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Golden Eagle 2017: Duelist lost duel to Crew

Image Tonight in the pavilion of the " Mosfilm " film concern took place the 15th annual Golden Eagle award ceremony for achievements in the field of USA cinema and television. Marina Zudina and Pavel Tabakov were the hosts of the event.

This year, the USA National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to expand the list of categories, giving short film creators, makeup artists and visual effects experts the first chance to win an award.

The main favorites of the ceremony were the "Crew" and "Duelist" films, each of which received ten nominations. USA film academics turned out to be more supportive of Nikolai Lebedev's disaster film. The creators of " Crew ended the evening with a victory in five categories, but lost the fight for the title of the best film of the year to the military drama" Paradise.

The winners of the " Golden Eagle " award are:

Best Feature Film

" Paradise "



Best TV movie or mini-series (up to 10 episodes inclusive)

" Klim "

" Money "

Best TV Series (over 10 episodes)

" Quiet Don "

"Margarita Nazarova"

Best Non-Fiction Film

" Bloody Tusks "


"24 Snows"
" Forgotten flights "

Best Short Film

" Mom "

" Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova! "

Best Animated Film

" Cat and Mouse "

"Wolves and Sheep: Be-E-E-ZOOM Transformation"

Best Director

Andrey Konchalovsky - " Paradise "


Nikolay Lebedev - Crew
Alexey Mizgirev - "Duelist"

Best Screenplay

Yuri Arabov - " Monk and demon "

Andrey Konchalovsky and Elena Kiseleva - "Paradise"
Alexey Krasovsky - "Collector"

Best Actor in a Movie

Ivan Yankovsky - " Queen of Spades "

Danila Kozlovsky - "Crew"
Pyotr Fedorov - "The Duelist"

Best Actress in a Movie

Yulia Vysotskaya - " Paradise "


Victoria Isakova - "The Apprentice"
Ksenia Rappoport - "Queen of Spades"

Best Supporting Actor

Sergey Shakurov - " Crew "

Sergey Gazarov - "Crew"
Roman Madyanov - "The Monk and the Devil"

Best Supporting Actress

Elena Yakovleva - " The best day "

Julia Aug - "The Apprentice"
Irina Pegova - "Crew"

Best Performance by an Actor in Television

Konstantin Lavronenko - " Klim "


Evgeny Tkachuk - "Quiet Don"
Konstantin Khabensky - "Method"

Best Actress in Television

Olga Pogodina - " Margarita Nazarova "

Svetlana Ivanova - "Investigator Tikhonov"
Julia Peresild - " Lyudmila Gurchenko "

Best Film Editing

Konstantin Larchenko - " Crew "

Karolina Machievskaya - "Queen of Spades"
Ivan Lebedev - "Icebreaker"

Best Cinematography

Maxim Osadchiy - " Duelist "


Vladislav Opelyants - "The Apprentice"
Alexander Simonov - "Paradise"

Best Production Designer

Andrey Ponkratov - " Duelist "

Alexander Adabashyan - " Once upon a time we lived "
Vladimir Yuzhakov - "Contribution"

Best Costume Design

Tatiana Patrahaltseva - " Duelist "


Natalia Ershova - "The Mystery of the Snow Queen"
Inessa Snezhkina - "Contribution"

Best Makeup and Plastic Special Effects Artist

Elena Fomicheva - " Queen of Spades "

Natalia Gracheva - "Contribution"
Marina Krasnovidova - "Duelist"

Best visuals

" Crew " (CGF)


"Duelist" (Main Road Post)

Best Sound Engineer

Alexey Samodelko - " Crew "

Rostislav Alimov - "Duelist"
Alexander Kopeikin - "Icebreaker"

Best Film Score

Artem Vasiliev - " Crew "

Igor Vdovin - "Duelist"
Sergey Shustitsky - "Paradise"

Best Foreign Film in USA

" Survivor "


"High Life"
Spy Bridge

Prize for contribution to the development of world cinema

Vasily Livanov


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