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”Maze Runner 2”. Brazier Trailer

Image Adaptations of teen novels, which eventually turn into full-fledged franchises, are now at their peak of popularity. This is evidenced by the interest of the audience in the next such film series - "The Maze Runner". In the fall, the first film in this series managed to show itself in the best light and bring the studio 20th Century Fox $ 340 million from the worldwide box office. This result was one of the best and made the fantastic thriller one of the most successful projects of the company in the past year. Naturally, the film almost immediately received a sequel, the subtitle of which sounds like " Trial by Fire ".

The other day the first promo video was released, from which it can be concluded that the atmosphere in this fictional dystopian world has intensified even more. Thomas and the rest of the Gladers survived what seemed to be the most terrible and incomprehensible test - the labyrinth. But the guys won't even be allowed to smell the calmness and freedom. They immediately fall out of the fire and into the fire, namely, into the red-hot, dead desert, where there are no traces of any life. However, in fact, it turns out that the new task includes not just survival in harsh conditions, but also the fight against obstacles, the most dangerous of which are the victims of the incurable virus, who are not distinguished by friendliness. In addition, conflicts are brewing between the guys, giving rise to mistrust and contradictions ...

"The Maze Runner. Trial by Fire
Dubbed Trailer

Roles in the film are played by such young stars as Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Natalie Emmanuel, Thomas Brody Sangster, Will Poulter and others. Wes Ball continues to direct the production of brutal new survival races. The Gladers will head straight to the brazier on September 17th , which can be seen in every theater in the country.

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