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USAn Box Office shivers in front of Annabelle

Image It seemed that last weekend will end, like a couple of previous ones, with sheer disappointment for domestic distributors. However, almost all the new releases started at the level of expectations, and individual copies even surpassed them, thanks to which the total collection of cinemas increased by a third compared to the previous week and amounted to 621.6 million rubles.

The top five for the weekend (June 27-30) is as follows:

1. "The Curse of Annabelle 3"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 160.2 million rubles.
Total fees: 160.2 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

In most countries, including the United States, the triquel showed vague results. In USA, the situation is exactly the opposite. "The Curse of Annabelle 3" bypassed its predecessors: the first part started with the amount of 80.7 million rubles, and the second mastered 140.4 million rubles at the start. Everything goes to the fact that the horror of Gary Doberman, the permanent screenwriter of the trilogy, will become the best of its kind. If we talk about the "Conjuring" universe as a whole, then more USAs were interested only in "The Curse of a Nun" (287.3 million rubles).

2. "Toy Story 4"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 116.3 million rubles.
Total fees: 348.7 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: -1 (-25%)

With a lot of new products, Pixar's animation has managed to lose just a quarter of its audience. Toy Story: The Big Escape, Finding Dory, The Incredibles 2 - all of them were saying goodbye to almost half the audience by week two. Quadriquel effortlessly bypassed the third part of the franchise (205.9 million rubles) and approached the result of "Good Dinosaur" (349.8 million rubles).

3. "A Dog's Life 2"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 75.2 million rubles.
Total fees: RUB 75.2 million.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Another newcomer did not follow global trends: in other countries, "A Dog's Life 2" was of little interest to viewers, but in USA the drama mastered almost twice as much as the first film (45.9 million rubles) on its debut weekend and surpassed the result quite a bit. "The Way Home" (71.2 million rubles), based on another novel by V. Bruce Cameron.

4. “There’s a couple more”


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 52.3 million rubles.
Total fees: 52.3 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Jonathan Levine's comedy has surpassed expectations. The start of the film with Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen in the lead roles turned out to be better than that of such representatives of the genre as Quick Family (50 million rubles) and Start over (42.6 million rubles), so in USA the picture can count on 100 million rubles, or even more.

5. "Men in Black: International"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: 47.3 million rubles.
Total fees: 607 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: -3 (-53.9%)

The spin-off of the cult film series has lost a little more than half of the viewers and is significantly behind the schedule for the collection of the third part, which was released in 2012. However, it is worth noting that in the United States and other countries, Men in Black: International found themselves in a more deplorable situation.

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