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Shoot like Jolie

Image Last time Angelina Jolie got involved in shootouts in Salt and The Tourist, it looks like the actress is getting ready to take up arms again. According to the site Deadline , Jolie is in talks to get the lead role in the movie Shoot Like a Girl ( "Shoot Like a Girl" *) TriStar .

The film will be based on the memoirs of Air Force Major Mary Jennings Hegar , which will be published next year. The girl went on several missions to Afghanistan, where she served as a rescue helicopter pilot. Once, during one of these rescue operations, the Mary helicopter was hit by the Taliban, and she herself was wounded. However, despite this, Hegar managed to save not only the three American military, but also her entire team. For this feat she was awarded the Purple Heart medal.

The memoir was adapted by Frank Baldwin, and the director for the project has not yet been found. The source writes that after negotiations with Jolie are over, the filmmakers intend to select a suitable filmmaker.


In the past few years, Angelina Jolie has rarely appeared on the big screens - her acting work includes the drama "Cote d'Azur" and the fantasy "Maleficent". Now Jolie is preparing to release the film "First They Killed My Father: Memories of Cambodia's Daughter" as a director and producer.

* -preliminary translation.

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