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The girl who sings. Trailer of the movie ”For a Dream”

Image The past year has been very successful for musical films. "Bohemian Rhapsody", "A Star is Born", "Vox Lux" - each of the dramas received their dividends in the form of accolades from critics and nominations for various film awards. The painting "For a Dream" with Elle Fanning in the title role will try to repeat the success of its predecessors, especially since it has the makings for this.

17-year-old Violet lives on the farm with her mother. Her days go by the same scenario - housework, serving tables in the diner, lessons at school, where the girl keeps herself apart. But in her free time, whether she spends it at home or in the fields with her beloved horse, Violet sings. She is talented, dreams of fame and, hoping to change her life, runs away from her hometown to participate in a song contest. The path to the top is long and thorny - will a quiet man with ambitions be able to walk it without losing his talent and remaining true to his principles? ..

The filmmakers position it as a stylish version of the Cinderella tale. In the presented trailer, Fanning is making hay, dancing, singing the hit `` Dancing on My Own '' Swedish singer Robin, meets Rebecca Hall ("Christine") and Zlatko Buric ("Dealer") on her way. The soundtrack for the drama is excellent, and critics say that in the theater you will want to jump from your seat and start dancing. Annie Lenox, Ellie Goulding, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tegan and Sara, Orbital - this is not a complete list of performers whose songs can be heard in the film. The film was directed by actor Max Minghella ("The Handmaid's Tale"), for whom "Following a Dream" is a full-length debut.

Following a Dream
Dubbed Trailer

USA viewers will be able to plunge into the world of the song contest a la Voice on May 23.

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