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”The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.” Healing Trailer

Image The 20th Century Fox film company has unveiled a trailer for The Maze Runner: The Cure for Death, the final part of the youth science fiction trilogy based on the books of James Dashner. The film series began in 2014 with The Maze Runner, and the second part was released in 2015 with the subtitle Trial by Fire.

According to the plot of the triquel, the main characters, led by Thomas, will go in search of a vaccine that should stop the epidemic of a deadly disease. Humanity is on the verge of complete destruction, and in order to prevent a misfortune of a universal scale, the guys will have to infiltrate the headquarters of the ORGANIZATION organization. And she is in a deadly labyrinth called the Last City. If the gliders manage to survive, they will not only save the human race, but they will finally get answers to all their questions.

The third part of the franchise was directed by Wes Ball, who directed the first two films, and the script belongs to T.S. Naulin. The cast of the film includes Dylan O'Brien, whom USA viewers can admire in the recently released thriller Mercenary, Kaya Scodelario,
Aidan Gillen, Walton Goggins and Natalie Emmanuel.

Dubbed Trailer

The Death Cure was originally supposed to open in our theaters in February this year, but due to O'Brien's injury, the release has moved to January 25 next.

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Author: Jake Pinkman