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Del Toro will go to hell

Image Guillermo del Toro has already announced that after "The Form of Water" he will take a sabbatical for a year, but this does not prevent the filmmaker from selecting projects for producing. This time, the director will help screenwriter Nick Antosuke, who continues to successfully master the horror genre.

As the Tracking Board found out, FOX Searchlight acquired the rights to the horror film Antlers ("Horns" *), the script for which Antoska co-wrote with aspiring author Henry Chaisson. Del Toro will be among the producers of the project along with David S. Goyer, who is familiar with Antoska from The Forest of Ghosts.

The plot of the picture will revolve around a school teacher trying to help a troubled boy from her class. It soon turns out that the child is hiding a terrible secret. Now something terrible is hunting him, and the main character is forced to defend the frightened ward.


Earlier Antoska managed to work on the series "Hannibal", where antlers, by the way, were used as a symbol. For some time the filmmaker was listed as one of the scriptwriters of the reboot of the movie "Friday the 13th", until the project was closed. Hopefully, his new film will be more successful.

* - preliminary translation.

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