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US Boxing Office: The Huntresses Didn't Get Lucky

Image The past week in the United States was not full of premieres - only the new " Ghostbusters " and "Undercover Scam" were released. The latter ended the weekend outside the top-5, but the fighters with evil spirits had to compete with the leaders of the previous weekend.

Much to the disappointment of the female company of hunters, the North American spectators nevertheless turned out to be closer to pets, in the absence of the owners, cranking their cunning affairs. The painting " The Secret Life of Pets " earned an additional $ 50.6 million and now owns a considerable amount of $ 203.1 million .

Apparently, moviegoers liked the story of how cats, dogs and the rest of the furry household throw parties, steal cars and weave intrigues. However, the film Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney is not only about this - it teaches both children and adults to appreciate and respect animals. So, in addition to comic situations and jokes, the directors managed to fit morality into the plot of the film.


Ghostbusters made $ 46 million rich on their premiere weekend. In general, these are the amounts the distributors predicted for the film Paul Fig . It is noteworthy that such a result is so far the best in the career of both the director himself and Melissa McCarthy, judging by the box office on the first weekend. According to realistic forecasts, home rental for hunters will end in the region of $ 135-145 million, while $ 144 million was spent on the creation of the tape. The film still has $ 19.1 million on the world stage, but it has yet to make its debut in a number of countries, including USA.


Long before the release of the reboot, reproaches were poured in the direction of its creators, but watching the tape made some of the viewers discard prejudices and change their point of view. As a result, Ghostbusters received a good B + rating on the CinemaScore site. Critics preferred to split into two camps: some remained in the opinion that the movie Figa could not bring anything new to the cult franchise, and the latter were not so categorical.

According to them, the new ghost hunters are completely self-sufficient young ladies who are in no way female copies of their predecessors, and besides, they also have an inexhaustible sense of humor. The 1984 film is undoubtedly a classic, but Paul Figo managed to make the film more funny and scary.


The rest of the top 5 projects earned much less than the winners of the week. So, “ Tarzan. Legend "received another $ 11.1 million at its disposal. With a total result of $ 103.1 million , David Yates boasts being one of the films that managed to break the $ 100 million mark at home. But this fact is unlikely to console the studio Warner Bros. , which spent on the shooting of the blockbuster $ 180 million .


The little fish Dory lagged behind the son of the jungle. True, she, unlike Tarzan , has something to brag about - thanks to the $ 11 million earned last weekend and a total achievement of $ 445.5 million , the cartoon " Finding Dory " is now considered to be the highest grossing animated film at the US box office in the history of the box office. The creation of Andrew Stanton and Angus McLane left the second Shrek and The Lion King behind.


And the comedy " Wedding frenzy " closes the top five. Over the weekend, the merry brothers and their newly minted girlfriends raised another $ 7.5 million , and now their piggy bank has $ 31.3 million , which is not bad overall, given the $ 33 million budget of the film Jake Zimansky .

The current week of the North American box office will be more interesting - the blockbuster "Star Trek: Infinity" and the next cartoon from the "Ice Age" franchise are preparing for the premiere, and each of them is ready to compete for the palm in the box office.

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