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US Boxing Office held its breath

Image After three weeks of undisputed leadership, Harley , The Joker and the rest of the DC Suicide Squad had to give up the top spot in the North American box office. Until last weekend, however, few had anticipated that comic villains would be overpowered by a blind man who terrifies juvenile delinquents and moviegoers alongside them.

According to the results of the weekend, the leadership was taken by the horror movie "Don't Breathe ", which managed to recapture its production budget in just a few days. Filmed for $ 9.9 million , the horror at the start earned $ 26.1 million . Such agility from the film Federico Alvarez hardly anyone could have expected, although debut amounts in the region of $ 25 million in this genre are not uncommon for the American box office for a long time. Thus, M. Night Shyamalan's "Visit" spent $ 25.4 million on the first weekend, and the Evil Dead: Black Book of the same Alvarez - $ 25.7 million . If we focus on the achievements of these horror films, then "Don't Breathe" should raise in total from $ 55 million to $ 65 million .

At the same time, analysts are in no hurry to be surprised at such a fast start - in their opinion, in the days of sequels and blockbusters, horror becomes a breath of fresh air for those who are already fed up with superheroes from comics. There are, of course, exceptions like the second "The Conjuring" and the "Doomsday" triquel, which managed to come close to the results of their predecessors in the franchises. The beauty of horror films is that their budget is significantly less than the cost of filming blockbusters.


The film "Don't Breathe" not only made a great debut at the box office, but also managed to win the favor of critics. In his second full-length film, Alvarez managed to create tension comparable to the works of the great Hitchcock, and the fact that all the action takes place in the scenery of one house only serves to whip up the atmosphere.


" Suicide Squad " this past weekend took the second position in the top 5. An additional $ 12.1 million went to the blockbuster's piggy bank, and so far the assets of the next movie of the MCU DC have $ 282.9 million . In total, suicides in the world have collected $ 636 million , and according to this indicator, David Eyre still ranks eighth among the releases of 2016.


One line up in comparison with the previous weekend, the animation tape " Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai ", which has mastered an additional $ 7.9 million . In total, this cute and touching cartoon currently has $ 24.9 million in the North American box office. And although the film Travis Knight lacks stars from the sky in terms of financial indicators, critics were delighted with it, noting an amazing picture, which is not inferior to the plot.


The fourth line of the top-5 went to another animated film. " Complete Raskolbas " is not far behind "Kubo" and has raised $ 7.7 million over the weekend. All in all, the cartoon has accumulated $ 80 million - a decent amount for a movie shot for $ 19 million and received a rating of R .


Closes the five best newcomer rental - the action movie " Mechanic: Resurrection " with Jason State in the title role. The first weekend came to an end for the film with a result of $ 7.5 million . The sequel earned less than the first part ($ 11.4 million) in its debut week, but analysts note that the tapes with State bring considerable profit to distributors after their release on video. Overall, reviewers call the painting Dennis Gansel quite usable thanks to the well-directed action scenes and the charisma of State . However, his hero is too perfect to be real, and the creators of the action movie did not bother with the plot component at all.

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Author: Jake Pinkman