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USAn Box Office: Independence Day Wasted

Image The USA box office demonstrates not only the box office receipts of new rental products, but also some trends in the cinema world. So, the past week has shown that sequels in our country have practically ceased to be popular. Last week, the animated feature Finding Dory, a spin-off of Finding Nemo, was modestly released, and this weekend ended with a bleak start to the fantastic action movie Independence Day: Rebirth". And this despite the fact that the original 20 years ago is very popular among domestic viewers and, in general, is a phenomenon of pop culture, if not a worldwide hit.

The sequel, the producers of which managed to lure most of the former actors (except for Will Smith) and even the director of the first part of Roland Emmerich , on the first weekend, earned a modest, by the standards of blockbusters, 225 million rubles . Thus, it did not save the general situation, and the top twenty films jointly brought distributors only 554 million rubles. , so the current period ( June 23-26 ) became the weakest since the first May holidays. But it was this picture that the distributors were especially counting on, which becomes absolutely obvious when you open the poster for the past week. Traditionally, analysts compared the novelty with its genre counterparts and found disappointing results: the revived “ Independence Day

Meanwhile, critics tried to understand the reasons for the failure of the sequel and came to the conclusion that the point is simply in its untimely. What was appropriate 20 years ago (namely, a straightforward appeal to everyone, without exception, to be heroes in a fit of struggle against any kind of evil, in this case - with an alien), now looks old-fashioned and naive. The vector of tapes about extraterrestrial intelligence shifted, and Emmerich continued to drag ideas from his old triumphant film. In addition, along with the optional “ Renaissance ”, many reviewers note its weak script, flat characters, banality of dialogues and ubiquitous cliche.

ImageIn second place, following the results of the next weekend, was Dory -"not our dream fish". We recently wrote about why this cartoon of the legendary studio Pixar , with all the desire, cannot be ranked as a masterpiece. The domestic box office expressed our guesses in digital terms - with a fall of 48.5% , the picture earned another 110 million rubles . Interestingly, the decline in interest in the adventures of the forgetful blue surgeon fish was stronger than that of Puzzle ( -47% ) and even of The Good Dinosaur ( -40% ), and the latter is considered to be one of the main failures of the Pixar team.

In fairness, it should be noted that " Puzzle ", even with a rapid decline in demand, was able to become a billionaire in our country. But the tape of Andrew Stanton and Angus McLain is unlikely to enter this elite club. According to the most optimistic forecasts of professionals, " Dory " will eventually take 550-560 million rubles. - about the same amount mastered by the end of their arrival in USA cinemas "Cars 2" ( 557.6 million rubles. ). Now the spin-off box office is 416 million rubles .

Despite the cool reception of journalists, another sequel - " Illusion of Deception 2 ", shows much more agility in the top. An action-thriller about a team of magicians, as if by magic, got an additional 62 million rubles. Consequently, the third rental weekend brought the film John M. Chu very close to the coveted billion-dollar milestone. Now on the account of the tape - 937 million rubles. , but " Horsemen ", led by the charming Jesse Eisenberg, are in no hurry to leave the five highest grossing projects.


Another sequel, this time from the Conjuring horror franchise, came in fourth place by a wide margin. Critics favored the way in which James Wang continued the story of the paranormal investigators Warren played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. But the audience, judging by the official amounts, this couple, always looking for adventure in one place, are a little fed up. " Conjuring 2 " over the second weekend managed to master only 47.5 million rubles. , in total, for eleven days of rental, having collected 211 million rubles.

ImageIn this case, it seems that the "curse of the sequel" has worked - it is for sure will come out less successful, because now you can see how quickly the audience is losing interest in him. For comparison, the same rental period for his predecessor ended with an amount of 223.7 million rubles. , and that was far from the limit.

However, hardly anyone is interested in the successes or failures of a passing horror movie. The results of USA films look much more interesting from the point of view of world cinema trends. Recently, almost every week in the top five is at least one domestic tape, regardless of its quality. Perhaps the fact that 2016 is declared the Year of Cinema in USA plays a role, or various quotas from state funds have been triggered.

One way or another, the review of the box office today is covered by the only original and at the same time domestic picture. Not that the light and uncomplicated comedy " Breakfast at Daddy's " turned out to be something outstanding, but many critics noted that the film by Maria Kravchenko came out really kind, bright and positive. Perhaps that is why he was able to compete with powerful Hollywood competitors and collect 32 million rubles. By the way, this is the best debut for USA cinema after the premiere of "Crew". Nor can it be said that " Breakfast " got a significant advantage due to the number of copies issued for display - there were 835 . But it is impossible not to notice that a huge influx of foreign projects, more attractive to the public, did not appear last week either.

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