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Casting: Longoria - to the family, Hamilton - to politicians

Image The creators of the comedy Dog Days, led by Ken Marino, announced that they want to see Eva Longoria among the cast of the film. According to the portal Deadline, the major is in talks with the actress. Previously, the project was joined by Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Nina Dobrev and the young actor Finn Wolfard, known from Mysterious Events. The producers are Jennifer Hilton, Mickey Liddell and Pete Shileimon.

Screenwriters Elissa Matsueda and Erika Oyama will tell the story of several Los Angeles residents who love their four-legged companions helps them forget about the difficulties of real life and cope with stress. Eva Longoria is offered to play Grace - a loving wife and mother, whose adopted daughter Emilia becomes attached to a lost dog. The woman is afraid to disappoint the child, but she does not want to accept her desire to hide from problems either. Filming is scheduled to begin next month.


Lisa Gay Hamilton and the Dick Cheney biopic team have finally come to an agreement: the actress will join Christian Bale and Amy Adams. The film by Adam McKay tells the story of a Republican politician who rose from CEO of Halliburton to Vice President of the United States. Hamilton is cast as Condoleezza Rice. In 2018, the actress will delight her fans by appearing in another film - the film "Handsome Boy" starring Steve Carell.


Colton Haynes and Victoria Justice will star in the George Gallo drama Bigger about the founders of the International Federation of Bodybuilding - the Wider brothers. The tape will be financed by Steve Lee Jones and Scott LaSite, and will be executive produced by Eric Weider. The film crew will begin work next month in Alabama.

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