. The animation film lost to Tarzan quite a bit, earning $ 20.4 million . True, the film David Yates continues to fight for the interest of viewers, and the sequel "Finding Nemo" has found its audience long ago. Now the cartoon has $ 422.6 million in his piggy bank, and he can already boast of being at the top of the list of the highest grossing tapes in the United States this year.


The fourth place was taken by the newcomer of the rental - the comedy " Wedding Frenzy ", which, surprisingly to everyone, was able to exceed the expectations of distributors. Before the premiere of the film Jake Zimansky was expected to start at $ 12 million, but the tape managed to earn $ 16.6 million . However, this did not save her from negative criticism - the reviewers considered the picture devoid of zest. But the performance of Aubrey Plaza was praised.


Closing the top 5 of the past weekend horror film " Judgment Night 3 " - the tape James DeMonaco has mastered another $ 11.7 million . All in all, the low-budget horror film, filmed for $ 10 million , earned a decent $ 58.1 million in its home theaters. A number of professional critics have already named the third part the best film of the trilogy. DeMonaco , in their opinion, has surpassed himself - the action in the tape has been brought to a new level, and the topic of elections raised by the director turned out to be incredibly relevant for the Americans.

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