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USAn box office is frozen by the ice of the ”Ice Age”

Image The box office of USA this week continues to reflect a certain trend in the rental market - franchises, unlike original projects, have ceased to be in demand from the public and to justify the financial expectations imposed on them. So, the fifth part of the once good cartoon "Ice Age" has already started very modestly. The debut box office of the animated film with the subtitle “ Collision is inevitable ” amounted to 373.6 million rubles , taking only 12th place for the current year.

The once successful film series has long begun to lose ground. And nevertheless, the previous parts - "The Age of Dinosaurs" and "Continental Drift" - were able to earn in their first weekend 512.5 million rubles. and 552.1 million rubles. respectively. The situation was commented on by the distributors of the tape, who said that they were not going to break records with the help of " Collision ", but they were not completely satisfied with the collection either. Still, the fifth part of the adventures of desperate and cheerful in the face of any catastrophe of prehistoric animals Sid , Manny and Diego , in their opinion, should have collected about RUB 500 million for the weekend.


This year, Kung Fu Panda-3 ( 372.2 million rubles ) and Angry Birds in the Cinema ( 375 million rubles ) ... In the end, neither one nor the other cartoon could overcome the coveted billion dollar milestone. But the sequel "Monsters on Vacation" ( 377 million rubles. ) and "Puzzle" ( 364 million rubles. ), although they started sadly, but still took this financial bar ... So what is the reason for the failures of some animation projects and takeoffs, despite all the obstacles, of others?

We will not undertake to analyze all the cases presented in this review, but with the film Galen T. Chu and Mike Termeier everything is pretty obvious. There should be a limit to any commercial insolence - no matter how well toys and other souvenirs created based on the franchise sell, you need to milk the same golden animal wisely. The same cannot be said about the producers of " Ice Age ", who once realized that funny furry animals, and especially the rat squirrel Scrat , are so popular with children and even adults that they indiscriminately buy up almost everything related to them. And this means that you can churn out cartoons, no longer worrying too much about an adequate conflict, a scrupulous prescription of a fictional world, a suitable motivation for characters and, in general, a reasonable number of these.

ImageThe company of the boring mammoth, saber-toothed tiger and smelly sloth has grown so much, and the situation they get into became so absurd that the whole screen action began to resemble a circus tent.

The melodrama " See you " remained in second place, and here we can note some stability. The painting Thea Sharrock behaves confidently for its genre and demonstrates competitiveness. The proof of this is the additional 45 million rubles. against the background of a slight drop in viewers' interest. Perhaps it was the fact that the actors themselves got real pleasure from working with each other on the set, as the star of the tape, Emilia Clarke, repeatedly noted in various interviews. Apparently, their sincerity bribed our moviegoers, since they willingly parted with 185 million rubles. Thanks to their generosity “ See you ” in the very near future will probably bypass the fees of the Spanish hit “ Three meters above the sky: I want you "(
The thriller in the now fashionable format"survival"" The Shoal " managed to rise a little in the financial standings. Operational cinema, brazenly using any excuse to once again demonstrate to the audience the outstanding forms of sexy Blake Lively, brought its creators another 37 million rubles . The film Jaume Collet Serra can even be called somewhat successful. He was able to recoup his small budget many times over, and the contribution of the USA audience to this business amounted to 164 million rubles . And yet, taking into account how the director was sophisticated in presenting his material, the conclusion suggests itself: he was counting on more.


Be that as it may, the beauty Blake dangerously close to the deadly jaws of a giant aquatic predator has already earned more than the previous financial champion in the shark theme. We are talking about "3D Jaws", left behind with their 157.8 million rubles.

The fourth line of the top clearly demonstrates the saying“We started for health, finished for peace”. However, this very"for health"for " Tarzan " turned out to be very dubious. Adventure thriller David Yates , of course, took the palm for two weeks in a row, and only collapsed now, but disappointing numbers always flashed next to its name. So, over the past seven days Son of the Jungle and his monkey army have collected only 36 million rubles. , and in total they now have 494 million rubles .

ImageOvercoming at least 500 million mark is taken for granted for any blockbuster ... However, analysts claim that the first half of this week has already helped " Tarzan " to do this. The project has every chance of winning a box office victory over Godzilla ( 532 million rubles ), The Lone Ranger ( 524 million rubles ) and Gulliver's Travels ( 519 million rubles. ), but the competition with paintings, each of which was listed as a failure, looks depressing.

Regular readers of the column must remember how hot the fight for fifth place in the box office took place last week between the two comedies. Then Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart won with a tiny margin with their spy showdowns. However, the public's curiosity about this couple quickly cooled, and she turned her gaze on two idiots, the heroes of Zac Efron and Adam Devine, who can ruin any holiday they get to.

Like “ The Shoal ”, “ Wedding FrenzyJake Zimansky climbed one step in the top five and now closes our analytical review. For a week, Zach and Adam , in a company with no less toughs, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza collected 22 million rubles , and in total, their wallets already have 86 million rubles. This is the achievement of more results similar in plot and genre "Bachelorette party in Vegas" ( 83 million rubles. ) and "Obnoxious ladies" ( 75 million rubles. ).


And yet, none of the above films were able to snatch USA hire from a long streak of failures. All the hope of producers and distributors for the upcoming big premieres - another part of "Star Trek", female "Ghostbusters" and, most importantly, full of psychos and thugs "Suicide Squad". And then for a long time the domestic box office did not explode with exorbitant figures: 612 million rubles. from the twenty strongest ribbons is not at all the case.

The Topic of Article: USAn box office is frozen by the ice of the ”Ice Age”.
Author: Jake Pinkman