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Adam McKay goes into politics with Darth Vader

Image Adam McKay won the Oscar for the script for the drama “Selling Short”. After researching the mortgage market, the filmmaker decided to change the economic sphere to the political one. According to the portal Deadline , McKay will lead the filming of a tape dedicated to former US Vice President Dick Cheney.

In the work on the new project, McKay will be supported by Brad Pitt's production company Plan B and Paramount . Adam has even written the script for the film, and soon the text will be sent to Hollywood stars. The director and his team are planning to start filming next spring.

The new project will tell how Dick Cheney from Halliburton CEO became Vice President of the United States during the reign of George W. Bush. It is noteworthy that during his political career, the Republican managed to work in the administrations of four heads of state. After the September 11 tragedy, Cheney advocated the war on international terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. During his tenure as vice president, it was said that he wielded far more power than Bush himself. Unsurprisingly, Cheney was often referred to as Darth Vader by the US administration.


It is noteworthy that McKay never hesitated to express his views and raised the topic of politics even in his speech at the Oscars . In future plans, the filmmaker has another biographical drama - the Bad Blood tape with Jennifer Lawrence in the title role.

The Topic of Article: Adam McKay goes into politics with Darth Vader.
Author: Jake Pinkman