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Bohemian Rhapsody

Image In recent years, Hollywood has not often delighted audiences with biographical dramas about famous musicians. The young American film company Meyers Media Group intends to rectify the situation. As reported by Variety , the Los Angeles studio is starting work on the tape " A Song for Anna " about the professional and family life of the world famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, whose distinctive feature is the use of motives of the musical folklore of Moravia and Bohemia.

The path of Dvorak to success was long and thorny. In the 1860s, he played the viola in the orchestra of the Czech Provisional Theater, earning less than $ 8 a month. To feed himself, the musician had to give piano lessons. Soon Antonin fell in love with his student Josephine Chermyakova , to whom he decided to devote the vocal cycle “ Cypresses ”. The girl did not reciprocate his feelings, after which Dvorak began courting her sister Anna .

Having married Anna , Antonin was forced to quit low-paying work in the theater and start making a living as a composer. After some time, Dvorak's talent finally received the long-awaited recognition, and in 1892 he was even invited to the post of director of the National Conservatory of America with an annual salary of $ 15 thousand.


The script for the film was written by Ronald Parker (Hatfields & McCoys / Hatfields & McCoys ), and Meyers Media Group decided to entrust the director's chair to the two-time Oscar nominee. "Bruce Beresford (" Chauffeur Miss Daisy "). Filming is expected to begin next May in the Czech Republic.

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